Song Hye Kyo Gorgeous Without Makeup in Loving Picture with Beloved Pooch on Instagram

It’s getting closer to Song Hye Kyo‘s return to the small screen with her romance drama Now, We are Breaking Up, which I figure will definitely have a breakup but probably also a get together. She’s been filming the drama for the last month and this weekend she shared a personal picture of herself on Instagram cuddling her adorable dog. The pup looks like a fluffy Bichon Frise which is known for being a great companion pooch with plenty of need for snuggles. The picture shows Song Hye Kyo sans makeup and goodness she’s got an enviable complexion, everlasting youth doesn’t need to be searched for just use whatever she uses.


Song Hye Kyo Gorgeous Without Makeup in Loving Picture with Beloved Pooch on Instagram — 50 Comments

  1. Eh remember 1st ep encounter her face inject some botox lol and park bo gum baby face didnt help either.They just look like mother and son instead couple.Okay we will see how old her face and the wrinkle in next drama.Hope the rating get better than encounter.

  2. We will see if she can clean her image once again like she did in Dots.Or this drama will be another kang mo yeon season 3.

  3. Wow can’t believe the negative comments. Funny how people always are prone to view women harsher than men. I’m rooting for her in her new drama. Can’t imagine how mentally hard she has had it this past couple of years.

  4. SHK has always the innocent beauty. Her face will always be to the nth degree exquisite. Like SJK, SHK doesn’t age. They both have good lives today. Everyone has moved on and leading a grateful life more than ever.

  5. She’s forever beautiful and gorgeous. Hope to see her new drama soon. SHK will shine no matter what shame people through at her.

  6. Song Hye Kyo is so beautiful. It would be nice to see her cross collaborate with the Chinese actors and actresses again. Have always wanted to see her in a production with Vicki Zhao.

    • That will be a great duel to having two overrated actress working together. They’re both horrible actresses, but at least Song Hye Kyo is pretty. Vicki Zhao is ugly. If you’re a fan, at least wish for Song Hye Kyo to collaborate with top talented actress like Son Ye Jin and Jun Ji Hyun. That will probably open her eyes to better her acting performance rather than wishing for her to work with Vicki Zhao.

      • You can praise Son Ye Jin and Jun Ji Hyun all you want but why trash talking about my girl. I love to see SHK work with Vicki Zhao is non of your business but mine. Vicki Zhao is an acclaimed actress. She’s a natural beauty whose well known before your biased even come into the frames.

      • What is wrong with you people, seriously, she just said she wanted to see SHK work with Vicki Zhao and thinks she’s pretty??

        Also I don’t think SHK is a “horrible” actress, she’s good at melo. It’s just comedy that’s not her strong point. She can do a difficult genre of acting quite well, I give credit for that.

      • You are a deranged person upon saying VZ isn’t pretty. Lol, truely beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. SHK and VZ are both beautiful and talented. VZ can do a lot of different genres while HKY specializes in classic dramas; both have imprinted their own styles and marks in their own industries.

      • Also – Vicki Zhao is “ugly”?

        I just watched a movie where she was literally bald and she’s still gorgeous, please get your eyes checked.

  7. She’s so pretty! I would have loved to see her paired up with an older actor like Kang Dong Won. Not the biggest fan of noona romances.

    • She already did a movie with Kang Dong Won in 2014, I think KDW just doesn’t do dramas or conventional romances.

      • RoyalWe
        Exactly! His last drama was 1% of Something. He makes himself exclusive for films only but he said in one of his interviews, he didnt have that offers or script coming to do drama, even it is shameful to say though. Maybe because the PDs know he is a little choosy they have not included him in offering TV dramas. He is like Song Kang Ho and Ha Jung Woo.

      • @HelloMe kim eun sook’s been trying to cast him for years now but i think it’s his own choice not to do any. Perhaps he hasn’t found the right script yet.

    • They had two films together. Camellia in 2010 , a short film and My Brilliant Life in 2014. But i would love again for them to collaborate for the third time because they really look good together. They both comfortable with each other if you will watch their videos together.

