Nevertheless with Song Kang and Han So Hee Drops a Little Bit More in Episode 3 Ratings and Netizens Aren’t in the Mood for this Drama Story

I don’t think jTBC was expecting Saturday mature college romance drama Nevertheless to do gangbuster ratings but the webtoon was popular and a drama adaption ought to be a little bit more resonant with viewers. But alas the ratings continue to decrease though it’s just a little drop in episode 3 to 1.173%, and the network probably will be happy if it doesn’t go below 1% from now on out. The critique is less on acting now since those who can act will and those who can’t is what we have to work with, so now the viewers are just not engaging with this story. The cool dangerous player dude and the still innocent (emotionally) female lead who can’t help but be attracted to fire, the drama continues to be very sexually open and the flirting is less K-drama and more late night television level and it’s just not working for the audience it seems. If the viewer doesn’t like or connect with either lead character, then there isn’t much to keep watching for. Ultimately it’s probably that the drama was hyped up more so than the target audience was out there for it thanks to combining the two buzziest male and female young faces this year Song Kang and Han So Hee when really this drama was best aired on a streaming network where the niche core viewer age group resides.


Nevertheless with Song Kang and Han So Hee Drops a Little Bit More in Episode 3 Ratings and Netizens Aren’t in the Mood for this Drama Story — 61 Comments

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  2. Not surprised, it’s so average. I wanted to like it and sorta enjoyed it somewhat mainly for the supporting characters. I really don’t understand the hype with Song Kang. He’s soo bland. There’s also so much skinship and nothing electrifying about it.

    • I don’t think that its a boring drama.I think that it is different from other kdramas,and that makes it interesting. And I’m looking forward for the next episodes.

      • Same! It’s one of the few I’ve been excited about for the past few years now. The main male lead isn’t my cuppa personally but I find his character intriguing.

    • This drama is superb I liked their acting and waiting for next episode.
      Why they only release 1 episode per week????

    • It’s not boring at all , and 1st point SONG KANG isn’t bland at all , his smile could kill you , and why isn’t there anything electrifying , the way director built up the sexual tension before the actual scene was so good . You like those straight forward sex scenes but this show’s scenes showed how love making is so much more than that , eye contacts , light touches , little gestures that make your heart race ….

  3. I don’t have any complaints about the drama tbh. I’m enjoying it so far. I actually feel more invested in the side plots aka Sol and Jiwan. I’m really hoping it’s not queerbaiting though…

  4. I have issues with it for sure, but I do think it is more realistic than most k-dramas. I don’t get why Song Kang is an IT actor. I think the female lead is too much of a drip. But I also feel like this is a case where the audience complains that k-dramas are all the same but complains when something is a bit different. They just seem to want crazy makjang.

    • You can complain about the acting but please leave the physical looks alone. He’s very good looking and there’s no evidence of of plastic surgery

      • His look and acting just bland,mediocre and lack of charisma.He has time to doing plastic surgery but doesn’t have time take some acting class???

      • OP was already talking to the wall. And you were the dumbass who bothered to engage with their comment in the first place like you always do. I’m with @Rina. Who appointed you the blog police? You self-righteous nitwit.

    • Who made you the blog police Laura? Acting is a visual medium and forgive me if I don’t cry about the fee fees of attractive people making money hand over fist.

      • Rina, please calm down. No matter how much money someone makes, it doesn’t mean it gives you free reign to go after someone’s physical appearances. That’s too far. I’m confident you wouldn’t like people to criticize how you look so why do the same to others?

    • He didn’t do plastic surgery
      Gosh,it isn’t his fault. The rating didn’t go as expected. So insulting him and his look, so annoying

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  6. Its jtbc promoting them so much expecting the drama to hit big their sexual scence is the blandest of all how can this two dont have chemistry even they have pretty face

  7. I tried watching with plenty usage of FF button.

    I kind of like Han So Hee in 100 Days My Prince but she’s basically not yet ready as a leading lady. Song Kang is completely unconvincing as the tempting player. I dont find him that good looking nor does he exudes anything that is remotely sexy-dangerous to appear tempting (pretty much similar to how bad Woo Do Hwan was in Tempted), because it was obvious he was “trying to” instead of “naturally” exuding the aura. And forgive me for commenting on his appearance but there’s something about his big mouth that’s really bothering to me.

    And the plot is sleazy indeed. Idk how anyone can describe Na-Bi as innocent. She slept with her ex-boyfriend (or else how did he managed to scuplt hthat obscene figurine) and yet acting so wide-eyed, asking her friend if “wanting to kiss is even similar to wanting to bed the guy”. WTH????

    Tbf, it’s not surprising that the rating is going downhill. There’s nothing worth to stay watching and my first reason for checking it out was the pre-airing buzz and then just to check if the netizens critics were even valid and I agree, the drama is just plain, dull and bland.

  8. I like them both visually and would like to check their drama after all episodes aired. Everyone on twitter and fb in my country are talking about their sex scenes and kissing scenes. But aside from that, is there anything more that the drama can offer?

