Lee Min Ho Casually Striking in September 2021 Cover and Pages of Esquire Korea

Fall is around the corner which means the fashion season is heating up including the coveted September issues of fashion magazines. K-actor Lee Min Ho is on the cover and pages of Esquire Korea, essaying the quintessential image of an modern Esquire man. Less straight laced than the GQ man but not as edgy as the Nylon man. Out are the pastels of summer and in is striking colors of black, orange, green, and blue. Lee Min Ho does a great job of wearing the logo label outfits so it doesn’t overwhelm him and even a green furry sweater looks good on him. Up next for Min Hi-sshi will be the Apple TV adaptation of novel Pachinko with a diverse cast of Korean and Japanese stars.


Lee Min Ho Casually Striking in September 2021 Cover and Pages of Esquire Korea — 25 Comments

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  3. The King himself kinging.

    I heard he emerged again as the hallyu King by a global poll done by the Korean Government.. More than a decade on top..beat that if you can…. I wonder why Ockoala didn’t post the article bcos I need to drink the tears of haters once again… If it was a media play games of other local korean actors planted in the media, ockoala will be quick to post it.

    • LOL. Actually, it’s not everything that Koala posts. Recently, there was this list of K-stars with highest advertising income. BTS was no.1, KSH was no.2, JJH was no.3, GY was no.4, PSJ was no.7 and so on. Even PBG in the military made it to the list. As well as JHI and Hyeri. But I was so surprised that your eternal monarch was nowhere to be found. It was the perfect pot-stirring post that triggers tons of engagement but Koala never posted it. I hope she posts about the poll you’re talking about though. So I can sit back with my popcorn, watch the brawl of stans vs. haters and just LMFAO.

      • I saw that list too. And I didn’t expect to see Jung Hae-In or Hyeri over CF queens like Suzy, IU or Yoona. LMH and HB were also missing.

      • LMH doesn’t disclose any thing about advertising fees or acting fees so that’s why he doesn’t get mentioned in articles about income.
        However there has been articles about Pachinko stating that he is being paid a billion won for each episode (so 7 million dollars for one season) but you will never find him or his agency confirming that.

      • Let me tell you the thing about advertisement fees.. It is what you reveal that the media prints.. LMH doesn’t reveal shit unlike the local stars that plant astronomical fees in the media to boast their popularity … The only exceptions are Bts bcos those guys are monsters and well deserved.

        Actually I will be surprised not to see media king KSH who claims he makes more than Tom cruise in the list
        . It is his game, everyone knows it

      • Well some stars don’t disclose their advertising fees or mediaplay. It’s hard to take a CF list seriously that doesn’t include Song Hye Kyo, IU, Suzy when those 3 are always on Korea Advertsing Association Year-End List (KOBACO) for past few years and Hyeri, Jung Hae In are nowhere to be found lol.

      • @Na

        Song Hye-Kyo was on that list. She was no.12. But yeah, it was quite surprising not to see Suzy or IU on the list.

  4. Lee Min-ho looks South-East Asian to me, so I do not understand why Koreans use visuals of South-East Asian people as an insult, whilst literally all their visuals look either Japanese (Gang Dong-won, V etc.) or South-East Asian (Lee Dong-wook is another). The only visuals with a typical Korean head are Park Seo-jun and Kim Soo-hyun.

    • Haha I agree PSJ and KSH have the typical traditional Korean look.
      The other visuals are more like Western/European, Middle Eastern fusion look.

    • Honestly, sometimes I forget LMH is a Korean celebrity, not because he doesn’t look Korean, but because of his omission in major award shows, lists and polls in Korea throughout the years. I feel he was so left out when you see all the big actors at the Baeksang this year and he is no where to be found when it was his comeback year.

      • He is not know for his acting, that’s why. He is not as celebrated in SK as his peers.

      • Because the other big hallyu actors can actually act whereas he’s merely a showpiece….that’s why he’s never in Baeksang or acting polls.

  5. Lee Min Ho is a gorgeous man, no matter where in the world he is from. I have watched all his shows and love everyone of them. I from the Great Plains region of the USA.

  6. He looks hot, i love manly korean actors. He is so talented, humble, and hot. There is no reason to not stanning him. He is forever king. Pachinko will be lit. So excited!

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