Lee Min Ho Celebrates 34th Birthday with Room Full of Presents, K-netizens Criticize the Ostentatious Display

This week on June 22nd was Hallyu superstar actor Lee Min Ho‘s 34th birthday (35 in Korean years), and honestly he still looks like the same tall boyish cutie that stole my heart with his breakthrough drama 12 years ago in Boys Before Flowers. He was just 22 then, totally can’t believe how fast time flew! For his birthday, his fans around the world sent presents galore to him and he thanked his fans by posted a panoramic shot of him surrounded by the mountain of presents and flowers. He actually did the same thing last year as it appears his fans always shower him with birthday gifts. Unfortunately this year, as with last year, the general K-netizens have a negative reaction to Lee Min Ho’s largesse. They think it’s tacky that he’s still accepting gifts from fans, in recent years many stars have released statements about no longer accepting gifts in order that fans especially young ones don’t spend excessive amounts on them. I think if Lee Min Ho’s fans want to spend money on him he can accept and I don’t think he is obligated to join the stars refusing gifts but it will put him in the minority as South Korea continues to move towards curbing consumption and star worship.


Lee Min Ho Celebrates 34th Birthday with Room Full of Presents, K-netizens Criticize the Ostentatious Display — 39 Comments

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  2. Well he didn’t force them. Did he? Most of his fd is not teenage anymore and earning their own money. But not supportive of this. But it is their money to spend in the end. I used to send cakes to my faves tv actors here. And they used to post sbs news. But not anymore

  3. Do they still do that? Giving presents by group of fan clubs is practical rather than doing the same in the photo. He is pretty much accumulating rubbish esp at the current situation. Don’t you think his fan club should be more creative like, instead of spending those present, they can buy ad spaces in timesquare. If they have more excess funda, they can do that in all major cities in the around the world. I thought many fandoms do this already instead of spending on excessive presents.

  4. Adyjunjihyun when next drama the king eternal flop?Any news about his project?Who top writer and director will hit bigger drama for him.Since writer god KES get flop first time in her career with him???

    • Lmao he is headlining 130 billion won drama. when will ur fave? Getting paid billion won per epi and will have multiple seasons. Dont worry about oppa, Worry about ur flop faves. Woozie wont even get her typical showpiece roles in such megaprojects. She is showpiece and has no importance. A decorative showpiece

    • He is busy with 130 billion won drama wich will have mutiple seasons and got paid 1 billion won per epi, He gave the initial double digit rating and brought 30% profit pre airing wHEN WILL ur flop fave? And king was most watched drama on netflix. Btw ur fave is a showpiece used as decoration in every project whereas lmh remains highest paid and going global. Dont worry about him. He will always be in top demand and paid highest dollar. But ur fave wont ever be given a 130 billion wo drama. Not even a showpiece she is.; A decoration for male gaze. Nothing else

      • If he’s earning that much he should donate all of those gifts to children in orphanage…

      • Donation is personal choice. He pay high taxes. And btw past year he donated most for covid among korean celebs
        He is not kim soo hyun or iu or woozie to mediaplay everydah

      • @GurmeetLovesUntalentedOppa He doesn’t mediaplay yet you know he’s the celeb who donated the most? Make it make sense. Anyways, Kim Soo Hyun is still more beloved by GP than your fave will ever be. Not to mention more talented. Imagine other hallyu actors Song Joong Ki, Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Junki, Hyun Bin, Gong Yoo etc can all get multiple Baeksang Best Actor nominations but your boy is nowhere to be found. He’s that bad lol.

      • @emi, that’s true. If someone else is No.1, it’s media play, but they keep talking about his 130 billion won drama, donations, he shows off gifts from fans, it’s not media play?? His hardcore stan even said he’s sooo picky and expensive that directors don’t even try to cast him unless it’s something special, but you look at the guy’s filmography and it’s nothing but juvenile high school dramas or cheesy cinderella stories. His dramas never even once get a baeksang nomination in any category. I’m curious what that something special is.

