Suzy and Jang Ki Yong Share the September 2021 Edition Cover of Singles Magazine

The editorial staff of Singles Magazine Korea definitely spread the wealth with its cover model in the upcoming September 2021 edition, having something for both genders to enjoy. Suzy and Jang Ki Yong are sharing the cover next month, she gets the A side and he has the B side for the fashion and lifestyle publication that skews younger and more urban in readership. Their covers follow the same aesthetic, close up shot of the face framed with a stark backdrop, hers pops more due to her pale skin and the bright red lipstick while he’s subdued in a grew tinted tableau. She’s heading into filming for the streaming drama The Second Anna while he’s off to the military next week but will be on the small screen in November for the drama Now, We Are Breaking Up. I wouldn’t be surprised if these two end up working together in the future whether drama or movie, there are only so many bankable names that can be mixed and matched as onscreen leads.


Suzy and Jang Ki Yong Share the September 2021 Edition Cover of Singles Magazine — 37 Comments

  1. Woozie has low budget dramas. Flop. Showpiece in movies. All she and her lesbian fanvase bpast about cfs ( lmao )
    100s of flops. What a has been flop
    By time she hit 30s she eill have worse fate than han ga in. Bcoz she is no jjh pr shk to carry her projects. Her fans bring fake Netflix ranking ( got any international drama if she is so megastar ? ) she is a local and a has been. Jisoo has already bagged bigger drama than her whole career. Let jennie come to game. Woozie is flop

    • Nah, you’re talking about the eternal chaebol, king of being overshadowed by his talented female leads every damn time despite being an actor since the beginning for almost 2 decades lmao. Worry about how other hallyu actors like Joon Ki, Soo Hyun, Seo Joon, Hyun Bin, Gong Yoo have all been nominated for Baeksang Best Actor whereas your man is true showpiece that’s never been respected or praised for his acting. At least Suzy is originally a singer, what is this mediocre man’s excuse? Anyways, Suzy is still the most popular actress in her 20s with Gallup, Forbes, Kobaco, and government hallyu survey as proof. I can’t say the same same for the chaebol among actors in the 30s lmao.

      • Suzy looked so awkward in her characters esp Vagabond, Wyws, Start Up and the one with Kim Woo Bin. Why did you bringing gallup and hallyu thing when you are dragged actors. Suzy fans has no right to talk about acting. Suzy is not even popular or good at acting lol

      • What happened to your minor plastic girl’s South Indian movie.. Did raam charan already reject her after seeing her expressionless acting? :v our man made it to Hollywood and she couldn’t even make it to Bollywood.. Well enough to have a problem with him. STAY PRESSED!!

      • Suzy looked so awkward in Vagabond, Start up, Wyws, and the one with Woobin. Basically in all dramas. Her fans should never dragging other names when she is not even popular or good in acting lmao

      • β˜†HB being the ambassador of lazmall doesn’t mean LMH isn’t the ambassador of lazada anymore.
        β˜†He’s not picking new scripts as he’s now part of “Global Drama” “Biggest series of AppleTV yet” Pachinko.
        β˜†He has 3 baeksangs & an additional nomination.

        You see how wrong you are?πŸ₯΄

        [copied 😌]

      • @xjjkdf

        What do you mean by 3 Baeksangs and an additional nomination? He won 1 Best New Actor for BOF all the way back in 2009 and a Baeksang popularity award for GB in 2015. So what the hell are you talking about? We’re talking the prestigious Baeksang Best Actor nomination/win which he doesn’t have and Daesang which he doesn’t have and you’re talking about trivial popularity awards? HAHAHAHA. Best New Actor is not that big a deal, kiddo. JKY has one but he’s still a crappy actor. Global Drama? Ok, Jan. Whatever helps you sleep at night. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      • Lmao woozie tards in ny cmmnt section. My king is headlining 130 billi9n won drama. Yr fave wont even get flower base role in it. He was, is, will always be biggee star than her. U can write delusional essay with fellow lesbians. But all u have is her cfs to boast about. Lmaoo. Flop woozie

      • A popularity award and best new actor from baeksang.So what? Hyun Bin got popularity, Kim Sun Ho and Lee Doo Hyun got the new one. But they CAN never beat Best Actor.

    • The CEO is no longer the Lazada’s face, not getting any more future drama/movie offers for 2022, still no daesang or baeksang nominations/win yet.

      • Is that you mean Lee min ho? He is getting paid 1B won for pachinko, still global ambassador for several brands. He is perfectly fine and will comeback soon. You should worry your poor salty ass alone lmao

      • True. He is a has-been. Park Seo Joon, Hyun Bin, Kim Soo Hyun are the ones bagging the major CFs in Asian market. At least Suzy is A-list in her own country whereas on one gives af about the former chaebol. All adyflop has to brag about is that Apple series, but he’s not the only one who is breaking into western market. Park Seojoon has Marvel and Jo In Sung has Disney+. He’s not special.

