Shin Mina and Kim Sun Ho Look Perky and Ready to be Friendly in New Drama Stills From Hometown Cha Cha Cha

We’re right on the cusp of August 2021 which means the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be over soon and we K-drama lovers can get back to our regularly scheduled programming. The big new drama premiering in August is definitely tvN rom-com Hometown Cha Cha Cha (Seaside Village Cha Cha Cha) starring Kim Sun Ho and Shin Mina and that’s the one on my to-watch list. I do hope the drama is good and gets good ratings, because otherwise we may be hearing a lot of moaning from Kim Sun Ho’s fandom. I am so bemused by Kim Sun Ho’s crazy ardent fanbase because he’s fantastic for sure as an actor and personality but hardly the second coming of K-drama Jesus the way his most diehard fans discuss his talent. Shin Mina has been acting for two decades and remains a solid actress with lovely charisma but a hit and miss track record with dramas so this pairing on paper has all the makings of a chemistry laden couple but can fall flat on execution and script. The latest two sets of individual drama stills continue to make them look so comfortable in the seaside village setting and the dimples continue to enchant.


Shin Mina and Kim Sun Ho Look Perky and Ready to be Friendly in New Drama Stills From Hometown Cha Cha Cha — 40 Comments

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  2. EXACTLY on Kim Sun Ho’s insane fans. Frankly, he’s a major turn off the way Seo Ye Ji is because of the kind of madness it inspires. It’s not that both these people have more fans than A-listers and way more popular and better actors. Their fans just are way louder, way more obnoxious and waaaaaay more immature. Too much noise, like an empty can as SYJ’s popular character would say 🙄

    But I adore Shin Mina tho. She looks lovely even if the drama looks like a worse version of Warm and Cozy. She also literally doesn’t age. One of these photos remind me of her Gumiho character lol. For her, I do really want this to do well.

    • I agree but KSH seems like such a sweetheart I don’t mind his loud fans and still want him to do well whereas SYJs fans annoyed me with how they tried to defend her behavior. They are in denial about how bad her actions were.

      • I agree in general about her crazy fans defending her. But they were just like Kim Sun Ho’s fans before that scandal came to be. There is quite literally no difference; obsessive, obnoxious, on-your-face, and immature af. So yea, I mind his fans. I mind them a whole lot because even if I want to like him, I can’t do it. I’m so out when it comes to this guy because it’s a package deal with his fans.

      • Hehehe…are we gonna be having a repeat of the last Cha Cha post’s craziness? Funny thing is, there wasn’t even that much interest in that post and it would have most likely gotten at most 6 comments like its previous Cha Cha post if not for the fan war that broke out. LOL. I still stand by my opinion in that post and I agree with @Butterfly.

        Oh, and Koala, Ye pot-stirring genius! LMAO.

      • @~

        I wasn’t in that previous post! I gotta check that out. Also, the madness is descending here. Might be infectious, so I’m out 😂

    • Wow you sound eager and bring SYJ on all of his post to make bad light on him from what she represents… I get you say you hate his fandom but to me you just really hate him?

      • LOL ummmm, have you been following me? Cute because actually, I haven’t commented on a Kim Sun Ho post for… oh 7 months. And I don’t even remember what I wrote so thanks for keeping a lookout 😂

        And if to you I hate him then, sure? Why would you think I give a damn? LOL

      • Agree with this. Havent read other posts but @butterfly sounds like she just hates the actor. LOL

        Why do people strictly equate the actor’s person with their fandom’s behaviour ? I doubt celebs can dictate who their fans are or their maturity level. This is especially wrt international fans, since these korean celebs can hardly communicate with i-fans.

        Do ‘nice’ actors recruit angel fans and ‘nasty ‘ actors recruit obnoxious ones ?

        Hate the fandom, but don’t hate on the celeb. Doubt he did anything wrong to you personally eh..

    • Why so mad? lol just involve yourself with your fave’s fandom why bother with another? I get some are over the top but let KSH alone

  3. I do get the enthusiasm of his fanbase and SYJ’s and whomever the next breakout stars are. It’s the Gen Z crowd. Gen Z is excited to get on the rise of emerging talents that they “discovered”. They don’t have their generation’s stars yet, and their time has come to.

    Some people just have the je ne sais quoi. Being able to amass a base of diehard fans is a talent in of itself.

    • Addendum: I feel like Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun inspired the same craziness when they broke out. Only difference is the social media machinery wasn’t where it was back then.

      • If their rabid fanbase are really Gen Z (which I doubt) looking for their breakout stars, shouldn’t they be casting their lot behind the Kim girls, the Sky Castle kids (non-scandalous ones), the Penthouse kids or other young up-and-comers? Cos SYJ and KSH are older and definitely not their generation.

      • @~ You think it’s Millenials, Gen X, Boomers forming the rabid fanbase? The platforms the fans use skew Gen Z.

        I am not sure that Gen Z and new drama watchers are as into Penthouse or saeguks. IONTBO and Startup were big international hits that attracted alot of new watchers and younger viewers.

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  5. From his past and recent interviews he’s charming, really loves what he does and is really humble, so his ardent stans give me 2nd hand embarrasment. But I think every popular actor has this mad stans, why is he the only one attacked right now with this wish for his drama to do bad?

    • Hallyu actors like Kim Soo Hyun, Song Joong Ki or Lee Min Ho have a variety of fans. There are lots of over the top people, but also objective ones and those who clearly are mature and calm about their madness – for the lack of better words. On the other hand Kim Sun Ho only attracts the crazy types. Those who aren’t even aware of how crazy they sound. Or at least that makes up 80-90% of his fandom which makes it very difficult understand because the guy ain’t young. He’s way over 30 ffs, so not sure why he’s attracting teenagers. If his fans aren’t teenagers, then well, lol that’s even more embarrassing. Gosh.

