Industry Insider Post on Hyun Bin Clearing His Schedule in 2022 as Further Confirmation that He and Son Ye Jin are Planning to Get Married Next Year

I don’t think anyone would be surprised to hear that maybe top stars Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are heading towards marriage. They have been dating since finishing Crash Landing on You, though fans of either may believe their relationship predates the drama and started after they did Negotiation in 2018 when they were spotted in a Los Angeles supermarket shopping for groceries. This week a industry insider who works on drama and movie production sets shared a post that getting traction on K-ent forums and picked up by C-ent as well – Hyun Bin is well loved by production staff for being so polite and considerate and the insider says that he’s reportedly clearing his schedule in 2022 which aligns with rumblings in the industry that he and Son Ye Jin are planning a wedding for next year. Both are almost 40 years old so yes please do make relationship progress a priority and I’m glad their relationship is so supported by fans and the general public alike.


Industry Insider Post on Hyun Bin Clearing His Schedule in 2022 as Further Confirmation that He and Son Ye Jin are Planning to Get Married Next Year — 43 Comments

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  2. It’s perfectly timed, to be honest. Same age, same career prospects, same goals – they’re the perfect couple on paper. They’re been on a CLOY high for over a year now and for themselves and the fans, they really do deserve a break. Fingers crossed for pretty wedding pics.

  3. Dating last longer,don’t even think about married you two still in honeymoon phase.We dont another song-song and blood couple fast married ended divorced.Hyun bin will be like song joong ki lose so many cf after getting married.

    • I would look down on an already successful actor for forgoing a marriage to the woman he loves just to hang onto a few CFs.

      In real life, I’ve seen couples date for 7+ years only to not make it past the first few years of marriage and couples who get married after dating a year and are going strong. You just never know. I think when you’re in you’re late 30s, the dating period can be truncated since you know better what you want and know that marriage will come with good times and bad times and compromises. If they were like 22, I would have been slow you roll!

      • Sjk losing drama kingdom,popularity and cf because married. They are getting married because falling in love their character in drama not person in real life. Just date last longer without thinking about married. Even though binjin couple will be different because they work together in movie,drama and cf. I dont think it will be long last relationship.

    • Please. Stop comparing Binjin to Song Song with fast marriage etc. If you follow them, you should know that BinJin have known each other since 2017 and supposely have started dating since late 2018 and that’s near 3 years.

      • Sorry for binjin shipper. I just hope they can live together in same house without married.To confirm wheter they love each orther or not. They will get bored of each other after one year married like ssc. I can see here son hye jin love him very much than hyun bin itself. Hb have been third failed relationship before with hwang ji hyun,shk,kang sora and now son hye jin.Peace.

      • @kimtan

        Can only LOL at your reply. Sorry but not going to bother with your fanfiction of replies. Goodbye

    • Hyun Bin has so many CFs at this moment that he can afford to lose one or two if he really wants to get married. But will companies really drop him when part of why he is so attractive to consumers right now is because of the success of CLOY and his partnership with Son Yejin. They’ve been rumored to be getting married since January 2019, long before they were supposed to have started dating. If insiders have been talking about his for that long then it’s not something so sudden like SongSong’s marriage. They might last or they won’t but if they want to get married, they way old enough to do so.

      • yeah and speaking of cfs…Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin already did a couple cf after their relationship news broke. Clearly they’re seen as attractive to advertisers as a couple irl, at their level things are different.

    • Marriage is a gamble these days. Who can tell whether they will divorce or not these days. So, stop being a soothsayer.How can you be sure that couples who continue dating or live together will not break up?

    • They have known each other from 2018 when they worked together in Negotiations film. I believe they have been dating for three years already so they have known each other that long already. But yeah, you are right in one point, we want them to be in a long lasting married life. We don’t want another heartbreaking news from a celebrity couple.

    • Why do you assume that Binjin couple will be like song song couple. Have you really watch Binjin couple during their negotiation and Cloy promotion.they are so in-love. I pray that they get married soon and have a happy and wonderful family.

