Lee Seung Gi Dating K-actress Lee Da In for the Past Year, Will Leave Long Time Agency to Set Up Own Shop

The news cycle here is suss but it’s also nothing anyone (sane) would care about so I’m all good with it. K-actor Lee Seung Gi is having a great year in 2021, with the acting accolades and challenge that was tvN drama Mouse and also bagging his first Baeksang Award in the Variety Star category. He’s also the lead off news break for this week with first the report that he’s not renewing his contract with long time agency Hook Entertainment which he has been with for the past 17 years since his debut. He will be setting up his own agency with his dad going forward. After that news broke came the more juicy news that he’s been dating K-actress Lee Da In for the past year. She’s the younger sister of actress Lee Yoo Bi and both are daughters of veteran actress Kyeon Mi Ri. I love Lee Yoo Bi and once I watched Lee Da In in Alice I love her too, these girls are mucho talented and super adorable onscreen. Reportedly Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In bonded over their mutual love of golf and hang out during their spare time including anytime Lee Seung Gi was not filming Mouse during this past year. Both sides have confirmed the dating news so best wishes to this K-ent couple!


Lee Seung Gi Dating K-actress Lee Da In for the Past Year, Will Leave Long Time Agency to Set Up Own Shop — 17 Comments

  1. Is this dating news connected to his not renewing his contract? Why is this such a common practice in k-ent /sigh

    Anyway, congratulations to the happy couple, Lee Da In has been super adorable and charming in everything I’ve seen her in, often even when the drama was a mess (eg Hwarang).

  2. Heh…I ship her with Do Ji Han cos they were so adorable in Hwarang (*joking*) but I know there was never anything beyond that.

    Anyway, congrats to them.

  3. I’m curious how he found the time to date between his drama, his TV show abd all the extra around (interviews, promotions, photo shooting, etc..) Does he sleep sometimes?

    I wish them the best!

  4. Well l was quite fond of lee seung gi and han hyo joo’s friendship …I was low-key hoping that they end up together..😅.But anyways it’s their life . Congratulations to the couple..Wish them a happy life

  5. Happy for them!!
    Honestly Lee Seung gi really havent rested for the past year it seems.
    Also some news channel showed this Lee dain to be the one from My Girl,I am relieved.

  6. Best Wishes to LSG..It’s time for him to settle down and get married hehehehe…
    For a very well known celebrity like him, I think it is best for him to date or married someone who is not too famous…A non celebrity is good for him, or celebrity who is not too busy so she can look after him..
    He is a smart guy, so I think he should have considered this matter before going to date someone
    I mean, considering many divorce news from K-ent or C-ent…
    Many of the fans will be happy if the pairing is super famous such as Chen Xiao and ZLY..but in the end CX chooses Michele Chen who is not super famous actress and would like to give up her entertainment world to devote for his family…
    As a new fan of LSG, I hope he will get the happiness.. Congratz…Hope hearing the wedding news from you….(his..bitter sweet for this Noona’s heart)

  7. I understand what you’re saying, congrats to him and all that, but he should look after himself. A marriage is maintained by both parties, and it’s not just the responsibility of the wife to take care of her husband.

    Also, Michelle Chen did not give up her career for her family. She’s still working. She’s of course no where near as famous as Zhao Liying, but 10 years later people will still remember her in Apple of my Eye whereas no one will remember Chen Xiao’s second billed roles. He doesn’t even have a single representative work to his name. Also, he might not have had the luxury of choice anyway. The women are the ones doing the dumping in C-ent.

    • Yes, exactly. Thanks for showing some sense lol. Is he looking for a wife or a mother?? What dumb logic by the other commentator

  8. Congrats to Lee-Lee couple! I’m a sucker for happy news, lol. I really hope all the 87 liners will find their special someone. Ahh Seung Gi, being the Jan baby, you certainly started the ball rolling. Thanks goodness Dispatch waited until Mouse has ended airing. Hope his ex-agency didn’t do the dirty on him coz he’s planning to start his own agency with his dad & didn’t renew his contract with after 17 years.

  9. I had to look her up bcoz i legit have no idea who’s she and it seems i’ve watched her in hwarang and dr prisoner, not notable characters but I’m happy for them, yay! Finally, seung gi has found someone. Hoping for their happiness.
    But bruhhh, the timing is really sus. I thought he had a great relationship with hook, shame on them if they’re the one behind this. It’s so disgusting holding onto someone who wants to be free.

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