Episode 18 of Vincenzo Brings the Twists and Turns with Plenty of Payoff to Set up for the Finale as Ratings Hit Series High 12.276%

I’m ready for Vincenzo to end, not because I’m tired of it but because as a viewer I can see that the story is building right up to the climax. A reader/viewer never should wants more story at the expense of the right telling of the story. Episode 18 was amazing, back to the rocking and rolling I expect and with a side of Han Seok adorableness. I like to think he’s redeemable since he hasn’t killed anyone or ordered anyone killed, and that makes his eager desire for a older brother in Vincenzo even more bittersweet. I’m not sad the drama isn’t focusing in the romance because those two feel meant to be and I want to see the twists and turns in Vincenzo and Joon Woo’s battle of wits and darkness.


Episode 18 of Vincenzo Brings the Twists and Turns with Plenty of Payoff to Set up for the Finale as Ratings Hit Series High 12.276% — 14 Comments

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  2. Han Seo actually had a hand in the killing of the 4 accomplice who burned down the Babel lab. If I remember it right, he even suggested the killing. Does it matter though? When the one playing God isn’t morally upright either?

    I’m quite bummed that Han Seok never had a chance to win nor out-wit Vincenzo. The game was never balance and he’s too naive to be the ultimate baddy. So I guess they thought it’s a good idea to introduce a new one. I don’t know how much screentime or relevance in the story the Kingmaker holds and whether in the end its the aspiring President whom Vincenzo is now up against. But it’s too late in the game. I’m really curious how the past 2 episodes will unfold.

    Vincenzo is fun. Glad I enjoyed this one. Taxi Driver kind of have the same energy as Vincenzo, so I’m glad I have a new show to watch once V ends.

    • Yeah, I feel like Han Seok was never as smart or cunning as the show presented him as. I think had he been an equal accomplice, it would’ve a more fun cat and mouse game. Vincenzo is way too smart, and always a few steps ahead.

      Taxi Driver is the cousin of Vincenzo, both have similar motivations. Although I will say that Vincenzo uses all of its supporting cast well. I have yet to gel with the supporting cast in Taxi Driver, there not as lovable lol. Plus the Netflix $$ shows in Vincenzo, as it has scale/set.

      I wonder if Koala will give episode posts for Taxi Driver since the ratings/reviews peaked her interest?

    • Is he really a villain, though? He’s too dimwitted to be one and also he now openly hero worships Vincenzo as a nicer hyung figure than his actual hyung.

  3. Ms. K, are you watching Undercover, Daebak Real Estate or Law School? Noticed you haven’t written about them on here. Would love to read your opinions on them.

  4. Stan twitter is crazy..Saw a post with over hundreds of likes that Vincenzo is underrated and deserves more hype because it was not the typical”boy saving girl” scenario..I almost choked because it has got ratings as well as buzz too..”underrated”🤣🤣.
    Lol! Who’s going to tell them that almost all dramas have plots filled with cliches..That strong independent woman is also a trend in kdramas nowadays..So i don’t think it was something out of the box for Vincenzo..People be throwing the word overrated and underrated at every chance they get without even knowing the meaning.

    • Vincenzo is getting all the hype it deserves. The crazy amount of likes, retweet amd buzz Vincenzo keeps getting after every episode end is on par with many hallyu hit drama like dots, goblin, weightlifting fairy, scarlets heart. Many of the tweet about sjk and the drama has insane amount of rt and likes on twitter. I am glad to see sjk back in the game.

      • You know a drama is mad popular when you start seeing references and gifs from it on kpop twitter/sns and completely unrelated forums…. when its leads are 30+ years old and it isn’t an idol drama.

        I’m glad it’s doing well, it deserves it.

  5. I can’t take Taecyoen seriously as the ultimate bad guy…idk why. His screams and tantrums makes him look like a kid who is throwing a fit if he didn’t get what he wanted. His mom would be Choi Myung Hee. Lol Vincenzo is too smart…too bad they couldn’t create a Moriarty to really rival him. Will see what the last two will bring us.

    • @Neen – He’s a bit of a joke villain anyway, when it’s scenes like the one at the start of ep 17 when Vincenzo has a gun in his face, that expression….sorry but I burst out laughing and I don’t think it was an intentional effect.

      Choi Myung Hee makes a much more effective and scary villain imo. But you’re right that she’s now basically babysitting a spoilt brat like she’s sick of him 😂

  6. I’m glad Song Joong Ki has another hit drama under his belt. though it’s not my most fav of his drama and performances, I geniunely enjoy it. I actually surprise he is daring to take dark character like this as his come back oroject. it gives me hope he doesn’t choose a character based on image of his. vincenzo basically a villain type of hero. ep 18 when he confront JW in shell gives me shiver of what kind if person he is.

    i miss seeing him in character who is not powerful and showing his vulnerability side. vinxenzo gives me little side of his vulnerability

  7. Vincenzo could have been a great drama had the writer and director chose a different female lead.

    Vincenzo’s character is wasted in every scene where the female lead is with her, basically all the time. I don’t know what’s up with that idea having her in every screen time with Vincenzo.

    Joong Ki has no chemistry with her. He has more connection with the actress playing the piano/hacker.

    The piano/hacker actress has natural and legit acting skills. She was also in The Third Charm and 18 Again.

    Moreover, the female lead can’t act. She clenches her teeth when talking and speaking. She has dead eyes. She tries too hard to be funny, clumsy and tacky to no avail.

    She’s awkward and no chemistry with anyone. So I’ve no idea why she was chosen to play the female lead.

    She also likes to push her face and chin over Vincenzo, and latch onto him like what’s up with that?

    Annoying as watching her do the teeth clenching. Nail on the blackboard sound too.

    If you check the scenes of Vincenzo and piano/hacker girl, the magic is there. Both look good together. They have similar facial structure too.

    Such a waste. Tsk!

    And the story has potential had the writer only gave Vincenzo the full liberty in doing his scenes solo sans the annoying female lead whose acting doesn’t make sense at all. 🤷🤦

    Sad to see the rest of the cast not given extra time too. Oh well.🥱

    • Agree, female lead can’t act. She’s only kim go eun’s look alike but acting wise, she’s not that level yet. The piano girl used to be bad actress but she improved in this.
      The other miscast is taecyeon.

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