Episode 9 of Queen Cheorin Stays Steady at 12.066% Ratings as the Queen and King Continue to Understand Each Other More

This Saturday was episode 9 of tvN weekend sageuk Queen Cheorin (Mr. Queen) and it appears the drama ratings are beginning to keep steady. This episode got 12.066% and the last two episodes were also at 12%, and the same thing happened to hit drama Goblin for a few weekends before it broke and took off again in the last stretch. Plot wise the novelty of the time traveled modern playboy in a Joseon Queen’s body has worn off and the Queen is toggling nicely in adapting to the situation and using modern knowledge to survive and even impress. As far as palace plotting it’s not one of the deeper or more well-crafted conspiracy and revenge yarns and the secondary characters all feel super one-dimensional even if the acting is good. I feel myself watching 70% out of a need for completion and 10% curiosity to see what happens and 20% to enjoy Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun‘s wonderful chemistry and spot on acting.


Episode 9 of Queen Cheorin Stays Steady at 12.066% Ratings as the Queen and King Continue to Understand Each Other More — 5 Comments

  1. Congratulations again, Mr. Queen! Gah, I really love fantasy romance! And the sizzling chemistry between, not to mention amazing acting of, the two leads, just elevates the drama. Kudos to the talented cast and crew for creating such an extremely enjoyable piece of entertainment! You deserve the high ratings!

  2. I love this drama!

    I watch the Chinese version long before this and I’m so excited since it was announced that the main leads for Korean version are Kim Jung Hyun and Shin Hye Sun.

    They truly don’t dissapoint me. Kim Jung Hyun/Shin Hye Sun have sweet chemistry together. Every interactions between King & Queen are my favorite.

    This drama mentioned about reincarnation and parallel life in past episode so I believe the theory that actually there is only one soul and Bong Hwan in the future is the reincarnation of Queen So Yong in the past.

    I don’t care much about the swapped bodies issue because I watch many others Chinese fantasy romance dramas and read their novels too.

    It is kind of drama that don’t need you to be so serious. Watch it just for laugh and just enjoy the show!

    • Yes! There really is no need to be serious. Reserve that for the reality of the pandemic and crazy world politics. Just take a break, relax, and like you said, laugh and enjoy!

  3. EP7 – 12.414% (its highest so far). EP8 – 12.271%. EP9 – 12.066%. Steady but there’s a teeeeeeny tiiiiiiiiiiiny drop. Looking at its incredible ratings trajectory from EP1 it should have kept going up. Maybe Koala jinxed it with that premature post about it possibly overtaking WOTM? Lol. I jest. I’ve noticed that the ratings of UC has also been fluctuating after it got its highest rating in EP8 (9.3%). Some say the drama has lost some of its luster [which could be a factor] but I also wonder if there’s another weekend drama airing that’s taking some of the viewers from both MQ and UC? Whatever the case, both are still doing well and I hope they soar higher.

    • The competing weekend late-nights drama Fly Dragon and Hush are struggling in the 5% and 2% ranges. I think The Uncanny Counter is now having a hard time breaking out because KBS2 countered (pun intended) with “Korean Trot Contest” and it is now raking in 12-15% ratings.

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