Son Ye Jin Confirmed for jTBC Female Friendship Drama Thirty Nine with Jeon Mi Do and Kim Ji Hyun

I know folks think this was already all set but clearly nothing is confirmed until it is. jTBC just announced that Son Ye Jin has signed on for its 2022 women-centric drama Thirty Nine, which will have her starring with Jeon Mi Do and Kim Ji Hyun as a trio of best friends and successful ladies navigating the loves and professional lives of being modern women in present day Seoul. The thirty nine of their title is their age, right on the cusp of the big 4-0 and with it comes the looking back at what one has accomplished and the choices made and then peering forward at what may still lie ahead. This will mark Son Ye Jin’s return to the network after the hit Something in the Rain (Pretty Noona Buys Me Food) in 2018, and Thirty Nine will be penned by the screenwriter of Boyfriend (Encounter), Entertainer, and Pretty Boy (Bel Ami).


Son Ye Jin Confirmed for jTBC Female Friendship Drama Thirty Nine with Jeon Mi Do and Kim Ji Hyun — 23 Comments

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  2. Ugh. So happy for this but both Boyfriend and Entertainer was awfully written. I couldn’t make it through two episodes even though I loved the cast

  3. This writer should get killed!!She always cast famouse actress and actor to save her shit writing.Why oh why son ye jin accept this drama hallyu hit crash landing on you.Huge mess and it will aired on jtbc all of they drama has rating flop.

  4. I’ve been excited about this one! Love the cast and love that it’s female centric. I know the writer’s drama track record is iffy but I have enjoyed some of her film works. So I’m optimistic about this.

  5. I will ignore previous dramas. SYJ and the potential cast are amazing here! Let’s hope this drama will be good.

  6. What I’ve learnt after DAYS is that a good writer is more important than a good cast so hard pass in this. Entertainer was awful with no redeeming qualities and Encounter was like watching a pretty picture with no substance and don’t even get me started on Pretty Man.

  7. Idk about the claim that good writing triumphs over good directing and good casting. Exhibit A: Kim Eun-Sook and her dramas.

    • Good witty dialogues and pop culture meta is the reason why KES dramas are popular. Exhibit A The King which failed because KES lost her star sub writer. It always comes down to writing. Exhibit B LOTBS failed because PJE basically plagiarized herself. Good writing over everything else.

      • Interesting remark about PJE. She is a writer that people either love or hate too. When CLOY was announced there was so much skepticism because of people who didn’t love some of the plot elements of LOTBS or MLFTS. I would argue CLOY was her best and most cohesive writing to date even if the plot seemed outlandish. So writers can improve their craft.

      • LOTBS did well in terms of ratings, as for CLOY, which comes after LOBTS, it becomes famous domestically and internationally. So, yeah..writers can improved.

      • @flowepot..I have to agree with you..Even in my opinion CLOY has to be PJE’s best work so far..She indeed improved.

  8. Is she not getting cast for movies? I wonder why she wastes her time with dramas like this without star writer or male leads.

    • Is this a real question? One of the top and most profitable box office actresses in SK not getting movie offers? After the year she just had? Its more likely she isn’t coming across scripts she likes or is challenged by. I can’t speak about the quality of the Thirty Nine script, but I think the all female cast and theme of approaching 40 probably speaks to her. I prefer her films to her dramas, although she has done well with CLOY and SITR, so I kinda agree with you there and hope to see her back in films soon where she shines the most.

      • I think with the pandemic going on, doing movies does not seem like a good idea since most of them can’t even break even unless netflix or other OTT platforms pick them up. That’s probably the main reason why she’s doing dramas.

      • Movies themselves are failing because of the Pandemic. Everyone is running away to dramas.

    • Well, gong yoo, jo in sung and bae doo na are coming back to the small screen.She is not alone and it is not weird at all. Plus, it is good to watch a beloved a-star actress back on tv.Just because there is no star writer or A+ quality male leads, it does not mean that she will reject. Perhaps the two main actresses and female-centric might pull

    • The potential male lead is good,i hear. Plus, the idea of a female-centric drama is appealing, why not. She isn’t the alone actress or actor who go back and forth the big screens and dramas. Even Jo In Sung, Song Jong Ki and Bae Doo Na do it.

    • Movie industry is basically dead right now. Most of her fellow chungmuro mainstays have crossed over to drama. It also doesn’t seem like she’s that interested in movies when she already turned down the big budget sequel to Pirates and an awards-bait movie like Boston 1947. This probably appeals to her as she’s talked about doing a female-centric drama or movie for a long time. The male leads are fine. Not A-list but good actors. They aren’t the focus of the drama anyway. And she’s already done two straight dramas with star writers, one with a fast rising male lead and another with a bona fide A-lister.

  9. Has Mi-do confirmed her casting though? I love her in HP series and would love to see her back in another drama with an established actress like Ye Jin. Some of the comments here about the writer worry me a bit, please don’t fail these ladies writer-nim!

  10. poor writernim, the show already get bashed even before airing. hahah
    sometimes the writers needs a second chance. she writes for angood movie after all. hooefully jtbc give her freedom

    but Son Ye Jin always unlucky when it comes critically acclaim director+writers. like when she collaborate with Mawang+rebirth supposed trylogy revenge writers+director, the show end up underwhelming.

    plus when she work with Ahn Pan Seok.

  11. I liked Entertainer. The love story was bad but the rest was pretty nice. Ji Sung was good and had a good chemistry with the band members.

    I like female centric dramas! The casting looks good for now.

  12. Over the past year, yejin was offered many scripts but after working non stop with back to back dramas, i guess she needed some rest ..Besides she is quite picky too.
    Yejin always wanted to work in a women centric i can see why it caught her attention..Her decision to star in the drama was also influenced by her love for golf btw..

    Regarding not having A list actors as a co-star..She said that while choosing a project, the first thing she prioritises is the script. And i already stated the reason as to why she must have liked the story..Also, she previously worked with the writer in the movie “Tower” ..So that could be one of the contributing factors too.
    And even before she didn’t always work with A-listers..It was literally Jung Hae In ‘s first leading role .

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