    • It’s the blog writer’s specialty. She hated Doom yet watched it to document low ratings & rant over it. Controversial Op = high traffic = more ad revenue.

  9. @Alexa @Chie

    You guys are so accurate. I do not understand the hype around them and how people are calling it as the finest realist drama like what? This drama has a trash plot with zero to offer aside from steamy and s*x scenes. Is that the standard for a good drama now?

  10. I think the actors are the issue. This kind of story rests on the acting, the electric chemistry, the tension. But they can’t give off them. Any of them was ready for this kind of role.

    It’s sad because the story was pretty original for once.

  11. I liked the first episode and it kinda went downhill after that. The best part of this drama is it’s OST. The chemistry between HSH and SK just isn’t there. They were supposed to have a sex scene in episode 2, but it was cringe to me. Also SK’s acting just isn’t doing it for me. The FL’s character is so boring and bland, all her friends are more interesting than her. She’s devoid of any personality and acts so shy and naive.

    • The problem with the sex scenes is you can literally see the actors thinking about each step. Its so cringe and not organic – yes they are being directed but it shouldn’t LOOK like it.

  12. Song Kang proved himself in this drama and elevated himself to IT guy.. He has all the elements. His on fiyaaa.

    I learned in my time in kdramas that you see alot of dishonst comments but the larger audience never go wrong on an actor when he graps their interest and literally takes it from them..

    Also there is alot of dishonesty amongst K-netizens because Nevertheless is just to damn trendy and does things different to say any negative things about it but Alas you always see surprising factors and it is what it is

  13. I dont understand why a lot does not like the series. I was hooked eversince the first episode. Its very realistic. I thought a lot can totally relate. Im feeling the cheese in trap feels again which is my fav drama. The rating is saddening. ?

    • Not keen about the rating i’ll just continue watching and waiting for NEVERTHELESS Okay. Thank you.

  14. Well it’s not surprised to see how many kdrama fans are reacting to this drama….they all have pre conceptualised story in their mind and they can’t accept something new…i find it more realistic compared to all kdrama ….well it’s all depends on one’s own view..

  15. We have 7 episodes left. We don’t know what will happen next. Let’s just enjoy this k-drama. We don’t need to give them a negative comments. We need to support them. They just doing their job. And for me, I know they gave their best to finish this drama with a heart.
    Lets face the present and dont compare them to their past k-drama. Lets just support them.
    I’ll give them a hundred million stars… Lets appreciate their character in this drama. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Precisely! I might belong to the very small group who truly enjoy this drama. I really dun understand why ppl keep criticizing ML and FL. Their chemistry is so real. Certain K-drama which have high ratings but I cant get their hype at all, like: Vincenzo (cant get pass ep1), Mine (ep4 is my limit). Still i believe everyone is entitled for their own opinion. So if you do not like this drama then just stop watching it. You don’t need to bash it in every articles.

  16. I belong to the minority that enjoys this drama.

    The issue for me is the FL … while Han So-hee was interesting as the mistress in ‘The World of the Married’ … here I feel she blows hot and cold while appearing naive innocent.
    And it comes across as irritating.

    Another is her face in general. While yes there are reminiscent angles that make her look like Song Hae-kyo … her face overall, with the odd chin angles (shaved jawline?)and just oddly shaped in general – does NOT generate SHK interest but rather – is distracting

    Song Kang is fine to me. The character is all about a basically ok at heart but aloof guy. Someone who also exudes a bad boy vibe. And while not exactly Lee Byung-hyun standard … it’s a passable attempt.

    The 2 leads need more sizzling chemistry if it’s seeemingly so hard for them to resist each other.

    • I have problem with Song Kang because with all the skinship, it seems he lack those afectionate emotion and doesn’t feel the chemistry at all, so The skinship scene end up underwhelming. he is comfortable with the skinship, but where is the emotion? I mean, you have skinship with a woman as pretty and sexy as Han So Hee for God sake! He is quite good in Sweet Home. but here he seems abit out of depth?

      I agree the innocent and naive of hanso hee’s potrayal is not in sync during skinship. But I like her vulnerability she is showing here.

  17. I like both songkang and so hee and i think the drama is realistic unlike any other kdrama. And im looking forward to other episodes ?

  18. Like reading these negative comments, am so annoyed. First, there is nothing wrong with the acting. They don’t have chemistry? Can someone explain that to me,if they don’t have chemistry, is it physics they have. I don’t understand, and there is nothing wrong with song Kang acting. You guys just don’t like the guy, you insulted him with his look. For your god damn sake, there is nothing wrong with his look. Just because there is low rating doesn’t mean it is the actors fault, if it is hard to keep watching then fuck off. Why watching it, then start complaining.

    If you aren’t interested, there is no need to continue watching. To me, this is one of their best series ever, their acting is incredible. And song Kang doesn’t look like he was force, it was natural so natural. The director won’t cast him, if he didn’t give out the role he wanted.

