Kim Yoo Jung and Nam Ji Hyun are the Most Popular 20-something K-actresses in Japan

The poll has released a list of popular 20-something actresses among the Japanese viewers, following the earlier list of 30-something actresses. This one really showcases the names that should be headlining the dramas and movies in the coming years as the female lead for roles set in their age range, there are so many who are not only fresh-faced and beautiful, what’s more important is the acting chops as many came up as child actresses. The most popular young K-actress for Japanese fans is none other than Kim Yoo Jung, that girl really has the full package and I can see why her bubbly and adorable round cheek look appeals in Japan. The second on the list is Nam Ji Hyun, followed by IU in third, Jin Se Yeon in fourth, and fifth place goes to Kim Go Eun. The next five are Kang Ji Young, Shim Eun Kyung, Kim Da Mi, Park Joo Young, and Lee Da In. Check out the full list below.

  1. Kim Yoo Jung
  2. Nam Ji Hyun
  3. IU
  4. Jin Se Yeon
  5. Kim Go Eun
  6. Kang Ji Young
  7. Shim Eun Kyung
  8. Kim Da Mi
  9. Park Joo Young
  10. Lee Da In
  11. Kim So Hyun
  12. Moon Ga Young
  13. Kim Ji Won
  14. Park Ga Young
  15. Krystal
  16. Gong Seung Yeon
  17. Suzy
  18. Lee Se Young
  19. Jo Boa
  20. Son Na Eun


Kim Yoo Jung and Nam Ji Hyun are the Most Popular 20-something K-actresses in Japan — 74 Comments

    • LOL probably gonna be Kim Yoo Jung vs. Kim So Hyun fans dominating the comments again…or that one user talking about how Suzy is “the biggest 20 something hallyu actress” lol…

      • @lala you don’t need to use only one country’s survey to drag Suzy down.Each year Hallyu wave survey includes more than 30 countries where in many countries Suzy’s names is head over these names,Suzy has been at the top 10 most favourite Hallyu actors list for concective 4 years already since 2018, the only 20s did that!the receipts show it! We don’t want to argue who is the biggest 20s Hallyu actress, we are just very happy Suzy’s been very popular in many countries for so many years, her last year’s drama is still at top 3 at world Netflix kdramas rankings till now, well loved by many countries viewers!

      • I didn’t drag her, htat, calm down. I said if there are fanwars, it would likely be between Yoo Jung, So Hyun, and Suzy fans, particularly that one who keeps saying Suzy is the biggest star and all others are nugu. Common knowledge that those 3 women have some of the loudest fans on this particular site.

      • @htat The Startup for this year’s ranking is not even Suzy’s drama but an American TV drama. Please double check before claiming it as hers.

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  2. I’m very happy with Kim Yoo Jung and Nam Ji Hyun, 2 child actresses who grew up very well!

    There are some weird choices… like the 4th and 20th…

  3. These two are child actresses are doubtless notching being the two most popular actresses in their 20s. I love them both but where is Kim So So Hyun? Ohh #11. It is still okay.

  4. Aigoo. So Ms. “Queen of her generation, best actress of all time and Hallyu star who’s Oscar-worthy and a legend and a ratings guarantee and puts Katniss Everdeen to shame and turns her male leads into stars and is so popular internationally that even Netflix knelt before her and begged her to star in one of their dramas” didn’t even make the top 10??? Wow. Fan hype is really just noise and hot air.

      • ? Funny how no names were mentioned yet one of the mooks is already camping under your comment. Guess they recognize their own cringy false advertising. ???

      • I read you’re username as well. Have fun entertaining yourself to the wall ?

    • No. The thing is you know that this kind of comment will gain ire from others yet you still do so. Isn’t that makes you a dummy as well? This is stirring aggression that’s why no matter what someone will be angry at this post. The best thing to do is not to post this at all. ?

      • Thats why the name called out for it. Hehehe, let her be, reading comments like these make these site more interesting.Lets agree to disagree and make this site livelier and funnier.

    • Really? Your kind of thinking is really twisted. No wonder this is a toxic place. Because there are people like you who enjoys this kind of thing. Who takes joy in being a malefactor. Someone who likes to push the button of another and then if they get a retort, they will see that someone as the mean one, the dumb one, the exaggerated one. Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. Having that name doesn’t justify such action, such words.

  5. IU being #3 is so believable but #4, how can she stay there and beating Suzy at #17? Sorry about this. How about Shim Eun Kyung uri best actress in Japan’s Oscars – notched the spot of #7.

