Rising Young Actress Shin Do Hyun the Breakout Star Discovery in the Lackluster Doom at Your Service

I’m sure viewers who watched and/or stuck with the tvN Mon-Tues drama Doom at Your Service (One Day, Destruction Came to My Door) will take away their own worth it or not worth it conclusions. I watched enough to junk the entire series but what I did watch did pique my interest in one thing only – supporting actress Shin Do Hyun who played the second female lead. I already know and like the other main cast members Park Bo Young, Seo In Guk, Kang Tae Oh, and Lee Soo Hyuk, and those four in one drama was not enough to salvage this mess. Shin Do Hyun was a new face for me and I came away really captivated by her, she has acting ability and this really warm, expressive face onscreen. I know K-ent is all over Han So Hee who I think can act from what I watched of her in both The World of the Married and Nevertheless but her face/visuals are really off-putting for me in a solely subjective way. She’s pretty but something seems off like an artist assembled individually aesthetically beautiful features but a proportion is off, whereas Shin Do Hyun I just sorta slurped up her looks in Doom and want to see more of her.


Rising Young Actress Shin Do Hyun the Breakout Star Discovery in the Lackluster Doom at Your Service — 18 Comments

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  2. The problem with Han So Hee is her lower face, her jaw is too large and with a big chin especially when she smiles but she has nice eyes…

    • I don’t think you are anybody to judge the looks of any actresses. That’s why kpop idols do suicide because of people like you.

      I don’t even think you are pretty or handsome at least not from inside.

  3. I for one stopped at ep 10 then went to ep 16 just to see what happened to her romance and backtracked all the way again to ep 10 just to see how her story arc progressed.

    I didn’t bother to find out what happened to the sacrifices blah blah for the main leads. I think the actors are adorable together. I just couldn’t stand the writing.

    Besides her acting and flawless skin I noticed her lips. Her Song Hye-Kyo beestung looking lips. She was very good in the drama.

  4. I’m all for more interesting and diverse features and faces among kdrama actresses (second to actual TALENT and charisma but that seems to be more reserved for male actors over age 25 in Korean entertainment).

  5. I know her from, believe it or not, “The Banker,” a drama that flew way under the radar. She was a cute, pleasant member of the team of good guys in it but I’m surprised she’d arouse this kind of enthusiasm. Good for her.

  6. Heh, Koala summed up my aversion to HSH quite nicely. I can’t look at her face for any length of time…there is something so off putting about it. And it is purely subjective. As for the 2nd lead in Doom…she’s conventionally pretty but there is nothing too unique about her that makes her stand out to me. I’m a fan of all the leads in Doom. I’m sad that the writer just wasted so much talent. I don’t even remember what episode I stopped watching. It was just so much crappy dialogue with literally nothing happening. I was so looking forward to this because of the cast. Meh.

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  8. Accurate description of HSH’s visuals, Koala, you’ve put it into words better than I did lol. I still like HSH though, and she’s still really pretty to me, just not a “perfect beauty”, I guess. And yes, she definitely can act.

    As for the girl in this post, I haven’t seen her in anything yet, but I’m already liking her visuals. I love it when actresses can manage to look conventionally pretty and unique at the same time. This girl kind of reminds me of Oh Yeon Seo mixed with someone else I couldn’t remember. Just from looking at the pics, I get why Koala is inlove her visuals.

  9. I won’t say she’s a breakout star. I liked her as Nana’s best friend in Into the Ring, she was in Hospital Playlist 1 too. But she formed a cute couple with Lee Soo Hyuk, I really liked their dialogues.

    • I was wondering why I found her so familiar in Into the Ring/Memorials. She’s Doctor Bae in Hospital Playlist!!
      Perhaps out of point from the main article here but Into the Ring is the most underrated drama of 2020 to me

  10. Her story about first love in Doom was meh but fortunately she ended up with LSH. Tbh, I like her conversation with Dawon (Bo young’s brother) the most in whole drama. Hopefully she can act again in drama with better script

  11. you should see her in Park Won’s “All of my Life” MV!
    Its actually where she first caught my attention, and she made the song experience so much more for me..
    Amazing song, and even better visuals~

  12. Han So-Hee face reminds me of the heroines in Yuu Watase’s manga when when I used to read manga 15-20 years ago. Shin Do-hyun first caught my eye in Into the Ring. She gives me a bit of a Jeon Yeo-bin vibe. I love her hair in Doom. My hair is a similar length and thickness, but her hair just gorgeous while mine looks like I’ve been rolling on the ground.

  13. Shin Do Hyun is definitely very pretty. I notice her Roles in In The Third Charm first as bitchy second lead, and Just Dance, and Understand of Social DIstance. She is solid. But I trust Han Soo Hee more when it comes bring more depth and vulnerability into the char.

  14. Wow this girl is quite pretty. For me for the new generation,i really love Kim So Hyun and Kim Yoo Jung. They are so pretty and talented!

    Han So Hee is pretty but she had this smug face which only suitable if she act as a bad ass heroin or a spoiled bratty woman. I can’t imagine her character to be bubbly, poor or etc.

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