Shin Se Kyung Joins IU and Signs with Agency Edam Entertaiment

Earlier I posted that Shin Se Kyung was looking for a new agency after her long time contract with Namoo Actors expired but it was not official and some fans believed she would end up re-signing. I don’t think it’s good or bad whether she leaves Namoo, the agency has shepherded her career through her entire twenties and she got a lot of high profile female lead roles but some of the dramas didn’t end up being so good was the problem. But I also believe change can be embraced as a catalyst and sometimes one can’t breakthrough to the next level until one takes a leap of faith. For Shin Se Kyung that leap is signing with new agency Edam Entertainment which also reps IU as the agency was started by IU’s long time manager, and further it’s under the umbrella of the conglomerate Kakao Entertainment. Congrats to Shin Se Kyung for this move and looking forward to what the agency finds her for as the next project.


Shin Se Kyung Joins IU and Signs with Agency Edam Entertaiment — 6 Comments

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  2. I saw somewhere that she said that she was unable to pick her own roles until her late 20ies. Wow! I think overall Namoo did well by her because most actors will end up with some junk dramas eventually, but I can see wanting to spread wings.

    Given what she said perhaps people should be a bit more gentle when constantly criticizing actors for picking horrible dramas. No doubt the top tier have a say but who knows how many are stuck doing what an agency tells them to do.

    • Joo Won’s agency picks vs his own picks are such contrasts to one another. His agency goes for easy cash grabs (romance), and they often failed to succeed. Seo Kang Joon also said up until he left for a new agency, that all of his roles were chosen by his agency. It seems for many actors (unless you’re a top star that can take time off dramas), you’ve to say yes to some crappy ones to be visible. Plus how small Korean agencies are, I highly doubt many have a say in what they want most of the time.

    • Yes this is correct, her agency picked her projects for her majority of her career and she was only able to choose and take it slowly by her late 20s.

      Considering how she’s one of Namoo’s founding actors, I admire that she was able to stay for almost 2 decades since not everyone can stay in a workplace that long. I also can’t imagine how much thought went to this decision as she considers people from her former agency as her family. But change is also beautiful and might be what she needs all along. Wishing her the best and rooting for her as always. 🙂

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