    I love all the girls here. They deserve all the respects in their industry.

  6. Tbh, some of the actresses in this list had me going “who?” For instance, I’ve never heard of Kang Ji-young before.

    And yes, cue the fan wars.

    • Kang Jiyoung was part of a girl group that was popular in Japan for years, speaks fluent Japanese and was based in the j-ent industry after she quit idol life. She’s also starred in Japanese movies. Makes sense she’s up there, she made a name for herself in their industry, same with Shim Eun Kyung. The Japanese market might be volatile but it’s far more reliable for kpop idols and as an audience for kdramas/movies, than China and it’s held steady for two decades.

      Some of these placements are still funny though, no surprise there’s some dragging and some getting offended, I’m in with my own popcorn ?

      Real surprise though – Lee Da In at 10 when she’s never led a drama, looks like either her acting is decent enough or she has fans, the sample size isn’t a super small one either.

      • I also had to google Lee Da-in. I completely forgot that she’s Lee Seung-gi’s gf too.

        What I’m saying is that basically half the names on the list are unknown to me.

  7. No doubt, Yoojung will dominate popularity ranking. How much more when her movies come out in Netflix. I am deeply excited to know that she will be reaching a wider audience soon. All the best yooj! ❣️

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  9. Interesting. Curious how the list for China would look. I feel like at least half of the Top 10 would be idol-actresses.

  10. i remember seeing this in twitter.. and according to the post, the survey only include 2 thousands something? and those who expected for fan war.. hurmmm. i don’t see any fan war yet. don’t this disappoint you? i only see 1 side attacking, and the provokers are expecting to be attacked. but yet, nothing has happened.. at least for now. isn’t this kind of.. embarrassing? it’s just like punching to a cotton wall ? i hope the one who’s provoked will not be triggered by the provocation. just let them keep provoking.

  11. Lmao at those who are waiting for fanwars.
    Imma join you, just cooking my popcorn?
    Anyways congrats to these women on the list, tho I’m not familiar with some.

  12. When someone’s ahead of your fav, that doesn’t mean the list isn’t legit. Different people (countries), different preferences.

  13. Can people stop stirring the pot and making fanwars out of nothing? I for one, am glad that most of the comments are positive. I’m a Kim Yoo Jung fan but I’m still happy for Kim So Hyun and all the actresses on the list, they’re all deserving ❤️
    My fellow Yoojung fans, please let’s not take the bait ☺️

  14. Lol at suzy at No 17 tumbling out of the charts.. You won’t see any of the rabid suzy fans.. If it is Lee min ho now they will all come out of caves vomiting nonsense and even dragging his alleged girlfriend kim goun

    • ROFL, @Lily, be careful with @AdyJunJiHyunLeeMinHoBTS aka LEEMINHOHIGHESTPAIDACTOR aka RABIDLEEMINHOFAN aka RUDEHUMAN… LoL!!! This rabid fan will surely retaliate. Lol. ???

      • Lily and Adyjunjihyun is the same rabid fan of lmh. Just creating many account names…Same english, same narratives.

    • @lily how funny are you! You are lmh Stan, like to use jisoo to drag Suzy, here you pretend to praise Suzy’s fans by dragging his fans, what game you want to play?

    • By the way thank you for this post. It’s been a while since I’ve seen anything about yoojung in this blog. I was waiting for any news about The 8th Night. I’m curious as to what you think of this upcoming movie that will be released in Netflix on July 2 2021. ? It’s starring Lee Sungmin, Park Haejoon, Nam Dareum and Kim Yoojung.

      • Yes. I remember that other poll too of 150,000 fans and their love team is the 1st place gaining 50,000 votes.

      • Actually there’s a new poll too in China. I don’t know what month it is but its this 2021 and it is a poll for the most popular love team in china. And among the Korean couples Kim Yoo Jung and Ji Changwok love team is the highest placing at No.17.

      • I read that in PBGs soompi thread, and checked it on the official Japan KBoard website and saw on twitter. LITM love team got first placed. Japan has so many polls. So it means KYJ is also popular there.

      • Yes, it is in Japan Korea Board website. PBG -KYJ love team is #one drawing 150 000 votes. Wohoo!!!

      • Yeah, it is on Japan Korea Board short for KBoard. LITM leads have drawn 150 000 votes to be placed in #1.So yeah, LITM/MDBC is still famous in Japan.