      Also, no one’s wishing for his drama to do bad. At least I haven’t seen anything of that sort. There are other people involved in this production. This isn’t only his drama. Hundreds of others are working for it.

      • His fans are actually very diverse in the age demographic, and statistically more men than women. Because he’s in his 30s he attracts people in their 30s and 40s as well, in fact I’d say the number of teenagers in his fandom are much lower than those of some hallyu stars.

        The way his fandom has become an issue to you is truly laughable. I doubt it should be an issue in the first place, unless you’re bad mouthing him on social media platforms prompting people to retaliate?

      • You’re trying hard but it’s not working lmao. So you’re not sure why he’s attracting teenagers because he’s over thirty and therefore that’s unnatural and yet you think attracting non teenagers is embarassing.

        Okay. What age demographic should his fans be then?

      • @Butterfly
        Oh boy, you sound very pressed.
        Hope whoever’s your favorite actor/actress drama comes out soon so they can help take your mind off of a fandom you despise so much.

    • The earlier post has disappeared where the 1st commenter says like to watch the drama then 2nd commenter wish drama bad…will it appear again?

  6. I don’t get how y’all are so pressed and updated on fan activity for actors you don’t like…just stop hate-following the actor and the fans on SNS.

    On one hand you’re complaining about fans being annoying af, on the other hand you’re choosing to keep seeing that annoying fan activity.

    • Exactly. Love the actor you support, ignore the fandoms you hate if they comment on your fave’s posts and pls stop following those you dislike..there is enough unhappiness in the world. Be good to yourself @butterfly-shi

    • Most don’t hate follow, they try and talk about what they’re watching online and if they’re even slightly not feeling some of these actor’s characters and talk about it on their account they get dogpiled by the deranged cult.

  7. Can we all just leave Kim Seonho alone? Stop stirring the pot by bringing up his fans. He deserves attention for himself and not because of his fans.

    & so what if he has loud fans? I don’t see them hating others. It’s only fans of others that I see that are specifically hating on him just because of his fans. Fans are just being loud with their love and support for him and that’s a good thing for a public figure.

    As a kpop Stan, I don’t really have an annoyance with loud fans. It’s a complete norm for me. If they’re loud with positivity then that shouldn’t be a problem. & if you have a problem with that then you can simply ignore and scroll.

    • In response to the drama, I am quietly anticipating its release. While I’m excited, I don’t really want too high of an expectation because of my fear of getting disappointed. There were so many recent drama releases that left me disappointed when I expected them to be good. A drama that I surprisingly enjoyed because I came in with low expectations was My Roommate is a Gumiho.

      So yeah gonna try to keep my expectations low this time. Lol

  8. Looking forward to watching this drama, plan to just enjoy it for the talents and all the hardwork everyone put in especially during this risky pandemic.

    From his interviews, off the cuff questions and answers, Seon Ho is really a sweet humble guy who just like acting n doing well.

  9. Finally KimSeonHo is back with his charm. Looking forward to watching his excellent acting performance same like his previous dramas. This man never fails to amaze his audience by his talent. His good looks just extra- cherry on the cake. After a long pile of crime/thrillee show i believe watching HometownChaChaCha will be a soothing one to experience. All the best to cast & crews & Double digit braodcasting ratings are on the way ✌️

    • Lol!!I remember kitai said devil judge will be easy broke 20% with destophyan concept.But just look at now in rating jisung drama hardly past 10% even his wife drama easy to get 10% rating with makjang drama.

  10. Nah even with Kim seon ho I can’t help but find the guy soo likeable and he’s such a cute dork in 2 days and 1 night. Seo ye ji though even before the scandal she always seemed off to me no surprise that she wasn’t even acting as ko moon young. It’s sadly not even that shocking that a pretty face can have people batting for you. I can’t stand the show either, sang tae was the best part of that toxic mess of a show.

  11. I’m not going to lie to you, this is honestly such an odd review. It sounds more like you’re pressed about how…loud(?) his supporters are on stan twitter that tbh, shouldn’t be a concern in the first place. While you and I can both agree on two things, He’s a fantastic and skilled actor with a nice personality and yet he’s not the GREATEST actor in Korea, how loud people are when hyping him shouldn’t really be…anyone’s concern?

    It’s such an odd thing to comment on, because a fanbase has no relevance to the actor himself who you commend for his acting skills, or the drama you’ve been anticipating to watch. Smells a little like disdain, and lacks objectivity in my opinion, and I’ll be a little more wary when reading your blog because I used to eat everything you said up. An actor gaining a very loud fanbase that’s willing to hype him up when he’d spent the last years lacking recognition despite his hard work and obvious talent and potential, should ideally be a good thing, because support no matter how loud, is not harmful.

    In fact even the comments here look like people crept in from twitter after getting butthurt about the level of support this actor receives, deservedly so, because I think everyone can agree that Start Up’s Han Jipyeong was a job well done, and a character well played.

    I’m looking forward to your reviews, because I still enjoy your writing but I will be cautious about the objectivity seeing as how fan behavior, more specifically encouragement and (loud) support, prompts you to write oddly scathing reviews.

  12. All fandoms have both crazy fans and mature fans and it seems inappropriate to call out on a specific fan base like this. I’ve known and liked your blog since Tamra the Island days and I’m sad to see such hateful comments on fans who are just passionate about the actor they love in a post about a drama you’re apparently anticipating. I hope I won’t be experiencing any more of this unpleasantness here.

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