Shin Se Kyung Ends 19-year Representation with Namoo Actors, May Re-sign or Enter Free Agency

I’m sure some folks don’t know that Shin Se Kyung was a true child star, but she wasn’t active in K-movies or dramas in that role so she didn’t really gain her acting career until she was a young adult. In 2009 she changed agencies to Namoo Actors and then got her big break with High Kick 2 in 2010. She’s got hits and misses in her 92-year long career represented by Namoo, highlights are Run On and Six Flying Dragons, and lows obviously Fashion King and Bride of Haebak. Sadly The Girl Who Sees Smells I can’t rewatch thanks to her now disgraced male lead but that was my personal fave of all her works. But it’s time for a change and Shin Se Kyung’s contract with Namoo ended this month and she will not be renewing, but she hasn’t found her new home yet so currently she’s in free agency but also still in talks with Namoo. I’m sure she’s being courted aplenty so hopefully the new agency will keep on growing her career with smart project picks.


Shin Se Kyung Ends 19-year Representation with Namoo Actors, May Re-sign or Enter Free Agency — 27 Comments

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  2. No new news for that. The latest was 5 days ago and it didn’t say she will leave. Said she and Namoo are under discussion.

    Chun Woo Hee’s contract with the agency also has ended and she doesn’t renew but the company still managing her without contract. Said base on mutual trust. That one is weird.

      • The news articles said she decided not to extend her contract and reporters knew this because her name appears on FA market. Namoo confirmed that her contract has ended but they will continue working together without contract and just based on trust. I think yes, maybe still thinking through. The girls are good friends with Moon Geun Young who left late last year

  3. Although I haven’t liked her much until Dragons and Run On, she also had a major role in one of my all-time favorite dramas too and was pretty good in it: Tree With Deep Roots.

    • Add Chun Woo Hee to that. All close friends of MGY. Wouldn’t be surprised if all will follow MGY and out from the agency

      • IKR! I think they all signed to Namoo bec of her. That’s why I think this parting of friends from this agency is inevitable too.

    • I think MGY situation is very different. She haa been suffering from illness this time so shr has not signed to any, if I’m not mistaken.

      • Most actors who had been with namoo for over decades have been leaving the agency one of one. Only left like 2-3. Like Kim So Yeon and so on. Those who had been with namoo during MGY’s days only left SSK

        Don’t think MGY left because of illness. She is well now. She had been with namoo since they established the company and being the face of the company. The company simply is not the old namoo. All left one by one

  4. 19 YEARS, she has been with Namoo Actors for 19 years and not 12 yrs. Please edit this out. Also nothing is final yet as Namoo said they are still trying to get her sign again.

  5. Shin Sekyung also had no other agencies since she started her career. She hasn’t moved,yet. Namoo has been managing her for a total of 19 years.

    Really interested to know whether she signs up with them again or finally tries another agency after her almost 2-decade run with the agency.

  6. Hmm, Six Flying dragons was so-so but her real high was Tree With Deep Roots specially acting along side HSK and JH. I don’t think there’s anyone arguing that her lowest low is Fashion King. Because… lmao that scene of YAI in a fur coat in a pool getting shot is burned in my memory forevermore 🤣🤣 (I still watch it when I’m down – it’s the most hilarious thing ever)

  7. Owww, really? Sad! But if you stay in one place, growing up more is a hard thing so it is better to change places if she is able. Well for SSK good luck.

    • Highly agree, very much anticipating her next move. Her recent project picks have been so nice (RHGHR and Run On) which have been chosen by herself, as she mentioned she was only given freedom to choose starting on her late 20s.

      • Which is strange because both PBY and PSH have been choosing their own projects since they turned 20. Did her company not trust her? If so then she should definitely leave. GAR had the same problem when she was signed with SM so it was good she left.

      • Staying in a place for too long may retarded her career growth. Lately there are too many competitions and hope a good agency can relive her career and make her popular and sought after again. She just need one or two good drama or movie to bring her back to her early 20’s period when she is the IT girl and topped all the surveys…how popular she was in her hey days.

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