  4. So happy for them! One of the extremely rare ships of mine that came true! All that hand-holding under the table in BTS photos & loving gazes are real. Hoping that my dinosaur couple ship would come true next. Lol.

      • The dinos are probably 100% coincidence but I really like them together. He did a magazine photo shoot recently with toy dinosaurs as background accessories while she likes to refer to her fur babies as dinosaurs in her cat IG. Lol.

  5. All these people saying ssc’s marriage was a sudden one..lmao. I understand you don’t want binjin to follow the path of ssc..i personally think they wont..but ssc already met in 2013 when sjk visited jis at the set of twtwb and from time to time, they bumped into each other at different places. They started filming dots in 2015 and if the rumors about them holding hands in new york before the airing of dots were true, means they’d been dating for almost 2 years before the marriage. That was sudden to you?

    • Not a shipper of binjin but i believe they were heading for a marriage when the dating news was released. I don’t think hb would risk of being in another public relationship if he wasn’t that serious and if the rumor is true, i wish this power couple a happy and everlasting marriage.

    • I guess people say Binjin is different from songsong maybe because the former one is a close friends to lover story spanning like 3-4 years where they have been constantly linked to each other only.. meanwhile songsong had a noona -dongsaeng story where feelings were intensified when they filmed the drama. Also, songsong directly announced marriage by skipping the dating announcement so it may have appeared rushed for some.
      In their movie, “negotiation” they barely had any skinship so many people believe their attraction or whatever that is…towards each other wasn’t influenced by some fictional characters.

      Anyways every couple has a different story so it’s better not to compare..We don’t know how they will end up .But i agree with you that Hyun Bin couldn’t afford another public relationship if this isn’t final.. However i am more assured by Yejin’s response because she has been able to avoid dating scandals for the past 20years..If she wasn’t sure i doubt she would publicly announce it in her ig.

      • Absolutely right @ Val

        Yejin avoided dating scandals in the past years. She is always privy with her personal life so i am more assured with Yejin’s decision to be with the man she loves.

    • @NAD

      The dating isnt sudden for me but the divorce. That living in the different house / physical separation wherein a couple just got married is just so annoying. Their married just took only two years and parted bitterly. for a Korean culture it has been a shocked. I just hope BinJin doesn’t end like SSC. Many people think Hyejin is the type that will sacrifice for her hubby and family to build a stable family.

      • the divorce wasn’t so least to me, if you consider all the signs shk’d been displaying since jan or feb 2019. I like her and involuntarily sacrificing herself for anyone is the least i would want her to do.
        I’m also not worried about binjin. For some reason, I think it’s easier for them to understand each other.

  6. They are not even married yet but some people already worry about the possible divorce just because of two couples that got divorced. Let’s not forget that there are many other celebrity couples that are still going strong. Kwon Sang Woo-Son Tae Young, Won Bin-Lee Na Young, Rain-Kim Tae Hee, Yoon Jeong Hoon-Han Ga In, Ryu Soo Young-Park Ha Sun, and many other less popular actor couple.

    • Yes, I agree with you and may I add to your list: Eugene and Ki Tae Young, Ko So Young and Jang Dong Gun, Gummy and Jo Jung Suk, Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun.

      • @Nad

        How can JDG and LBH ain’t good examples. Minjung and Byeonghun are at least 8yrs married while Donggun and Sooyoung are married at least 11yrs already. I have not known any other woman or man rumors connected to these family celebrities. There is a minor with Donggun but it didn’t affect the marriage.

      • @SJK so provided that any issues they have don’t affect the marriage, it is fine? Understood.

      • I agree with Nad though… You can’t exactly say that a marriage is going “strong” when there is proven infidelity. That’s being delusional.