    • They are of the same age. Both 1981 babies.GDW born in January 18 and SHK in November 22. Only months apart. Lee Byung Hoon, Yoo Ji Tae, Cha Tae Hyun, Sung Seung Hoon by far are the older ML she had and the Chinese/HK popular actor. HB is one year younger than her, SJK is 4 yrs younger than her, PBG is 12 younger than her and now for JKY is 11 yrs.

  8. She is nafural beauty from her debut days
    Maybe she got age treatment but that won’t take away her natural beauty

    2 decades at top

    Hallyu queen whom president took to China as important person

    A strong woman. Keep hating her but she remains a Goddess

    Its not her fault all top actors fall for her. But women get always blamed but not their oppars

  9. Wishing her all the best she is one classy beautiful woman people need to be kind and not find fault in her because she is attractive to her co-stars.

  10. Lol.. Stay pressed haters.. She is already THE SONG HYE KYO. You cant discredit or shame her just because you love ur oppa or ur shipping a couple.. Why not plan ur ship’s wedding instead of hating on SHK or ship ur oppa with his previous partner? SHK already went through a lot. Why does people have to be harsher on woman?geez!

    • No offense but she has kind of opened herself up to the criticsm when she publicly dated three of her previous co-stars, as well as unconfirmed rumours of dating a few other costars. Not that there is anything wrong with that but you can’t be surprised that people have something to say about it. If I were her I would date a non-show biz guy next and never discuss my love life again.

      • I agree, I read on her fan account that its goddess thing to date and dump a guy. Sorry but she has pathetic fans.

      • In her old interview, shk said people always assume she’s very brave for admitting her relationships but it wasn’t actually her intention to go public. She just got caught..and it’s also not her fault she had dating rumors when she always gets shipped to everyone. She even got connected to the ones she’s never worked with.

        After her first relationship, I think shk’s tried to be careful when it comes to her love life but when you’re that popular, everything you do gets attention. She and hb were never pictured together when they were dating each other and she also never talked about her marriage and that caused her haters to believe she didn’t love sjk as much as he did. She tried to be secretive about her love life but for someone with her level of fame, it’s just impossible.

      • @lily Stop generalizing her fandom. Every celeb has pathetic fans. You want examples, i can give you some. Syj, sjk have toxic fans who called shk a wh**e.

      • Oh no, a woman was known to date three times in fifteen years, what a scandal! /s

        It’s not her fault if her privacy was invaded, be rational.

      • I feel like her level of fame will open her up to speculation and criticism no matter what. There were people speculating all sorts of crap about Choi Ji Woo’s non-show-biz husband because the couple was too private.

  11. Calling Vicki Zhao ugly and overrated just to lift your favorite is the funniest joke of the day. Zhao Wei is a well known actress and is a natural beauty. She is above your favorite in the acting field. I would watch her movie and dramas over your favorite anytime.

  12. Sorry but Vicki Zhao is way more talented and beautiful than your biased in a mile stone. So take your basher elsewhere. SMH!!! SHK fans can wish for her collaborate with whomever they wish for. That has nothing to do with you.

  13. People never have prob with actors talking about their gfs, they’re swooning over that instead..but when an actress dated publicly 3 times, she gets accused of opening herself up to criticism despite not sharing about her relationships. Talk about double standard, huh?

    • She had a big splashy public wedding with pre engagement shoot. She posted it on her sns too. She held hands with SJK in red carpets when promoting DOTS. You can’t say she kept her relationship private. And she didn’t talk much about her marriage because they were barely married a year before things went downhill.

      • Baeksang – two CO-STARS holding each other’s hands.
        Pre-wedding photoshoot – a FEW photos released for the press and her fans.
        Wedding – the splashy wedding that was originally meant for her family and friends. Would you blame her too for all those illegal drones flying around the venue on that day?

        Well that still didn’t stop SJK from sharing about their marriage. He talked about her in interviews, on stage, his press con.

