K-ent Writer Posts Fawning Article Praising Han So Hee’s Charisma, Acting Ability, and Visuals to the Moon Despite the Ratings Disappointment of Nevertheless

Okay, this K-ent article is so ridiculously over effusive I have no idea what the writer is thinking to write thousands of words on why Han So Hee has that “shocking charisma, like magic it can cover up any lacking areas.” The writer discusses how jTBC had high hopes for Nevertheless but the ratings keep dropping and now is in the 1% range, it appears viewers are not liking the plot and also the directing is not able to convey the emotional nuance in the webtoon. But Nevertheless has a lot of online chatter and the writer says it’s due to Han So Hee using her acting charisma to generate buzz (lol, gimme a minute here). Usually it’s the male actor in youth dramas that gets all the buzz but its the opposite in Nevertheless, especially with Han So Hee being a perfect fit for the female role from the webtoon, using her emotionally delicate acting and voice that draws the viewer in (okay, taking a second minute here).

The writer goes on to say Han So Hee has done a successful 180 change from her character in The World of the Married, and using her charismatic visuals and great acting she’s shed the image of a sexy mistress and transformed into an innocent college student. Plus Han So Hee is also beloved outside of drama thanks to her shocking level of charisma, from pictorials to CF campaigns, she is majorly sought after. To find an actress with her level of visuals and acting talent is very rare. She started off with minor to supporting roles and built up her resume, and when she had a smoking controversy she openly accepted responsibility and apologized and from her upright attitude she got even more fans. She uses her SNS to share how much she loves her grandma, her drawings, and communicates with her fans, she really has unparallel charisma. So can she succeed in the long run as the female lead? One drama is not enough to make that determination, up next she will be in Netflix drama My Name. Right now it’s hard to find a standout 20-something actress and all eyes are on whether Han So Hee will become that powerhouse within the industry. Alrighty now, I’m off to dunk myself into a cold bucket of water and wonder what I just read.


K-ent Writer Posts Fawning Article Praising Han So Hee’s Charisma, Acting Ability, and Visuals to the Moon Despite the Ratings Disappointment of Nevertheless — 44 Comments

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  2. Nothing against HSH who is actually a pretty good actor but Nevertheless has been ranking low on the good data buzz rankings so what online buzz are they talking about? Neither HSH nor SK are on the actors list either but this drama wasn’t meant for tv they should have gone for OTT platforms to air it exclusively.

  3. Its a PR article but its fair everyone is allowed to publish articles like this to promote their stars. Park Shinhye had a ton of them after Heirs announcing her as the new Hallyu Queen when literally everyone watched that drama for Lee Minho and the big breakout star was Kim Woobin.

    • Right, it’s actually pretty obvious it’s a PR/mediaplay article. It’s like how journalists write something on Kpop groups whenever they have a comeback. FNC used to release stuff like this about Seolhyun too and JHI. LOL

      • And it does work. People have a short term memory span. JHI at least can act and started with memorable roles. Seolhyun’s IT girl status was basically forced fed to both netizens and the public, and they pushed back yet eventually ate it up and forgot how it started, before the controversies hit of course.

      • Hyeri too her PR at one time was crazy and she was literally everywhere after her real men aegyo went viral. This is nothing compared to what agencies used to do.

    • PSH had international popularity with You Are Beautiful and Heartstrings. She is the very first Korean actress to have international fan meets. The Heirs made her even a bigger Hallyu star and that is.a fact. Why do you think until now, there are still a lot of active MinShiners? Because The Heirs was a big hit and their team-up made a huge impact in both domestic and especially in the international market. You may hate her but let’s not take away the credit where credit is due.

    • uh Park Shin Hye was mad popular BEFORE Heirs casting was even announced, like I was finding You’re Beautiful merch being sold in Japan without even looking for it back in 2011. It’s ridiculous to act like she was some unknown-outside-Korea girl before Heirs, come on.

