K-drama Glitch Completes Main Cast of Jeon Yeo Bin, Nana, and Lee Dong Hwi

The cool sounding upcoming Netflix produced K-drama Glitch is adding to the cast around confirmed female lead Jeon Yeo Bin. She will be joined by Nana and Lee Dong Hwi, in what is billed as a weird, comedic, sci-fi drama about a woman searching for her long time boyfriend who disappeared in a haze of strange lights. I’m glad Nana joined this cast to start washing away the flop that is Oh My Ladylord and Lee Dong Hwi is just so versatile and in every drama I watch he’s hilarious across the spectrum in either subtle or broad as needed. The drama will be directed by the PD of Netflix anthology series SF8: Manxin and the screenwriter of Netflix drama Extracurricular. Looks like Netflix is really developing it’s stable of production talent for sure.


K-drama Glitch Completes Main Cast of Jeon Yeo Bin, Nana, and Lee Dong Hwi — 6 Comments

  1. Jeon yeo been hit jackpot with vincenzo.She hot property in south korea now!As long she dont have scandal and make mistake.She will big for sure.

  2. Yay, Jeon Yeo Bin is so talented, I’m glad to see her taking up more projects after Vincenzo. Hope Glitch is good!

  3. Also seconded on hoping Nana can wash off the stink of OML. She’s good at acting but that drama managed to waste both her and Lee Min Ki, like how??

  4. The plot sounds batshit in a good way,

    Excited for this. JYB is coming for that superstardom and the girl can ACT!

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