  7. They both have booght enough buildings to retire and their future generations never jave to work lol. Dont worry about their career and cfs. Both will do fine. They have worked for 2 decades and now can enjoy their 40s togethee with less work stress

  8. The post was really cute..That industry insider who works in drama or movie sets, said that HB is such a gentleman when she heard he is getting married, she felt like crying but as the woman is Son Ye Jin so she is okay and happy for him..How sweet is that??..Rarely do i see people so supportive of k-ent couples.

  9. Hun bin should be carefully.. Apparently, male actors have alot to lose in marriage and divorce… Song joong ki almost lost everything during his divorce in fact he was actually losing endorsements while still in the marriage while his ex wife was gaining… Male actors should avoid female actress… It does not bode well with them . That is my opinion

    • Do you know how misogynistic you sound?? Everyone has to face some consequences and it doesn’t happens to the male actor only..Maybe the contract clauses were different in sjk and shk cases..It’s so easy for u to sit here and pass on judgements.
      Also this is just marriage rumours why are u sounding pessimistic as if they will also go through the same unfortunate event..Your oppa is smart enough to make his decisions.

    • I dont know how prevalent this is though. Depends on the clauses in their contracts. I can see a young actor during his early rise to fame/peak having this issue, but an established actor like HB who is 39? And when netizens have had no issue with him dating SYJ since the first rumors started? Doubtful. He did that Smart CF with SYJ the month after their dating confirmation and people ate it up. So clearly it wasn’t a concern.

      Divorce is another beast altogether. Not that I agree with dropping actors for getting divorced but I can see why it would gave an affect on local endorsements in such a conversative country.

    • Its better for hyunbin not to marry just flingfling and accumulate so much of money bcoz money can buy love even if the age reach 50’s and as long he is single all ahjummas n young must always support him and patronize all his products so that he will remaim single. And maybe they both shk will end up as they have same both 4 relationship if hb failed his last one. And i guess hb still wont mind as long they have billions of billions of won. So this is what u mean right? Not to let hb married for your sake until u can support hb and if ok for u. So now u want him to just date date date until who will initiates break up for these binjin.

      • Huh? Why does he need to stay single? He confirmed himself to be in a relationship and is still doing CFs left and right. I dont think a future marriage to Sonyejin will change this. His fans seem to support this pairing. Who would be a better match for him anyway?

  10. If this is TRUE I wanna CONGRATULATE this beautiful couple. I hope they take things one at a time after they get married. They just have to enjoy and free themselves/their schedules in a year or three to enjoy each other and to make beautiful babies.I am so happy for them.

  11. They honestly have one of the most interesting love story in Korean industry..Started dating when their movie was released..And not only they fell in love with each other but also with the other person’s craft.. They wanted to work with each other one more time .But in K-ent real life couple starring in the same project is a taboo and frowned upon..Poor them, time was running out and on top of that dating rumours happened..They had no choice but to deny it and continued with their stance until CLOY was over..Fast forward to one year later, when people have seemingly moved on from CLOY craze, they dropped their confirmation with the classic statement “look we were close friends but after the drama we started dating”..
    I must say..not only they managed to work again despite being a couple but also that project became a blockbuster which brought so many supporters of them as a couple..Even k-netz love this pair..
    Anyways, i just wish their happiness in whatever decision they make..

    PS: On a side note..The genes running inside their future baby..That kid is going to be one of a kind.

  12. Like I said in another post, not at all surprised if we hear wedding news soon. I don’t think they will wait until 2022 unless they’re waiting for covid to run its course in order to have a proper wedding.

    As for HB clearing his schedule, I wonder if its because SYJ is slated to film the drama 39 later this year and he doesn’t want to work while she’s working. If so then it tells me they are both taking turns working since CLOY ended. He filmed two movies and she had been doing CFs. Its hard to tell if a marriage will work out, but seems like they have their priorities straight at least. I love this pairing and wish them the best!

  13. I sincerely wish the best for them. However, their Binjin fandom is one annoying bunch. Hope they will leave the couple alone.

  14. It’s their life. We should only hope for the best in any marriage to be a good once in a lifetime choice. The world is so ill and toxic to think otherwise.

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