Episode 8 of Vincenzo Uses the Homme Fatale to Hilarious Results as the Ratings Come in at 10.380%

tvN Sat-Sun drama Vincenzo is settling into a slower burn after last week’s wild theatrics, which makes sense as it’s a 20-episode drama with a little less than 2/3 of the run to go. This week’s episodes felt like a breather between bigger set pieces, but what it delivered still contained all the great set up and pay offs the writer so deftly weaves. From Vincenzo beating down the delinquent high school kids early on, that set up rebellious teen Young Ho to run his own Youtube channel with his free time and also created the connection between the two so Vincenzo pays him off to record the upcoming “fake beatdown” that turned into a real beatdown between the gangsters and Geumga Plaza residents. I’m grown to be as fond of the gangsters as I am of the residents, they are now so beleaguered, tasked with something that time and again they cannot achieve it’s turning into a running joke. On the Babel side, the company finally is seen as evil by the public but Wusang law firm isn’t ready to admit defeat and used their tried and true blackmail methods to get guest star Kim Sung Cheol‘s bank to approve a loan to help the company stay liquid. He turns out to be a serial date assaulter who happens to be gay and that gives Cha Young the brilliant idea to use Vincenzo’s good looks and charm as the homme fatale to set a honey trap. It works, even better knowing Kim Sung Chul and Song Joong Ki are friends in real life after playing clan buddies in Arthdal Chronicles. Sadly Wusang trumps them at the end by getting the mom involved and she overrides her useless son, complete with arrival like Queen Elizabeth with two corgis in tow. At at least the son gets caught for his past crimes and we’ll see if this story line goes further as that family is the one where Vincenzo’s mom killed the chairman when he was raping her. All in all another great weekend’s worth of Vincenzo strategy and laughs.


Episode 8 of Vincenzo Uses the Homme Fatale to Hilarious Results as the Ratings Come in at 10.380% — 7 Comments

  1. Hilarious how everyone was waiting for some angsty scene to welcome the return of Adrenaline only to be used in that horseback riding scene. I love how completely bonkers the sound directing is as well.

    I know a lot in the LGBTQ community felt uncomfortable with how the show handled the gay theme here and I think the criticisms were valid. Just shows how far behind Korea is still in acknowledging and properly representing the community in the media.

  2. I cringe along with Vincenzo every time he had to make a move on the poor guy. It does make for a lighter and funnier episode.

    On the other hand, i applaud the writer’s creativity to continue making use of the tenants ‘talents’. Then again, i must say i still find them annoying and infact at this point much prefer the laughable baddie gangsters.

    • Poor baddie gangsters ! They need their mum to come to take care of them . No i suddenly have a better idea , they should join “Vincenzo’s unit task force ” . This drama is what i needed .

  3. This week’s episodes were alright. Had some funny moments.

    I know the bank heir is the absolute scum of the earth but something about the way they used his orientation against him rubbed me the wrong way. I guess it’s also a credit to the actor’s performance? He managed to be deplorable in some scenes and then adorable in others.

    The FL is fine in the sober moments…till she turns on the trying too hard Honey Lee + Cheon Song Yi shenanigans.

    I’m also not at all impressed with Taec’s performance. He bores me whenever he appears onscreen and comes off like he’s forcing the villain act. That tantrum everytime they lose is getting old.

    Seems this writer’s MO is to cram as many parodies and references into their work as possible. Spaceship Victory was one of those I caught in EP8. Based on the preview, it looks like some sh/t might be going down next week.

    • Concur. I cannot stand the female lead. She overacted so much that when they start insinuating a love line btw her and vincenzo, those moments are totally barf inducing. So so unattractive. There is no way a man can be attracted to her type in real life. So over dramatic with the worst expressions like she’s a loon on the loose. To me she is the second most unattractive lead I have seen in korean drama land. Tie with Kim Sam Soon really. And also with Teac, the english tantrums is ridiculous. Its getting stale every ep.

      • Lol. I’ve been VERY critical of her on just about every Vincenzo post on this site. I’m trying to tone it down so it doesn’t come off like I’m hating on the actress. This is my first time hearing of her and seeing her in action and I am not enchanted with her in the slightest. So annoying and charisma-less. People rave about her performance in Be Melodramatic so I tried to watch it to get a read on her but wound up dropping it some minutes into EP1 since I just wasn’t feeling the drama. I wish the writer would cut out the love line like in their previous works, Chief Kim and Fiery Priest.

        Yeah, Taec’s villain gimmick is eye-rolling at this point. I find KDY’s character more daunting in comparison. Dude looks like he might snap at any second.

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