Jeon Ji Hyun’s Agency Refutes Industry Insider Gossip that Her Marriage is Headed Towards Divorce

There is a Korean Youtuber who is making waves recently for gossip reveals on celebrities. The most recent reveal is that K-actress Jeon Ji Hyun‘s marriage is on the rocks and headed towards divorce. Reportedly her husband of 9 years (married in 2012) has moved out since last December and wants to divorce after cheating on her. She’s refusing to divorce him to avoid damage to her reputation as a top CF brand spokeswoman and may even go overseas for the time being to let this all calm down. Since the gossip broke, the husband has stated that he didn’t cheat on her and doesn’t want a divorce and her agency says this isn’t true and will take legal action against the Youtuber. The couple are parents to two boys and Jeon Ji Hyun is slated to return to the small screen this year with the mountain rescue drama Cliffhanger (Mount Jiri) with Joo Ji Hoon.


Jeon Ji Hyun’s Agency Refutes Industry Insider Gossip that Her Marriage is Headed Towards Divorce — 46 Comments

  1. I heard that Youtuber is notorious for making such sensational claims that mostly turn out to be false. Apparently, YJS has also been a target. I hope they sue him to oblivion.

    • Nope. More like the other way around. Gaero Institute is well known for sensational headlines that later prove to be true not false. They broke the seo yeji character challenged news even before the filming of the psycho drama. They also revealed that Seo Hyun Jin was the vital witness in the messy AJH/GHS divorce. Recently their expose on Han Ye Seul’s boyfriend is later backed up by Dispatch. This one seems a little incredulous though. Two very powerful families at stake. Let’s see if they can finally be taken to the laundry and issue an apology. The interesting thing is artistes and their agency keep saying they will press charges for fake news and defamation but so far no one has properly followed through the threats to sue them. I sure hope this one will prevail. So much at stake for JJH.

      • Knetz don’t really believe them though. A few proven accusations doesn’t mean they’re always credible.

  2. (Would they admit it if it was true, though?)

    But I believe them over some hack who profits off the misfortune and downfall of others. It’s their private life and I wish them all the best.

  3. Cant help but i think its her.Blind item saying Top star A called “goddess” but on the inside she struggling with her husband cheating on her all time. You dont think Go so young and lee min jung “top star” right? Because these two doesnt have succesful drama or movie. Yeah we will wait after mount jiri ended or 1 year later they going divorced or not. Like in makjang drama chaebol husband cheating with younger woman.

    • Assuming it is true, that he cheated on her. I wonder what is going on in his mind. He married a goddess and apparently that is not enough. What a greedy man. Again this is just rumour. But in Korea or showbiz, there can be no rumours without basis.

      • What a weird thing to say. Is outer appearance everything? She could be an insufferable, controlling b+t*h for all we know. Or sometimes people just fall out of love, not that that justifies cheating if the rumours are true.

      • @SFKL – goddess level beauties get cheated on all the time, even Beyoncé and Angelina Jolie got cheated on by their husbands.

        Being beautiful and accomplished is no protection against cheating, not even if you’re JJH (though I hope that the rumours are false ofc, if her husband made a joke of it).

  4. Err, this was the same Youtuber that revealed that Han Ye Seul’s new boyfriend was an escort – confirmed by Dispatch. I’d be inclined to believe this myself. I

  5. If it’s true, shame on husband, and poor her and her kids, but if it’s false shame on reporter.

    I hope it’s not true but I’m not surprise if there’s some truths to the news, we are talking about entertainment industry here, divorce rates and affairs are sky high :/

      • Vannising

        She is still a rich woman. She can stand on her own. With twenty plus years in industry i think she has saved or invested to the core. Those penalty, etc , yeah, will be huge loss but still she and her kids can live well off.

      • She owns 100 billion won real estate. She can retire and earn millions of dollars from rent alone per year
        She doesn’t need to work anymore

  6. Oh no. I often get a shudder when gossips like these float around. Like Song-Song couple, I wouldn’t want to believe it at first. The denials usually happen right before a high profile drama gets aired. For LSG, the “scandal” broke right after Mouse ended airing. They have been sitting on the story for a while. There is no smoke without fire. Let’s wait and see what happens. Good for JJH if the claim is false. If it’s true, good for her to know now than to know later. She doesn’t need a cheating hub, chaebol or not.

  7. If there is even an ounce of truth to this and JJH is purposely setting herself and her family into a toxic relationship because of fear of public image and fines it’s going to take a toll on all of their mental health eventually. A bad marriage is just as negative as a messy divorce for the children. The public is fickle they would eventually forget her divorce and the industry takes care of it’s own so she wouldn’t be unemployed forever. Yes she might end up with heavy fines from her endorsements but all of that would be short term. For their sake hopefully it really is false but celebs should start putting their mental health ahead of public opinion for once.

    • Isn’t she super rich? Not like those fines will bankrupt her. She’s set for multiple lives with her wealth.

      Also, is her public image going to be damaged if her husband is the one at fault? I would be mind-boggled if that were the case.

