Netizens Praise the Marriage Lyrics and Divorce Music 2nd Season as the Return of Makjang Queen Im Sung Han’s Addictive Writing

Okay, it looks this this past weekend was prime delicious drama viewing time with not just one but two weekend dramas having a breakout. For TV Chosun drama Marriage Lyrics and Divorce Music written by queen of makjang Im Sung Han, this weekend hit a new high of 11.885% and more importantly viewers are mad praising the drama. The general consensus was that season 1 was merely background seeing and the currently airing season 2 is where all the action and road paving was meant to lead. That does mean the writing was plotted out and for a viewer it’s something to be applauded, even if the plotting was uber makjang like an older woman stepmom who married an even older man because she had a crush on his son and became his stepmom to take care of him, and then freaks out when she realizes he’s a douche who is cheating on his wife, and then rages to the point of hair grabbing the stepson mistress. It’s apparently brilliantly done if one is watching the drama, to which I say to each his/her own. Viewers are saying Im Sung Han is baaaaaaack baby and also that Penthouse makjang screenwriter Kim Sun Ok is merely a shadow of a copycot who could never write the thrilling dialogue and true makjang that Im Sung Han can still churn out.


Netizens Praise the Marriage Lyrics and Divorce Music 2nd Season as the Return of Makjang Queen Im Sung Han’s Addictive Writing — 22 Comments

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  2. Boy, the mob is fickle. Praise you today, crucify you tomorrow. They were all over Kim Sun Ok with Penthouse but now that the third season is flopping, they’ve dumped her and returned to Im Sung Han whom they were lambasting back in the day till she ‘retired’. Same thing happened with KES whom they praised for Goblin while they criticized PJE for LOTBS. Then when the tables turned with superhit CLOY and superflop TKEM, they said KES was done and hailed PJE to the skies. Terrifying.

      • LOL. It’s good ol’ greed.

        Weirdly, I enjoyed S1 of MLDM in all its infuriating glory. That’s what makjang does to you. You know you can do better but you just can’t help it. I’ll be watching S2 now that it’s done.

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    • But jTBC has bragging rights for the two highest rated cable dramas of all time. 28% and 23% respectively. Plus other ratings hits (IC, LID, CC, etc.). Why would they need to mediaplay over 11% ratings? TV Chosun is a smaller channel and this is their first double digit drama ever so this is huge for them. But not so much for jTBC.

      • TV Chosun already holds the crown for the highest cable ratings in history, not for dramas but for all those trot variety shows (consistent 20s and peaking up to 35%, compared to the rare 28% for The World of the Married) that triggered less successful copycats in the public networks. I could see why they are just yawning even if they finally had a drama break double digits for the first time. Marriage/Divorce’s record ratings are just regularly hit by Call Center of Love every ordinary Thursday.

  4. I’m watching this for some ungodly reason, but I would not call the dialogue thrilling. There are moments of brilliance, like the daughter’s speech to her father in Season 1, but overall it is just cringeworthy. Like the characters have conversations about sweet potatoes and putting the husband’s underwear in the fridge.

    • Exactly! I’ve yet to watch S2 but S1 had some eye-rolling dialogue and choppy editing. Plus, all that forced nationalism in the dialogue. Every episode had some commentary about how Korean (this) is better than (that). No wonder the K-viewers couldn’t get enough.

  5. Seriously this is kind of makjang I trully like. It isnt like Penthouse that I dislike from the 1st ep because the over the top acting, script and plot, LFTMD is more like black comedy that slaps me with many irony which gives me good laugh. It is fun because it isnt trying to be funny or makjangish, but those many contradiction from couple to couple, from family to family, marriages to characters of the three women are awesome. Yet somehow you cant make your self believing this is just drama, it wont happen IRL. But will it?

  6. I still think the 50s couple has been done right. Its heartbreaking and realistic to a good extent. The 30s couple are also okay, not too crazy, they are mismatched but there’s some sanity in that story. The 40s couple, stepmom angle is totally over the top. Penthouse just pushed things too far for the sake of pushing it. That’s where it lost steam. This one still has some connections to reality.

  7. Penthouse writer got too greedy. Season one and two were quite addictive to watch. It should have ended at season two. If they wanted a season 3 they should have introduced a new villain. And no more doppelganger character.

    Whereas JTBC drama is interesting because it deals with three couples with a common problem. All three husbands cheated. And after second half of season one’s introduction of the other women,we finally get to see hair pulling scene much to my viewing satisfaction.

  8. Really?! Praising this drama? Who??? I know someone who’s watching this drama and caught two episodes when I went over to their place and oh boy if this isn’t the craziest drama I’ve ever watched. And I formed that opinion by watching two episodes.

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