    • PSH was a popular child actress and viewers were excited to see her grow up much like KYJ and KSH. Heirs was built on an already successful career.

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  5. She has an upcoming drama with Ju Ji Hoon. Please do not tell me it’s rated 19+ again? It’s the same roles she is portraying and definitely the same steamy genres from World of the Married to Nevertheless and maybe this movie? I am not sure. I think she’s being typecasted into those roles ?‍♀️

    • Like i said, I kinda like her in 100Days My Prince but I also can’t help but notice her being typecasted for steamy 19+ rated dramas.

  6. Fangirl perspective but like above said I’ve seen some even heavier mediaplay about other “actresses” that can act even less and whose rise to fame is all about visuals and/or a gwiyomi gesture that blew up so I’ll give this a pass. HSH at least has acting promise and good visual and charisma and is gaining popularity, so a rising whole package. It’s actually nice to see new actresses rising alongside the actors too.

    • Mediaplay also becomes necessary when the market is densely saturated and everybody wants to succeed and standout. Breakout moments are few and far in between so making the most it while the attention is still there makes sense. Actors always have it much easier and the longer shelf life so yes it is nice to see actresses breakout and these days ratings isn’t everything even for domestic audiences. There was even a report saying the measurement standard is wrong because there are more single person households now than traditional households and the methodology does not properly quantify these households. They will eventually change their methodology to match the current scenario so ratings will also see a sudden change in the future at some point.

  7. she is quite good and i like her performance in nevertheless. But talent wise, there is a ton of great acting talent and beautiful and some of them already has solid fanbase. kim yoo jung and kim so hyun for example?

    and the rest of them are just waiting to have a breakthrough and luck.

    • I think HSH will never challenge KSH and KYJ’s status anytime soon or near the future, but having multiple strong and popular female actresses rather than just leaning back on the two isn’t bad for the industry. The top goddesses in k-ent JJH SHK etc are able to thrive together and the ones just behind them are just as good as well, even without the mega hallyu hit projects.

      The current younger heroines not being able to stick a solid landing unlike their male counterparts have skewed fans’ perceptions that they have to cut eachother down but actually they can all exist together. I have favorites among the talented but not as popular actresses and hope they rise above the water soon.

      • Even out of their own child actor counterparts both male and female these two are the only ones that survived and their warring fandoms actually helped grow their fanbases and popularity ironically. To be honest I don’t they are the rule but rather the exception because its not easy for actresses that young to have a solid background even with 10+ years behind them. SSK and GA are also former child actors and they still don’t have the same level of popularity these 2 have. Which is what makes HSH standout in comparison to her own peers because she rapidly built her popularity and fame but this is only her first drama since WOTM and despite the lack of ratings it doesn’t seem like her popularity is going anywhere. The last decade of 20s actresses only had PSH and IU as the standouts everyone else basically disappeared into thin air after their initial breakouts and what not. This decade feels like its going more or less the same route unlike the JJH, SHK and KTH decade where many young actresses stood out and till date remain popular.

      • @Barney Although she’s less talented, I’d add Suzy to the list of notable actresses of the last decade alongside IU and PSH; the equivalent of KTH.

        I think there’s more hope for this decade than you think because of the introduction of Netflix and other streaming services aimed internationally. Even if they don’t have domestic popularity, some hype somewhere will at least get casting directors to take a look, and that’s an opportunity for a breakthrough. The international appeal and already having a fanbase was where idol actresses got their footing and multiple opportunities ahead of rookie actresses anyway.

      • Still rating matters in korea. If it shows poor rating domestically, they will have a hard with advertisers

      • @Lai Pei Yee Sure domestic ratings matter. But it hasn’t stopped Suzy from getting casted after several duds, or hasn’t diminished IU’s star power after Scarlet Heart Ryeo didn’t meet expectations against the PBG-KYJ combo, or did not even hinder the accolades that My Mister got that benefited from good word of mouth more than hype or ratings during its run. Just saw HSH in another casting rumor too so Nevertheless’ low ratings aren’t affecting her streak.

