Episode 16 of Vincenzo Ends on a Mic Drop Moment as the Gloves Come Off as Ratings Remain at 10.572%

A quick housekeeping first, next weekend there will not be new episodes of Vincenzo as the production announced this week it will take a one week break in order to have more time to deliver the best final four episodes remaining. I’m all for that and grateful for the awe inducing ending to this Sunday’s episode 16 even more as it’s the perfect break point. This was one of those episodes that had everything that makes this drama so exhilarating to watch and nerve inducing when it comes to wondering what happens next. Vincenzo gets out of the attempt to frame him for the death of one of Babel’s cohorts, this time it’s President Park of Bye Bye Balloon’s turn to show off what makes him able to succeed as a low rent gangster until he crossed paths with Vincenzo. The Geumga Plaza crew is no longer fixated on finding the gold and have truly committed to helping bring down Babel, as well as bonding with news that the pawn shop couple is expecting a baby (awwww). Vincenzo has a breakthrough bonding day with his mom thanks to Cha Young, complete with family pictures (double awwww) but of course that type of happiness in this drama only means the hammer will drop again. This time it’s Myung Hee who finds out Vincenzo’s backstory and leads Joon Woo to his mom, which ends with mom murdered and Vincenzo turning into Black Vincenzo and unleashing 10 minutes worth of screen time torture and beatdowns both deserving and difficult to watch. I’m thrilled he’s putting the fear god into the Babel team but at what price.


Episode 16 of Vincenzo Ends on a Mic Drop Moment as the Gloves Come Off as Ratings Remain at 10.572% — 10 Comments

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  2. That last 10 mins was epic. Watched the last scene several time and loving the terrornin Choi’s face. It was like the Korean version of John Wick. Didnt like this drama initially due to the lead actress overacting but the story telling and side characters got me hooked in no time. 2 weeks is too long for the next episode but happy to wait if it will even be more bad ass than the last 4 brilliantly executed ones.

  3. Now…this is a GOOD drama. However, my thoughts keep creeping towards the ending. SJK is a murderer for whatever the reason and generally crime does not pay. The writers have not been hesitant to lift words, deeds and scenes from other popular productions. Is there a possibility the writers will pull a “Sopranos” ending, aka a cliffhanger ending to Vicenzo? SJK just cannot die!!!

  4. Hot damn Song Joong Ki can ACT. The last 20 minutes were a masterclass in acting from him. My mouth was open the entire time. Stunning.

    He did a really good job picking this script. It allowed him to showcase all of his range.

  5. The ending was epic. You already knew what was coming after that poignant mother-son scene (having watched K-dramas since early 2000s) but it was just awesome how it played out. This episode really cements SJK as a powerhouse actor; so much range displayed. The drama itself has such brilliant cinematography. Can’t wait until the next episode.

  6. The writer Park Jae Bum is excellent at anti hero MLs. Chief Kim, Priest, and now Vincenzo. This show’s ratings ought to be way higher!! Still a success though, whenever I’m on SNS, its trending WW at 100K tweets.

    Jeon Yeo Been is amazing!! Love her character, hopefully the naysayers are gone now b/c her character is sweet, lovable, and a strong independent woman!! Song Joong Ki is BACK baby!!! Baeksang Actor Win or Daesang nom coming soon!!

  7. Vincenzo reminds me of nine-tailed, plot wise with great visuals and all but with a flat chemistry between the leads. Like i feel no tiny spark in their kiss scene(dunno why tho) anyways its a great drama and worth the hype and happy their in a hiatus for more polishing (tho i think not really necessary) but you cant convince me on the chemistry part. Its just my own perspective so dont attac me and labelsht me with being a hater

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