Lee Jae Wook Doesn’t Renew Contract with VAST Entertainment and Signs with CJ E&S

There seems to be a revolving door of South Korean actors and actresses going from big agencies to small ones and vice-versa. Maybe a grass is greener on the other side no matter which side you’re on. Rising actor Lee Jae Wook, who debuted in 2018 after being signed by VAST Entertainment which is Hyun Bin‘s agency, will not be re-upping with them and has signed on with CJ E&S. VAST got him the memorable supporting role in Extraordinary You and his first male lead role in Dol Dol Sol Sol La La Sol. With this timing, I’m not sure if it’s VAST or CJ E&S that got him the male lead in Return, the new drama written by the Hong Sisters that is going into production later this year. I see big potential with Lee Jae Wook whatever agency he’s with but now he’ll likely do more high profile projects under CJ.


Lee Jae Wook Doesn’t Renew Contract with VAST Entertainment and Signs with CJ E&S — 6 Comments

  1. I was surprised he didn’t resign with VAST and I wondered if it was the agency or him who didn’t want to. LJW had pretty good roles for a young actor like him in movies and dramas. DDSSLS was badly written but he still got his first lead role. I’m not sure that he got in better agency but I hope the best for him.

  2. VAST lost a young gem!
    Wonnder what happened that they didn’t managed to re-sign him.
    Anyway hope he continues to do well under his new agency.

  3. I think you hv misspelled the name,it is CJES Ent. Home to Ryu Jun Yeol, Ra Mi Ran, Park Sung Woong, Yeo Teo among others. They hv more of drama/musical actors. But as a long fan of JYJ/Kim Junsu which is also in Cjes, the annoying part of the agency is how they dont use social media for promotion which can get really tiring..lolll…Still,hopefully LJW can get a good drama soon or work togther with RJY especially. Fingerscrossed

  4. I know cjes is home for quite a lot of artist which is why i was glad they signed JYJ then but don’t think they’re any good. Lol. Take it from a dissatisfied JYJ fan.

    • His career is doing good under vast so i’d assume its his choice not to renew. But he knows what’s best for him so all the best.

  5. Although the agency houses some pop stars—JYJ, Gummy and Noel, it’s known as a powerhouse for actors and musical actors. It has a huge roster, including movie a-listers Choi Min Shik, Sol Kyung Gu, Moon Sori and Kim Myung Min.

    So if he’s looking to become a serious actor, I think signing with Cjes is the right move. Ryul Jun Yeol signed with them after his breakout role in Reply 1988, and he’s been getting some great movie roles over the years. Yoo Teo and Lee Re also have blossomed under Cjes Entertainment as well.

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