  14. @Ray I believe also that celebrities are subject to public queries and criticism since thata how they have been known and loved by the public, however these celebrities are also human trying to tell people that they also have feelings if they are happy or just disappointed. Posting in sns is just one manifestation that she was proud of her relationships and the family (with SJK) she was trying to forge then. It is just very hard to tell or make hints to the public if something is really going wrong in the midst of marriage. I do understood her silence during the years of “going downhill” about their marriage. That’s why when the other party made it announce in the public their divorce I just hoped (at least for me) they just talked it silently and privately but who knows what was really happening then inside their relationship. Nobody has the right to judge even me. But past is past and they both have good lives now. Fans hace the right to make comments but I just hope fans only hype what their love.

    • Of course she and every other celebrity are free to talk about their personal lives and post about it. I’m not criticizing that at all. But I was disagreeing with the other poster that she keeps her personal love private. She had admitted to relationships and there are pics of her with LBH dating, and of course lots of pics with SJK being affectionate during DOTS promo and their wedding pics. When you open up that part of your life, you also open yourself up to criticsm if things fall apart. Whether its fair or not is not my point really.

      • Didn’t I say that after her first public relationship, she started being careful? She wanted to keep her love life private. Obviously it didn’t go that way. Do you have any idea why sjk and shk had to announce the wedding earlier than planned? Their bali vacation was exposed by an mbc show and they were forced to admit.

        You also keep insisting her dots promo pics were proof of her going public with her relationship but let me ask you something. Did they already announce they were dating at the time? Or were they just 2 co-stars doing their job?

        Tbh I don’t think you know much about their relationship coz otherwise you wouldn’t have said they had a public wedding.

      • @Ray:

        Agreed with your point. Only being celebrities they are bound to be in the middle of talk of everyone. If you open your events to people they will be more curious and more wanting to know what the real situation are. In the case of SSC, having their marriage opened up by media,accidentally or intentionally, [lets say the couple didnt do that], still, by that chance, their private livea will be subject to either PRAISE or CRITICISM.

        So the celebrities need to deal with it gratefully. That’s their bread and butter. They can be famous because of those promotions or scandals they have undergone.

        They can hide all they want their personal livea but the industry they work on isnt that forgiving so just BRACE THEMSELVES WITH inner strength.

      • @joongkiismyultimatelove I think SHK perfectly understands how she should live her life as a celeb and how she should deal with her problems. One look at the way she was handling her divorce and you could already tell how classy she was despite some attempts to throw her under the bus and tarnish her image. Glad to see her inner strength being fully displayed at the time.

      • @Nad, can’t seem to reply to latest message so this might appear out of order.

        Not trying to beat a dead horse, but I’m not sure you are understanding my point. I followed DOTS and their relationship was big tabloid fodder at the time so I’m well aware of what went down.

        I get they were forced to admit their relationship sooner than they wanted to because their vacation leaked, but still they were likely very aware of the huge interest in their wedding. It was announced months ahead of time so there was a lot of media interest leading up to it. It was at a famous venue and outdoors. So yes drones overhead are possible and common at big celebrity weddings. Illegal or not, the venue and publicized nature of the event led itself to that type of exposure. They were ways to minimize that if they wanted to.

        As for them holding hands at Baeksang, sure they were not public at the time but they were already together were they not? They had been caught in NYC and had a dating rumor already. They were being shipped and knew it would get attention. Does this suggest a couple trying to keep private and keep unwanted attention away?

        They were happy and in love, and heading for a happy life together. I don’t blame them or anyone for wanting to celebrate that and not having to hide. But you can’t argue they operated in total privacy either. I’m not sure why you are getting so defensive about this topic. In retrospect, Im sure they probably feel the same way and might have done things differently if they knew how things would have turned out.

  15. @Nad

    Good! I hope he’ll do one drama at least for KES. This screenwriter is brilliant. That news of trying to cast has not posted in GDW soompi forum actor page maybe that’s why i didn’t able to know it. Or I just missed reading it.

  16. @Observer you called Vicki Zhao a horrible and ugly actress? She’s the best Asian actress with an acclaimed name where Son Ye Jin and Jun Ji Hyun is no where close. She play an ugly to bald head and is still gorgeous. You have issued. Vicki Zhao is 100X beautiful and talented. She’s natural.

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