K-media Swoons Over Song Joong Ki, Lee Je Hoon, and Lee Seung Gi Turning to the Dark Side in Recent Dramas, Calls for Screenwriters to Give Each a “Lifetime Romance Drama”

One of these characters is not like the two others but what the hey, I do agree with the plea at the end. K-media this week shined a spotlight on three leading men of K-dramas Song Joong Ki, Lee Je Hoon, and Lee Seung Gi, each of whom is currently starring in a series. The article discussed how they are playing dark heroes or anti-heroes, and to which I want to yell “are you kidding me, Seung Gi-ya in Mouse is a full on serial killing psychopath!” But I think the gist of the article is that these talented actors are making ethically dubious roles where people are killed at their hands riveting to audiences, and in the case of Vincenzo and Taxi Driver the audience roots for them because it’s basically using evil means to fight even more evil people. The point of the article is praising the acting and onscreen depth of these three actors and calling for drama screenwriters to not miss out on these prime opportunity to write each a “lifetime romance drama” as their next show. While I’ve loved Song Joong Ki and Lee Seung Gi in certain romance dramas they have done, I can see what the reporter is saying, which is viewers do bestow on the right role/project a “once in a lifetime” accolade and not sure if their earlier dramas arise to that level. So I’m good, get these men a true romance STAT!


K-media Swoons Over Song Joong Ki, Lee Je Hoon, and Lee Seung Gi Turning to the Dark Side in Recent Dramas, Calls for Screenwriters to Give Each a “Lifetime Romance Drama” — 24 Comments

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  2. Lee seungi is so awesome in Mouse….I am not rooting for the character,but man his acting…..it’s so good,shows how much he has grown as an actor!

  3. Koala, I’m going to have stop coming to your site till i’m done or caught up with dramas you are following lmao. I think i got burned again.

  4. So happy Le Je Hoon is finally getting his due. He’s so talented, I only hope he gets better scripts from here on.

    • Right on!! Despite his A List status for his films and Signal to a lesser extent, his drama choices haven’t been the best despite that. Hopefully, with the success of Taxi Driver give shim better choices. He’s getting paid a lot of $$ per episode (100,000 $), so it seems he’s in demand. I want him to come back to cable (tvN) again!!

  5. A resounding YES. I want glorious epic romantic dramas with a perfect happy ever after ending. Hope K-nets would start a petition for old school OTP dramas to be made again. Some highest rated cable dramas are rom-based & wildly popular amongst i-fans on Netflix like CLOY, Goblin, Reply 88, Mr Sunshine, Mr Queen, Itaewon Class, 100 Days My Prince, etc. I also miss older but equally popular dramas like Healer, City Hunter, My Love From The Star, Sorry, I Love You, Memories of Bali, etc. I haven’t even included the sageuks yet, lol.

  6. SJK already had his lifetime romance drama in DOTS. Will forever stuck in his resume & our collective minds. LSG’s rom-based dramas include Shining Inheritance, MYGIAG & K2H. I would pick K2H as LSG’s lifetime romance drama. Best to erase Vagabond out of my brain. LJH, I don’t know him well so no comment. Time to bestow other actors the lifetime romance drama apart from this trio to be fair.

    • LJH had a lifetime romance show with the Shin Min Ah in Tomorrow With You!! Unfortunately, the ratings weren’t so hot. But anyone who saw the show knew their chemistry was IT!! They had amazing/believable chemistry in bts/on the show. I want to see him in a romance show with an older actress (Kim Hye Soo, lol?).

      IA, SJK already had one with DOTS, that was massive!! Same with LSG as well. Dunno what they’re smoking lol, did they forget haha?!

      • LSG had off the charts chemistry with Shin Mina too in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.

      • @Pam, I’m patiently waiting for Doom At Your Service & Cliffhanger (Mount Jiri) to see if thereare any potential to take our breath away the same way CLOY & My Love From The Star hit the jackpot. Both hits don’t have a clear happy ever ending but the OTP love journeys captured a large chuck of audiences’ hearts & imagination. The other dramas coming out in May don’t seem to have the same scale & epic vibes. Any news on Snowdrop? Youth Of May may encounter K-nets’ wrath coz it revolves around historical sensitive May 1980 Gwangju uprising. They have to be super careful not to mess anything up to get cancelled.