    If you can’t appreciate then stop watching, there are countless of series to watch.

    • Exactly,if you really don’t like the series then fuck off,I don’t even understand why people are going to extent of insulting their looks, as if they look better in anyway.the most annoying comment I saw was the one that insulted his lips,I hate people who insult other people body parts,it’s so wrong
      Ps: I’m really enjoying the series

  19. So haven’t checked this out but wondered how it would resonate when I found out that the guy plays a jerk and not a tsundere jerk or a guy who changes because of the love of a good woman…no,just a jerk. It’s really not that much fun to watch that kind of drama and for all everyone says they want different, they just really want the same tropes but done in a different way.

    short version: they want to see a happy ever after.

  20. to be honest.. even tho there are sooooooooooo many hot scenes, I’m not even fluttered even once. i can’t feel the chemistry at all

  21. It’s 2021 and they think women are foolish? Well, some girls are idiots to date a jerk. But the FL used to date a jerk and now, she just jumps into another black hole, and calling it ‘love’. She’s just too full of herself to think she can handle this man. No dear, go find a gooe man. They are still alive!!!!

    No offense but she wont get a happy ending. She’s wasting her time and those who watch are doing the same. There are a lot of other good dramas on N.

    Ps : anyway, Song Kang is really handsome. The FL is also pretty. But the storyline is MEH.

  22. Tbh I was not a fan of the webtoon. Found the female lead annoying. I found myself wanting her to focus on her studies and herself rather than jump from one bad relationship to the next. It grossed me out when she kissed him after seeing him kiss someone else too. I don’t understand her fascination with him and how naive she acts when she has been in a relationship before.

  23. Where I’m from I’m innundated with American TV so I’m used to seeing lots of sexy stuff, or skinship as Koreans may put it. It does get tedious after a while which is one reason I switched to K-dramas which are much more emotional but still strangely titilating. I respect Koreans modesty and embarrassment towards overt sexuality but in my opinion that is why this drama has such low ratings – it’s just too sexy for a Korean audience and viewers feel uncomfortable. I like all K-dramas but this one is even more intiguing to me because its a little different. I will watch it and enjoy it to the very last drop no matter where it takes me.

  24. I don’t get the hate toward this drama. It’s one of the best k-dramas I’ve watched in a while and the story is also interesting. I think it does not necessarily appeal to the masses especially with the korean audience because it is not the typical ‘vanilla kdrama’ romance type that they are used to. The characters are more open to their sexuality and are relatable especially to their age range. I will continue to support this k-drama and I bet this drama will gain more popularity even after they finish airing all of the episodes. The actors’ acting are also spot on and I actually love the chemistry between the leads. Hopefully they could gain more ratings although in my opinion ratings does not define art. This series is art and art is sometimes not for everybody.

  25. I’m going be really frank. I think the plot is good and chill. However, I think the acting of the leads especially in a romantic drama, could use some improvement. Their expressions are pretty lacking. If you were to take out the editing and music, the entire acting scene would be pretty bland. Frankly, I feel that both leading actors were thrust way too quickly into the main lead spot. I watched Han So Hee’s previous work, and she was not bad in those, but I don’t know…something about her acting here isn’t so good IMO. Same with Song Kang. It’s like these newbie actors nowadays just depend on their looks to bring them to the forefront of the acting industry. Acting is about utilizing expression, and I feel like they either completely forget to use it or they completely overdo it.

  26. One thing I understand in this life is that everyone talk good or bad about someone/ anything. For me I love this movie so much,the chemistry is pure,the sexual tension is high whether you like it or not. If you think its easy, what’s stopping you from acting. Kudos to the director and actors of this movie. Please upload more. If you don’t like the movie please pass and stop disturbing us that want to watch it.

    • If you don’t like reading other people’s legitimate critiques of a TV show than why are you reading the comment section of an article whose intent is to discuss the show? Other people are allowed to dislike something you may enjoy. Deal with it.

  27. The recent episodes from episode 4-5 were getting boring. I wish they can adjust by 2 episodes per week. I am losing interest to watch the series because for the past episodes, nothing really has been happening or interesting to watch.

  28. Have you ever had a friend who goes into WAY too much detail about the way some guy looked at her? Or said “Hello”? Someone who wants to read too much into everything the guy does to convince herself that she has a chance with him. After 5 mins you feel bored and think “Even if he does like her she’s too intense and it won’t work”. After 10 mins you think “I really don’t care – just shut up”. Well this drama is like hours of that. Hours. I’ve forced myself to continue watching and I’m on ep 3 but the comments here that nothing gets better by ep5 mean I’m giving up. This drama doesn’t have the “tone” and feeling of safety that most kdramas define and that feeling of safety is what makes them so popular. A step in the wrong direction.

  29. I feel like this drama was too boring and just plain. I was more interested in the supporting characters than the leads. There were so many red flags with Jae eon and smh nabi still like him.

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