      • Talent matters and so does delivering the numbers, by that standard Park Shin Hye and IU have both lived up to their hype of being the biggest names in their twenties (well, before PSH turned 30) if you look at the ratings of their projects over the last five years. One dud/underwhelming performance doesn’t really matter so long as it’s followed by a hit – like Moon Lovers didn’t do the expected numbers but My Ajusshi and Hotel del Luna were legit hits for IU. For PSH Doctors was a hit, Memories of Alhambra isn’t a good drama but it had the ratings, Sisyphus tanked but her 2020 movie Alive did quite well on theatres despite corona and being simultaneously released on Netflix.

        KYJ and KSH have both proven themselves and been able to carry dramas since they were in their early teens, not many actresses have that ability. Like others have said, having other newer actresses of the same generation rise is a good thing for the industry, a competitive field = better quality especially now it’s actresses getting hired and not like 4-5 years ago when it was all idols everywhere. Whether it’s Han So Hee, Moon Ga Young, Nam Ji Hyun, Kim Hye Yoon, Kim Hyang Gi, Jung Da Bin, Kim Sae Ron or whoever… I hope they at least get given a fair chance and not kicked to the curb the minute one drama doesn’t do so well. The idol girls of the early-mid 00s used to have so many dramas flopping but still get main lead offers…. and these actresses are at least ok at acting.

      • Somebody said more actresses are being given chances but on the contrary its not that more actresses are getting chances there are just more platforms releasing dramas so literally everyone is getting a chance to act. There are more idols getting into acting as opposed to their seniors even idols from small companies or unpopular groups can go into acting. Many of the idols are still starting out with lead roles like Nuest Minhyun or Blackpink Jisoo while most actresses even for child actresses have to start out with playing younger versions or supporting roles or web dramas. Most are still struggling to transition but idols don’t have that problem. They have more popularity so they go straight for lead roles or big second lead roles. Netflix and other media services are opening up new opportunities definitely but somehow I don’t think it promises longevity like what Jun Jihyun and Song Hyekyo have. Ratings don’t guarantee longevity either nor does the lack of ratings = no longevity. What I’m trying to say is popularity is one thing but being beloved by the general public is another. What I feel this generation is lacking in is the latter they’re all breaking out with popularity but their staying power in the public memory is short. The audience is more fickle these days so local or international trendy stars constantly come and go but very few have the loyal devotional fans who’ll watch every single drama and hype it up even if the drama itself isn’t good. Basically the kind of crazy devotion Lee Minho, Song Hyekyo etc have always had. Who would you say would be legendary from the current young actresses because I agree there isn’t any that people will look back to call iconic.

  8. Twenty something actresses these days have visuals but nothing to boot, esp this actress, who act in a 1% drama.

  9. The irony is, Koala is also feeding into the hype machine despite acting like she hates it or doesn’t get it. I had no idea who that actress was or that she was supposedly an IT girl until seemingly out of nowhere Koala started posting obsessively about her like she was being paid to. Whatever they’re doing, it’s clearly working.

      • That’s just how Koala rolls. It’s all for clicks and views. She knows people will engage. And look, they are. It’s basically the same comments and sentiments you read under every HSH post on here. But it’s still engagement.

    • Song Kang is having worse acting opinions and his agency also released an article hyping him up…just one post about his acting controversy, and from then on is all about HSH, even commenting on her physical appearance…..I mostly like her articles and drama opinions but sometimes her dislike for someone is too noticeable

      • I kinda agree. Like, HSH even in this drama is better at acting than at least one of koala’s faves but the tone of the posts about each is VERY different.

    • Lol. This I kind of agree. Been reading about Han So Hee at this blog pretty much non-stop the last 2-3 weeks.

