Moon Ga Young in Talks for Female Lead of K-drama Link with Rumored Male Lead Lee Jae Wook

So it looks like 2021 summer K-drama Link will get a completely different set of OTP, and I can’t even say its an upgrade or downgrade because the aura is so totally different. Moon Ga Young continues to work harder than any other actress in her age bracket as she’s up for the female lead, with Kim Ji Won the first name attached to the drama early on. Kim Sun Ho was also reportedly in talks for the male lead but was also in the running for the male lead of Shin Mina‘s new drama Mr. Hong. Sounds like he’s leaning towards Mr. Hong if not accepted because K-ent is saying the male lead for Link will be Lee Jae Wook. Again, a Kim Sun Ho-Kim Ji Won drama would be about hardworking earnestness with a side of dry sarcasm whereas a Moon Ga Young-Lee Jae Wook drama could be about a plotting bitch with a soft spot and a tsundere rich asshole finding solace in each other, clearly I’m all for their drama stealing second leads in The Great Seducer (Tempted) and Extraordinary You to spark like you wouldn’t believe on the same screen.


Moon Ga Young in Talks for Female Lead of K-drama Link with Rumored Male Lead Lee Jae Wook — 19 Comments

  1. Oh I actually like this pairing more! Hope it falls though! I also think that Kim Sun Ho and Shin Mina makes a better pairing too, so win win! 😀

  2. Okay, this getting confusing lmao ?
    Personally tho, I would love Kim Sun Ho to be paired with Shin Mina. I can already see people giving them the nickname Dimple Couple! lol plus it will raise his profile even more.
    Would also love to see him with Kim Ji Won.
    I like MGY, but I don’t want KSH to be paired with her yet

      • @Sobongie Oh really? Sorry, didn’t know that. I do want to see them paired up, but not now when True Beauty is still fresh on people’s minds, and there’s possibility of shipping wars lol

      • Waikiki is definitely on my to-watch list tho, but for some reason I haven’t gotten around to watching either season

    • KSH and MGY were amazing in Waikiki 2. I think the fans aren’t ready yet for their another tandem.

      Personally, I want to see MGY paired with LJW. They haven’t worked together and looks like it will be a good match.

      I’m also waiting to see KSH and SMA together in a romcom. It will surely help the viewers in escaping the pandemic stress.

  3. KJW/LJW’s names are only being rumored to be FL/ML. Some fans found KJW and LJW’s names attached. Weirdly, with LJW, he was being paired w/ KJW not MGY.

    The truth is KSH was offered the ML for Link back in Early Nov. Then nothing on casting, until now with MGY’s name being offered the FL for Link. Only KSH and MGY were the official press release where they were offered the ML/FL for Link. Not sure where all this KJW/LJW talk came around, like they were officially offered the roles by tvN/PD.

    I also agree w/ everyone above. I don’t think MGY+KSH will have scorching/amazing chemistry, plus LJW and MGY age wise seem more in line. KSH needs to choose well, new actors come and go in spades!! He needs to prove himself beyond Start Up as someone who can lead a show to ratings glory on his own!

    • I’ll be honest, I gave up reading your comment from the second line after seeing all those abbreviations. It’s time for bed.

      • Haha sorry Deb! Since my comment was gonna be long, I had too!

        KJW= Kim Ji Won
        LJW= Lee Jae Wook
        KSH= Kim Seon Ho
        MGY= Moon Ga Young

        If we look at their ages/visuals/aura, very different for all these actors involved. Kim Ji Won+Kim Seon Ho match well vs. Kim Seon Ho+ Moon Ga Young. So Lee Jae Wook+Moon Ga Young together make more sense, and will give off a much different vibe than the first originally rumored pairing. Seems like Link is closing down on casting, so Moon Ga Young looks like our Female Lead for Link! Now its off to the races for the Male Lead, fingers crossed it’s someone in his mid/late 20s! Seo Kang Joon is my choice!

    • Well, MGY and KSH have already proven their chemistry though in Waikiki. They are super cute there and they looked good together. KSH even made a cameo in one of MGY’s drama. Anyway, it would be too soon for them to be together again in a drama.

    • FYI Kim Seon Ho already lead a drama title with TVN Catch The Ghost and his female lead is Moon Geun Young (My little bride, Cheongdamdong alice) And it was really good and Fun. He can lead a drama now and he is really good in acting and got great chemistry with Moon Geun Young

  4. So excited Seon Ho cameo on Run On…will be watching it.
    He had just finished the play Ice (was so good n tickets was sold out superfast). Emm look forward to see his next project, hopefully it’s the one i am wishing for.

  5. I thought I’ve never watched any Moon Ga Young’s drama before True Beauty, but turned out she acted as the child part in drama Bad Guy which was one of my favorite.

    Currently I’m watching Find Me in Your Memory, and I like it so far.

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