  15. Congratulations to all the girls and lets ignore the trollers

    Everyone in the above list is well known in japan and the above ranking is just a number which can change so plz dont b provoked by certain idiots and lets enjoy our respective girls fame internationally

  16. @lala actually her haters are much more and much louder than her fans on this site, her haters praised their oppa by dragging her, praised a rising actress by dragging her again, never leave her alone!

  17. Happy for most of the ladies on the list, most of them are excellent actresses and absolutely deserving.
    Biggest mystery to me is Jin Se Yeon tho. I’m not a hater, just wondering why she’s so high up on the list. Does she have any drama or movie that is popular in Japan? I’m asking because I’m not familiar with most of her work

    • About Jin Se Yeon, I don’t understand too. Some girls on this list aren’t the best actresses either, but still understandable why they’re on the list because they’re popular and has at least one drama that was a hit/beloved in Japan, or they’re a member of a girlgroup that’s popular in Japan. But Jin Se Yeon, what makes her #4 most popular in Japan? Same question, does she have any drama that the japanese loves? I don’t get it either lol

  18. It was a good list until we got to #4 Jin Se Yeon…what are they smoking seriously? She’s beyond terrible and ruined every dramas she starred in.

    Nam Ji Hyun is my favorite in this list and she deserves everything. Lee Se Young is another favorite of mine.

  19. Wow, Japan has a lot of list in terms of popularity, etc. I didn’t know they are also fond of watching or following K entertainment. I love the list most especially the number 1 on the list KYJ.
    All the girls deserved.

  20. @Olive please check my sentence carefully: Netflix kdramas ranking, currently top 3 Netflix kdramas ranking are Vincenzo, it’s ok not to be ok, Start Up. Of course this 3rd place Start Up is her drama, I only compared kdramas, why I care about American dramas?

  21. Not surprised to see Nam Ji Hyun at no 2. Her dramas are popular in Japan especially Shopaholic Louis. Once they like a K-actress or actor, they are very steady and loyal fans.

  22. People must be really bored to find fun in petty things. Surprisingly, these trollers only comment or probably make an account only in an article where the two Kims are mentioned. Ms. Koala knows this very well because she keeps on posting this kind of things. Kim Yoo Jung fans have matured from the past but there are still few like @j and @janice who loves to drag down the other actress but I don’t see them here. Back to the list, it’s really an odd list. The first 3 made sense but the 4th? Nah!

    • For real! We KYJ fans don’t claim those commenters. Real KYJ fans know that Yoojungie is friends with So Hyun, and we will never bash her. We know Yoojungie won’t be happy knowing some toxic fans are bashing her friend. That StirringThePot above is so pathetic. I mean, yes it’s not serious, she’s just trolling, blah blah, but why do it in the first place? What a miserable life you must have if “triggering” and baiting others is what gives you joy lol.
      Makes me so mad because the toxics give our fandom a bad name. Been a longtime lurker on this site and this is the first time I commented because our fandom has such a bad reputation here and frankly, it’s embarrassing lol

    • Just a comment that contains my own perspective and you think that it’s already dragging down another actress? It is my own opinion about her projects. Maybe she likes those genres and maybe I do not so just respect. I have not mentioned her recently so stop your nonsense accusations just because of ONE or FEW comments you have seen which contains my own VIEWS. You can not control everyone to be pleased and praise your bias to high heavens so deal with it

    • @Shane, @janice is already here. Just ignore here. @YoojungieFan true KYJ fans totally know that friendship exist. We just have to continue to be mature and I hope fanwars won’t happen again.

  23. Just a comment that contains my own perspective and you think that it’s already dragging down another actress? It is my own opinion about her projects. Maybe she likes those genres and maybe I do not so just respect. I have not mentioned her recently so stop your nonsense accusations just because of ONE or FEW comments you have seen which contains my own VIEWS. You can not control everyone to be pleased and praise your bias to high heavens so deal with it

    • No we don’t deal with your toxicity here and I will reply once to you because it seems like your getting really defensive and triggered. You just proved my comment to be true. Kim Yoo Jung fans will never claim you. You’re such an immature fan. Bye.

      • “We don’t deal with your toxicity” As if this site has never been toxic with the continuous comparison and subtle provoking articles LOL how ironic. People like you who can not accept opinions is toxic

      • Then you’re equally toxic. People have called you out on your comments before yet you never cleared that “it’s just your opinion/perspective” nor apologized. This blog has been a livelihood of fanwars that doesn’t mean that it’s okay to be mean on an actress that is not your bias. I am really embarrassed that you are a fan of our girl.

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