K-netizens Praise Jo Seung Woo Adopting Nearly Euthanized Shelter Dog and Criticize Park Eun Seok for Rehoming Multiple Purebred Pets Then Getting New Pets

The contrast is night and day, though it isn’t truly a heinous crime unless you’re a Dog Mom (like me) or Cat Mom or generally just an animal lover. It’s pet week with K-netizens as the topic has been on two actors and their pet(s). Jo Seung Woo was revealed by the pet shelter to have adopted a dog that was there for 4 months and almost at the deadline for being euthanized. I already wrote about this sweet decision but was checking in on Jo Seung Wo who posted pictures of his new pupper (my fave is the pair selfie above) who is INSANELY ADORABLE and such a derp. I’m surprised he wasn’t adopted earlier, look at that face and those sideways ears! Then I heard about K-actor Park Eun Seok‘s scandal, with him shooting to fame these past few months after being in SBS hit drama Penthouse as Logan Lee.

He’s on I Live Alone and showed off his baby golden retriever and two Sphynx cats and was revealed by a former classmate to have abandoned a previous dog for a smaller one when his girlfriend didn’t like it. More was revealed that Park Eun Seok’s other pets that used to show up on his Instagram would suddenly disappear including a poodle, sheepdog, and more cats. His agency first released a statement that all the pets were rehomed with his acquaintances and living great lives, explaining that for different reasons he could not care for them (such as moving into a dorm). That’s a lame excuse because after each instance once his situation changed he got ANOTHER pet, hello? Pets are not toys that one can play with when it’s convenient and then pass to another when it’s not. Finally days later Park Eun Seok issued a personal apology and took responsibility for abandoning his pets. Well at least that is a start. People keep an eye on his current puppy and two cats please, make sure it doesn’t suddenly go MIA.


K-netizens Praise Jo Seung Woo Adopting Nearly Euthanized Shelter Dog and Criticize Park Eun Seok for Rehoming Multiple Purebred Pets Then Getting New Pets — 6 Comments

  1. As a cat mom, I am very pissed with the likes of PES.

    To me, pets are like your children. They are not just mere accessories. Once you adopted them, you already gave them hopes – that they are going to have better lives, pledge and promises and you shall honour that pledge until they are gone.

    At the end of the day, nothing made me happier than knowing my cats can sleep with full bellies and sleeping safe and soundly.

  2. That’s not true. He had 3 pets that he rehomed once he moved into company dorm because he couldn’t afford housing. One dog he looked after temporarily for his grandmother which lives with his cousin. The 3 pets he got after getting his new home. Yes, the guy shops which isn’t the best thing but its not a lie. It was updated that he reached out to check his pets and the pets are doing well. What more can you do?

  3. I understand that it is normal to have different thoughts, but how can you think that this was good or normal, that is, if you know that your life is not very stable for what purpose do you adopt a pet, do it when your life has enough stability to make it part of your family.
    For me this is bad and inhuman, the animals are not only a new toy of momentary entertainment, they feel, love you and accompany you, their life is not one I enjoy and I give you, if you give them the opportunity to grow with you they are the best experience and company that a human can have.

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