TVXQ’s Yunho in Scandal After Being Detained by Police Breaking COVID-19 Curfew at an Adult Drinking Establishment

Hooboy, it’s always about the denials and deflections that come back to bite you. A sorta non-story last week was news that TVXQ‘s squeaky clean image Yunho was detained by police for breaking COVID-19 curfew (10 pm) at a restaurant. He posted an apology to his fans and everyone thought it was no biggie, Yunho was out with two friends and the trio must’ve been eating and drinking and lost track of time. A week later all hell has broken loose after MBC news ran an exclusive expose that revealed: Yunho was at an adult drinking establishment (i.e. a place where ladies drink with you and then do more if you pay for it) that was unmarked and in a high rise building and required a reservation to get in (i.e. it’s super shady and covert place), and when cops busted it Yunho’s two friends fought with the cops to help Yunho run away without being detained as he was a famous person. Okay, so this is spilling some major tea MBC! I can imagine how some PD found Yunho’s “apology” full of crap and went “hold my beer!” and did some digging. When MBC reporter went undercover at the drinking establishment, they found rooms and ladies in the hallway and was told a reservation was needed to go inside. SM Entertainment has released a statement that denied Yunho ran away from police, and explained Yunho went to that “place” which was owned by his friend to “talk” (okay Jan lolololol), he didn’t know what that place was (you’re killing me, SM!) and there were no female employees of that place in the room they were talking in (seriously, I’m dying here……). K-netziens went from praising Yunho for coming clean for a simple curfew violation (good boy!) to completely disappointed and angry that one of the few clean image stars in K-ent has too shown his real colors. Me too, honestly I’m not castigating him for going to an adult joint since it’s totally consensual transaction but trying to keep his good boy image at all costs is douchey.


TVXQ’s Yunho in Scandal After Being Detained by Police Breaking COVID-19 Curfew at an Adult Drinking Establishment — 18 Comments

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  2. So I know nothing about Yunho. But I just looked him up- dude is 35 years old. I’m not pearl-clutching at all if the guy wants to go to a sleazy nightclub.

    The excuses and lying are pretty funny/unbelievable. “I went to the sex club to discuss charitable contributions to open an orphanage for cute baby penguins”

    • I think this scandal is huge simply because Yunho had such a pristine clean image. It was to the point when any male idols caught in a scandal, k-netizens would told them to learn from Yunho. Even idols said they look up to him because he had no scandal for like 17 years of his career.

    • He will be fine they earn 50 to 100 million dollars from touring in japan and sell millions in tickets their japanese fans won’t even bother his fanbase is mature enough to understand this and tbh tvxq don’t even care about korea coz their market is japan ☮️

  3. I don’t actually view that many Korean Ent sites, but the running from the cops got debunked not just by SM but by the Gangham PD. Yunho is gonna have to sit in the naughty corner because he broke Covid restrictions in such place and he should have known better. I don’t give a darn, just like I don’t care when celebrities in Korea get busted dating, doing weed and all sorts of other stuff but they know the rules and standards even 2nd gen idols are still held to.

    However, his Japanese fandom probably doesn’t care I suspect. If I was an entertainment agency ceo,I would be sitting every 2nd and older 3rd gen k-pop idol down and telling them it NEVER ends.

  4. Dude is single, and an adult. Whether or not he went to an adult entertainment place is really his business and no one else’s. All the public should be concerned about and should get an apology for is breaking the COVID-19 curfew. As he’s already apologized for that – I wonder what the hooplas about. Personally, I don’t condone the existence of such places, but I’m well aware that they serve a need in Korea for single men. As for Yunho’s ‘squeaky clean’ image. We should remember that celebrities are people first and entertainers second. No reason to elevate them on a pedestal which they don’t belong. SM shouldn’t have bothered to lie about it, as he’s a well established idol, who isn’t as active as he used to be, anyway. His fans are mature, and most of them won’t care.

    • Its the hypocrisy that totalled his image. Looks like for now he’s done in korea but TVXQ hasnt made korea their base in years and Japanese fans won’t care for these news anyways. So no harm done. He can and will still make the millions from the worlds 2nd largest music market. P.s – I just hope Kingdom does not suffer because of it. Its over 30% shot.

      • @Lydia1

        Why would Kingdom suffer because of this scandal? Is he in the series? Or the Ashin special? And it’s a Netflix drama so they won’t need to worry about ratings taking a hit?

      • Kingdom as in Mnet’s male version of Queendom. Fraught by problems as hyunjin of stray kids is no longer participating in the show due to bullying scandal. TVXQ is hosting the show and let’s hope viewers don’t raise a protest to ask for them to remove Yunho as the poor kpop groups already shot over 30% of it.

    • Agree with you 200 % @Adal . But SM should have invest in producing comedies because their side of the story is hilarious if it wasn’t for COVID 19 . Respect = saving lives .

  5. Meh lol. I guess my Western butt doesn’t understand this ‘scandal’. Dude’s a single, adult male. Not my business if he wants to spend it in an adult club. The only thing that he did wrong was go past curfew during COVID but he already apologized for that. I’m saying this as a huge fan of TVXQ but even if it wasn’t Yunho, I personally feel that as long as things are consensual, let idols live their lives. I don’t even begrudge his agency for trying to come up with excuses as to why he was in the club. We all know what the Korean public is like when it comes to celebrities going to adult clubs.

  6. The problem here is that Yunho was “too perfect”.
    No girlfriends, no dating scandals, no misteps. His group DBSK broke in two and the “problematic” members were banned from TV, as TYXQ stayed under SM and continued selling millions of albums.
    He did nothing wrong. NEVER. His biggest dream was to spend the billions of wons he earned to built a school.

    The image, created by SM, was so clean and shiny, that actually the real person must have felt very burdened.
    Now Yunho should learn to show more of himself tham continuing with the PR

    • i agree be himself from now on look at CHANGMIN he’s savage.sarcastic he doesn”t care if people like him or not..being too perfect will harm u one day

    • I still wonder why having no girlfriend is considered a good thing. Idols are people who are entertainers they should be able to date publicly, breakup or marry without it being referenced as ‘dating scandal’. They are singers and dancers not monks or nuns! If the public is so insistent that their idols stay single, they too should make a commitment to never marry or have relationship – quid pro quo and all that. I can’t believe that the same public that demands their idols never date anyone, still comes down hard on said celebrity when they visit adult entertainment establishments. Are the idols not people with needs like everyone else? That is hypocrisy at its finest!

  7. As an exo-L l really look upto Yunho.. and regarding this scandal he don’t do anything wrong besides breaking covid curfew..and he apologized so it’s ok..
    I know Knetizens will go crazy about this because they only want idols with no scandal,no gf n whatever..
    I really hope Yunho can overcome this.. it’s time he should break his box and live feeely as he want..our passionate Yunho fighting💪

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