Song Hye Kyo Classy and Elegant in New Clothing Brand Office Attire Pictorial

Oh I hope she wears these outfits in her upcoming drama Now, We Are Breaking Up because she looks soooooo good here. Song Hye Kyo shared new pictures on her SNS this week in a clothing pictorial CF campaign. The looks are all office suitable attire from dresses to suits and every look is impeccable on her. She’s playing a fashion industry executive in the Breaking Up drama so I think her outfits will be even more chic then these nice looking but still suitable for every day office ladies to wear. To work in the fashion industry, it’s got to be more outre and eye-catching with lots of unique elements. Her look in Boyfriend (Encounter) was sooooo boring but exactly suited to her character and she actually made it look quite lovely on so kudos to always wearing the clothes rather then letting the clothes wear her.


Song Hye Kyo Classy and Elegant in New Clothing Brand Office Attire Pictorial — 14 Comments

  1. I feel like I’ve seen similar style pictures of her posted a bunch of times on this blog? Her shoots all look the same although she looks good. But no wow factor like JJH in the post below. Now that is style!

  2. She’s gonna be wearing a lot of jeans in nwabu, judging by the few pics i’ve seen and as for encounter, cha soo hyun was supposed to be dull and boring. Even had her outfit picked by her former mil

    • agree as for what i saw was jean n blazer hope to see another different style .i hope she will dress like yon seri in crash landing,meby lee boyoung of mine and perhap ko mo young hate but i really wanted her to dress like that in her drama.looking hot.

  3. I like the pink pants suit combo, so chic as well as the blue skirt suit (is that jeans?). I also hope we will really see lots of fashionable clothes in her new drama. The blue black hair also fits her because it makes her look younger

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  5. The white sleeveless outfit is probably fit for her role in NWABU, but the rest are plain-looking and I don’t think unique or edgy enough to be eye-catchers in the fashion industry.

  6. Whatever criticism about her body, she’s got a pretty face and elegan aura any clothes wouldve look expensive around her

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