      • And the brand award for this year…goes to Song Joong Ki (for best actor) along with his newest drama, Vincenzo. I don’t see LMH.πŸ˜…

    • But she already entered the Gallup drama actors list 4 times at such young age while your king is so hard to get into the list——-

      • I dont know why you all drag min ho? And is that gallup thing the only thing you can be proud of? So cringie

      • @Yumi

        Ask your Suzy-obsessed fandom why they’re ALWAYS dragging Suzy. This is a Suzy post yet here y’all are spewing toxic waste. Read the very first comment. And isn’t your fandom always bragging about Hallyu popularity polls because that’s the ONLY thing you have to brag about? That’s cringier.

  2. It’s amazing that those King stan run so fast to her post each time to leave bad comments, said the same things over and over again, also brought the Blackpink member into it each time, those King stans still can’t move on while those two already moved on long time ago!

  3. I think her fans always too confident when her fans the one knew about his details like lazada contract, his acting projectss, and such lol everyone just his fans at one point

    • This is a Suzy post and yet his dumb fans rushed over to make hateful comments. Come on, even the first comment is by his loudest, dumbest fan on this site. His fans are so obsessed with her that they should just admit they’re really her fans so her fandom can welcome them. 😝

    • It’s not hard to know who his stan are as his stan always come to her post to say the same thing again and again each time and try to drag her, they simple just paste those comments in her post each time!

  4. Marie and Lai Pey Yee are the one drags lee minho here. No one mention minho first but they did? So many better actress out there thank you for your offer

    • The first commenter called Adywooziestinks is notorious on this site for being a hardcore LMH stan, using multiple usernames/emails and dragging Suzy with her terrible English. The hateful comment she wrote about Suzy is why others are retaliating by dragging her one true love, LMH. Preach to her first before the others.

    • So for you it’s ok that his stan run fast to her post to leave hateful comments to drag her first, but no one allowed to say something even those are facts about him? Wow, his stan set this double standards in her post for everyone! By the way, there are so many better actors out there too!

  5. His stan always rush to her post each time, first drag her, then do some advertising for their King’s big drama etc to show how popular he is, what’s the point for that? She has nothing to do with him long time ago, why his stan still want to link their name together?

  6. I’m just curious, why was Han Ga In’s name even mentioned by the first poster? Worse fate than HGI what was that all about?

    Han Ga In married very young and was at her peak. She was already married when she starred in the high rated The Moon that embraces the Sun.

    So what did that poster meant with Suzy after thirty will suffer fate worse than Han Ga In?

    Let’s see after thirty, Suzy’s popularity will decline because no one stays at the top all the time. But so what, she already earned enough $$ to do whatever she wants.

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  8. I don’t understand why people hate Suzy? I don’t know her that much beacaue I am not her fan but it seems she is really popular in Korea.. I am only interested about her lately because she is paired to bo gum and I am a fan of bo gum.. She seems nice and so pretty as well..i hope,people leave her alone if they are not interested with her, right?

    • Those people are not ordinary people, some are lmh’s crazy fangirls who always think oppa’s mine, some are his crazy shippers who always ship him with his female leads, some from other fandoms simply just because of jealousy, of course there are some just simple don’t like her, but whatever, there are much much more people love her, just this blog has many haters, but she has been well loved by Korean public since her debut,that’s why her name constantly appeared in Kobaco, Gallup, Forbes,Government Hallyu survey, she’s indeed really popular in Korea and international!

  9. @marie

    Funny how you dragging an actor about not get any baeksang and daesang when you stan sushi. What is her achivemnt again?🀣

    • The funniest thing is lmh Stan rushed to Suzy’s post to drag her first then kept accusing why dragged lmh! Who dragged who first? Suzy also won best new actress and a couple of popular awards at Baeksang, I won’t count her other awards like 2013 Seoul International drama awards best actress or 3 main TV channels top excellent awards etc as big awards, both haven’t won other big award, his career is much longer than her, what’s the point for his stan always come to her post to drag her first?

      • Exactly. The chaebol’s career is double Suzy’s and not to mention he started as an actor from the beginning. How embarrassing for him that he is supposed “hallyu king,” but all 80s born hallyu actors are respected for their craft, he’s the only one who’s not lmao. They get mad that I drag him, but his crazy stan Ady is the one who started on a SUZY ARTICLE. Idiots.

  10. Ahn hyo-seop king of sbs now.Sbs offered him three drama nonstop.Wonder if lee min ho get offered any new drama from Sbs?? Even song joong ki get nominated best actor from baeksang and seoul drama award.He was divorced and his reputation was not good like his dots days.But he still get recognition for his acting.

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