  10. It’s PR, many agencies does it. Also the article is written by only one person, it’s not a big deal if a particular person/writer likes her haha

  11. I wasn’t aware of the existence of her until watching Nevertheless . And she is pretty but nothing to brag about … Agencies want to create so much a new generation of actresses a la Song Hye Kyo, Gong Hyo Jin, … but i think that this kind of stars are the last ones . Same for other countries . There are always new faces but not anymore big stars as Julia Roberts, Jodie Foster, Meryl Streep, Catherine Deneuve, … We live in a society dominated by the “fast thing” fast fashion, fast food, fast hits, fast… all . It doesn’t mean that the young generation is not talented it’s just that the world runs to fast .

    • I don’t know about French cinema but cinema in the US involves superheroes and not much else. The studios sell to the international audience so as one article asked, “what ever happened to the rom/com?”. What happened is 14 year boys in the US and world don’t want to watch them.

      Until someone discovers that people will go to the movies to see a non-blockbuster type show, streaming services are going to win. I don’t know maybe the going-to-a-movie business model is just dead.

      • @Kat

        Marvel has really turned into a media juggernaut. Celebrities are shifting over to TV instead of film. The entertainment industry is also re-aligning given COVID shut down theaters for the better half of the past 1.5 years.

        I don’t think big stars with longevity are dead necessarily. Hollywood has Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Brie Larson for the new generation, and the newest IT girl is Anna Taylor Joy. You just have a different medium right now with streaming services challenging the traditional distribution model, so everyone is re-thinking their strategy.

        Similarly, I don’t think it’s all doom-and-gloom with K-ent (aren’t Park So Dam and Kim Dam Mi 90s-generation?). Netflix is shaking up the game there and I believe they have made bets on certain actors & actresses to invest in. We’ll see if they can create the next Hallyu stars.

        We’re just in the middle of an alignment shift, that’s all. I find it pretty exciting, tbh.

      • I’m middle of the road about the changes in entertainment whether it be tv, movies, music and publishing. All have changed, and I don’t think there’s any going back any time soon. It is what it is. I do miss a solid rom/com though.

        Nothing against the gals you mention, but I would say Lawrence is the one that has the makings of star power if she stays the course.

      • @Kat

        Didn’t we just have CLOY last year? Ppl keep bemoaning loss of rom-com, classic kdramas, but CLOY was literally last year.

        And it’s not like streaming services have forced rom-coms off the table. There’s still alot of rom-coms being made, it’s just that they’re poorly written, not well received, or both.

      • It’s not just what happened to romcom but what happened to American cinema in general. Even family comedies like Father of the Bride and Home Alone disappeared and teen thrillers like I Know What You Did Last Summer and Scream. What are 14 year olds watching these days? Superhero movies have become the entire gambit of American cinema which is why Parasite , Better Days and Minari stand out. Nomadland was just depressing compared to Minari even though both felt similar in terms of setting. Queens Gambit was amazing but just because something is on Netflix doesn’t make it good. There’s more mediocre stuff than actually good stuff of Netflix. Disney is only churning out different versions of their superhero movies and classics and popular networks like the CW can only remake their past hits like the new Gossip Girl.

    • yesss… but we need another hits and star so this industry can survive. but no longer throw crazy money to certain star is good think too i guess. it’s time public appreciate people behind the scene more because they are the one who enable to create quality show. that’s why star nowadays picky pick a project.

  12. Hello lydia where are you? I wonder if producer/director gyeongseong will change female lead after huge mess “nevertheless”?Park seo joon deserve strong Female lead rather Cf star?

    • Nope. Not a chance. International viewers can moan and groan all they like. She’s on the upwards trajectory. Unless her mental health gives out, everything is set in stone.

  13. There’s no doubt HSH is really pretty but acting wise she still has awkward expressions.

    I can’t shake off the sexy/bitchy image she has and it doesn’t help that she keeps doing racy/steamy scenes even when she is getting so popular. I thought only unknown actresses need dive into such roles.

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