      • @rexy, I’m a Jun Ji Hyun fan and she has always been spot on. All her romantic dramas had been hits – MLFAS & Legend of the Blue Sea. Keeping my fingers crossed for Cliffhanger. I’m personally sick of all the dark twisted serial murderers, ghost hunting, makjang adulterers, sci-fi time travel turds. I just a simple straight up traditional romance drama that make my heart sing, weep, laugh, rejoice. All the emotional roller-coaster stuff. oh and a smashing OST that stays in your mind long after it finishes. They don’t make memorable OSTs anymore what a shame.

      • @drama addict, I used to remember the days when even the background music of a particular drama brings me instantly back to K-dramaland. For instance, the opening theme music of Secret Garden. You know instantly that’s SG soundtrack even if one is not a fan. I had the OSTs from Cinderella & 4 Knights, WFKBJ & SKL as the ringtones in my phone for yonks.

      • @crazyahjummafan When all else fails, call up Shin Min Ah!! She can conjure up chemistry with just about anybody!!

        @rexy As for Snowdrop, there were lots of calls to take down the show, but JTBC (Cable) backtracked and changed up the real name to a fictional name. Its died down since Joseon Exorcist died down too. But that show could be a hit or a flop, depending on how it writes history. Youth of May might end up looking better lol, but yes very curious to see how that plays out.

      • tomorrow with you is underwhelming even in terms of script. though the chemistry is good.

        I Don’t know if dots can consider an epic romance drama. it has more action, war, than romance. Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki make it work nd make their romance become a hit.

    • SJK has also already did innocent man, which epic mix between romance and revenge, and still thematically, his best drama.

    • i wish Jeon Yeo Bin and Song Joong Ki reunited in an epic romance melodrama with a good script. their acting chop will make it an awsome epic romance.. oh the potential. it’s a shame there is literally fewer good romance melodrama nowadays. it’s all for profit, ppl, feel good drama but little sincerity.

  7. Out of the 3, Lee Seung gi showed and amazed me with his acting skills and the complexity of his character. He is not a dark hero but the protagonists and Antagonists of the drama. Seung gi also showed more emotions and difficulty of his character over the 2. And this is my first Seung gi drama. One thing is for sure he is such a great actor.

  8. Lee Je Hoon hit the jacpkpot with Taxi Driver. I think among the 3 dramas (Vincenzo, Mouse, Taxi Driver), it has the most relevant social commentary, richest and most impressive story-telling and cohesive overall execution. The fight between good-bad versus evil is more engaging in Taxi Driver.

    • Yeah IA. It also helps that they’re pulling straight from the headlines in Korea. Real stories presented onscreen, and cases that can happen to anyone. It also helps that the show is streamlined and straightforward, there’s no twists and turns. And we see our gang go on with the attacks, and go from there.

      I think LJH did a really good job picking this show, as he was seriously in a rut (drama wise) after Signal ended. As I said before, I hope b/c of the show’s success, he’ll be able to get more meatier/better scripts that match his great acting. I hope a cable show (tvN/JTBC) calls him, and gives him a quality drama soon!! Looking forward to what looks to be promising: Moving to Heaven as well!

  9. Song Joong Ki’s forte is revenge drama. He’s charm is for that genre.
    On the other hand, I would like to watch Lee Je Hoon is a melodrama. That genre suits him best.
    Lee Seung Gi shines most in fantasy drama with some romance.

  10. Song Joong ki has already had innocent man as thematically his best drama mix with revenge and romance. I don’t know if he can find a sript who top that one.

  11. I am becoming fan of LSG because of Mouse..I didn’t finish Shining Inheritance, prefer Rooftop Prince than K2H which air in the same time, and also didn’t pay interest in My Girlfriend is Gumiho..
    But after watching Mouse, I finished Vagabond and then looking for his old drama to be watched next..

    I agree, the reason they need Good Romance Drama as their next project to soothe the heart of their fans. SJK and LJH fans maybe will be alright because they are still the hero, however for Jeong Ba Reum nobody can predict what will happen to him in the end..

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