Suzy Attends Christian Dior Store Event in Seoul Looking Pretty as a Picture

Leopard prints have taken over Christian Dior, or at least the store in Seoul and it’s kinda odd considering the latest styles of purses remain feminine and the classic Dior Toile de Jouy pattern. K-actress Suzy was photographed in a store tour which is common with brand ambassadors where it’s less posing with the couture products and more lively in being seen wearing the outfits and hanging around the store. Suzy is wearing a white off-shoulder bell sleeve top paired with black long skirt completed with black military style boots. I love the top and bottom separately but it does contrast as two styles that would never be seen with each other if the styles were women. It’s great to see Suzy out and about and of course she continues to always shine with her well styled youthful beauty.


Suzy Attends Christian Dior Store Event in Seoul Looking Pretty as a Picture — 15 Comments

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  2. The styling is pretty on brand with Dior and a very common silhouette right now, even among other brands. I actually like it.

  3. I hate the styling….Dior actually had some fun skirts, shirts and jackets that you can mix and match to get fresh looks but she always goes for the classic, boring combos. Same for the handbag, they have the book totes, not just Lady Dior. She is pretty, she’d look good in anything so its sad that her stylist never experiments.

    • I agree. If you didn’t tell me this was for Dior and she wasn’t carrying that tote I wouldn’t have guessed in a million years that she’s doing a store tour for them.

  4. I just don’t get Suzy’s appeal. I tried, but just can’t understand why she’s a CF queen. She’s not unattractive, but she’s so plain to me and has no vibe.

  5. She’s a CF queen indeed, so I think she should try entertaiment more than acting…the same with taecyeon, he’s so good in entertaiment, but he stil tries into acting.

  6. Suzy is so pretty and seems like a really nice girl. I enjoy her visuals but I just wish she would stop acting. All her characters merge into one no matter their different backgrounds, occupations, storylines because she has no range.

  7. I agree.. she is plain and have no charismatic charm to carry on as CD brand ambassador. Her acting is below par. No expression and emotions.

  8. To me, she doesn’t have the luxurious feel to her image, she’s more of a girl-next-door, same with Kim Goeun and IU that’s why they don’t suit Dior, Chanel and Gucci imo Jun Jihyun is a perfect fit for McQueen, Kai for Gucci, and the Blackpink girls for their respective brands

  9. She’s been doing so well since debut, well loved by Korean public and international viewers, has entered The Gallup drama actors list 4 times, has entered top10 the most favourite Hallyu actors list for concective 4 years since 2018 at such young age, became the first actress on all the main magazines covers, also well loved by cf industry, she’s the global muse of Lancome at the moment! Really looking forward to her next project!

  10. Eh, am I the one who doesn’t like her styling in this store promo? she looks like a country girl to me. It doesnt fit the concept of the Dior store that is more on bold and wild with the animal prints, primary colors and electric blue shelves. She should be styled with a bolder Dior clothes to suit the concept.

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