      • Apparently in South Korea even if the husband cheats the woman is the one who gets blamed. It’s patriarchal to the core which is why many young Korean women are choosing not to be married at all. Everything shown in Kdrama about how women are treated by in laws is mostly true.

  8. Even if the rumors are true, the gasero guys really don’t have an ounce of empathy in their bones. They mentioned the issue again but instead of properly apologizing or feeling sympathetic, they were kind of mocking the whole thing. Those guys could be right but that surely won’t change the perception i have towards them, a few obnoxious guys. Still remember how they got yoo jae suk into a problem before. After causing a stir, they conveniently said they were never referring to him. It was netizens who assumed. ?

      • This I don’t get either. Losing her CFs and paying fines just for getting divorced? Song Hye Kyo even had her ex insinuate she’s the guilty one and got tonnes of bad press but she never lost any CFs.

      • Perhaps in songsong’s case, it was later revealed they both agreed to divorce and shk too didn’t endorse a lot of brands. Amorepacific has been with for a lot of years whereas chaumet isn’t a local brand. Still, it really is not fair for jjh if she has to pay fines if she gets divorced.

      • It was SJK who lost endorsements at the time though, not SHK. I don’t even remember her losing any? But since JJH is the only celeb in the couple this time she might really pay penalties if they divorce. And not sure how powerful her businessman husband is.

      • That’s it, a very ridiculous clause in celebrities contracts these days. If the hubby is at fault why Gianna will suffer from that. Crazy.

      • Same, getting divorced isn’t a crime wtf. I would understand cfs dropping a star if they were revealed to have done wrong (eg cheating on the spouse) but why would the person who’s been potentially cheated on, have to pay fines? Or a regular mutual agreement divorce have to involve fines?

        That’s assuming this was even true. Those youtuber guys are gross, JJH seems to be quite private (no SNS even) but they mock her for this? What.

  9. I hope this isnt true. Every gossip like this, mostly, has always proven true in the end. I just hope for them to be together. I’m crying here really.

  10. Guys come on!Remember go hyun jung after messy divorced from chaebol husband lost costudy her children and drop from endorsement deal.You cant compare with song-song couple because song hye kyo more powerful and veteran actress than song joong ki just “it-boy” or rissing actor even he leave his agency after making divorced statement.

  11. Obviously this is malicious attempt to hurt their careers – Gianna’s new drama, Kingdom 3 premiering in Jul and her husband’s asset management company. Apparently, he has led a consortium of SK investors in certain US asset acquisition deal in 4Q 2020. His company’s business also grew by 200% since he formally took over.

    • totally agree with u. i even thought someone want to ruin their relationship bcoz she wants to covet her husband ?

      • Agree he’s highly desirable as tall, handsome and rich but she has her fair share of admirers, too. She even had an open declaration from one older costar, during a movie premiere, when she was still pregnant with first son.

  12. How can a man cheat on her wife like Jeon Ji Hyeon, right? Men really born to be a polygamous human. Pity on Gianna Jun. Aghh, like Koala said, the divorce clause is included in CF and drama contracts so the celebrity one will pay the huge fine. What she can do is to get a big amount of alimony if her hubby is the one demanding the divorce. Aghhhh… Huhuhu! I look up more to Gianna Jun family and marriage after the SSC broke apart. A big cry here.

    • I think her chaebol husband is done with her.Because she has so many scandal chinese water cf scandal with kim soo hyun,her parents rumored taiwanese immigrants,lack of donation “always with kim soo hyun donating first” and “give her building tenants a 10% discounton rent.

      • @Vannising – you’re full of it if you think those nonsense ‘scandals’ are enough to bring down freaking Jun Ji Hyun.

        As long as she’s not evading taxes, why does it matter what she donates? And why is her parents’ ancestry a negative, even if they are Taiwanese she is still Korean, that’s so blatantly xenophobic and racist.

    • Highly likely those idiots are just out for attention for themselves.

      If the rumors were true, then her husband’s infidelity would be more damaging to his own reputation and she could demand heavy alimony. She’s wealthy on her own so she could live her life sassily, to the fullest.

  13. I keep seeing people make this argument. How could he cheat on such a gorgeous woman? Umm practically every affair men have is with a less attractive woman. It rarely has to do with looks and their side piece is rarely an upgrade (exception when its an old dude trading in his wife for a younger one but still rarely an upgrade).

    I hope this rumor is fake but at the same time how could someone totally make up these details involving a top actress like JJH and her powerful husband without repercussion? With how strict DK libel laws are? Usually where there is smoke there is fire but I guess time will tell.

    • @flowerpot – who knows, time will tell if they stay together but it feels really gross that people can speculate like this about a celebrity even if her husband isn’t a celeb.

    • Lol, the husband is also a catch. He is a handsome man and a real life chaebol..he can get women that are more beautiful than jjh.. Enough said

      • I’m sure he can. But my point was that the reason for cheating is rarely to get someone hotter. People cheat for many reasons.

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