      • Here comes mediaplay king taaards. Keep crying about it. Atleast my fave dont mediaplay saying that he earned 81 million usd in a year. Who is tom cruise then? Lol
        Keep yapping about ur fave being a king when my faves actual headlining mega project which your fave will never and my fave remains hallyu king ,since ur fave was doing dramas with woozie and keep outearning ur fave
        Your fave might be making another seex movie with some other idol soon. Who knows and later cry about losing money

    • This girl legit thinks that by changing her profile name and email, she can post 100x and we are all going to believe they’re different people. Not like the writing style (idiotic) or the grammar (non existent) or the tone (desperate) or the words (illogical) gives her away or anything.


      • Rofl i never tried to hid ky identity. U idiot. Its that i m not able to post from same id. And who needs ur validation? Lmao u saying things for lmh wont affect him a bit. Lmak. What a dumbo

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  6. Can celebrities just encourage their fandom to donate to various charitable institutions instead of this? Celebrities can take it up a notch and match whatever amount their fans donated. Or celebrities can post that they will only be accepting fan letters or handmade stuff. They sure as hell can afford to do that.

    • This culture is depending on the actors / actresses discretion.

      As for example, since I am a PBG fan and as per Bogummy’s request, he won’t accept gifts but rather spend our own money with our own gains. Since Music Bank he has not accepted gifts anymore but only letters or just creative ideas on papers in size A6 only so he can save it all in a warehouse. He is politely refusing and explaining to each and everyone about this money spending.So instead, the FCs around Asia is doing charitable works under his name. Plus, the FCs are collecting letters,poems or fanarts that will be sent to him or to his agency. However, when he has drama shooting or film shooting, the FCs in Asia are always ready to spend money to send him food buffet. I mean this is a different situation since this is benefitting many people not only him hence he is allowing it.

      Anyway, plssss, I am not insinuating anything here. I am respecting LMH and his fans. Lee Min Ho and his fans are used to that culture. In summary: different celebrity, different fandom,different culture. No judgement at all.

  7. Lee min ho is nobodiesate

    All haters with their envious remarks can hit their heads in a wall.

    Check out the comments about him all the way from Nigeria

    Google search “instablog Lee minho” and enjoy

  8. LMH was the celebrity who gave the most for covid relief last year. If his fans want to give him presents then let them. They purchase those locally anyway and help the local economy. Plus after the pictures, I’m sure his agency distributes the excess flowers and food (and maybe toys) to hospitals, charities, etc.

  9. Although he isn’t technically doing anything wrong, I think his decision is in poor tasre. The photos are especially tacky considering just how many people in this world are affected financially during this pandemic. Like, read the room.

    Even an actor like Liu Haoran who is 11 years his junior doesn’t accept gifts from fans except for books and letters because he doesn’t want fans to spend their hard earned money on a celebrity like him. Happy birthday tho, LMH.

  10. I think the actor can choose but honestly, knowing fans hate if their celebrity doesn’t keep their gift, what will he do of all of that?

  11. Why is everyone so butthurt? Who gives a crap if his fans want to send him gifts. He isn’t forcing them and for goodness sakes, it’s his bday. Y’all telling me y’all don’t want gifts for your birthday??? My god. Worry about yourselves.

    • I understand now why are fans so upset when their stars get married. They consider they’ve paid enough money to “own a little part of him”.

      I still don’t get it like I don’t get people addicted to “social” media – at the end they turn to be antisocial ones because people are communicating with their phones only. I just hope that my kids will have other values in life if we will survive all of those changes happening now and in the future.

  12. Where is he going to stock all that . Fans should show their affection with letters or handmade stuff . The pandemic , the climate change are affecting all the world so people should act more wisely . What saddens me is that sometimes fans give even when they are struggling . It’s about culture so Lee min ho is not at fault but it would be great if he didn’t accept it .

  13. The K-netcitizens are just being ridiculous. If his fans want to send him a birthday present, whatever. I’m not really a big fan of his but you would think these keyboard warriors would pay attention to issues that affect their society instead of getting upset over birthday presents

  14. LMH has been active for a while now. The majority of his fan base are probably working adults by now. I doubt teens and pre teens will be spending exorbitant amounts of money on him when they have bts and a bunch of newer actors to follow. People need to chill out. This outrage culture is too much.

  15. Imagine spending so much energy and emotions hating on someone who doesn’t know of your existence. People are so weird. LMH is not hurting anybody let him live. Both you and LMH have the same 24 hours in a day, maybe it’s time to reflect on how you are spending yours

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