Netflix Scores Another Win with Army Drama D.P. Deserter Pursuit with Jung Hae In and Breakout Actor Koo Hyu Hwan

This weekend it isn’t all about new drama premieres on network television, Netlix released military comedy drama D.P. Deserter Pursuit on its streaming platform, with plenty of promos, and the end result is basically an All Kill. There are no ratings to monitor but the viewer feedback is so uniformly positively to glowing I can’t help but be so happy for the cast and crew. The breakout star is Koo Kyu Hwan, who is 40 years old but netizens act like he’s a new discovery, and so be it. Better late than never and yes, he is an actor among actors. I’m also thrilled to hear that male lead Jung Hae In, who went through the entire rinse cycle of promising newbie to IT boy to over-exposed is now back to validating on the skill of his own ability and charisma, to which he has aplenty. The 6-episode drama is being hailed as excellent and a worthwhile watch from story to acting to chemistry. Chalk it up to another smart pick up and win for the streaming platform.


Netflix Scores Another Win with Army Drama D.P. Deserter Pursuit with Jung Hae In and Breakout Actor Koo Hyu Hwan — 31 Comments

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  2. This drama is so raw. I expected full of comedy from the trailers but it turn out lots of action and quite brutal, very exposed to the bully in military, emotional&touching scene. Very unexpected plot.

  3. It’s not the typical rom-com for sure! It’s dark and painful to watch, but really great. Koo Kyu-Hwan’s character is an addition, he didn’t exist in the webtoon, but he brings a breath of fresh air in these sad stories. Jung Hae-In is great as this unflexible character, surviving in army. I would have like more episodes! 6 weren’t enough!

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  5. Netflix is KILLING it with their original productions. DP is getting great reviews and the trailers for Squid Game and Hellbound looks to continue that pattern. Whoever heads up Netflix Korean’s Content department is doing a bang-up job.

    If I was a Korean actor, I would be fighting tooth and nail to be cast in a Netflix Original.

    • I didn’t like Love Alarm but Extracurricular, Sweet Home, School Nurse Files, Kingdom, Move to Heaven and now D.P. were all excellent. Netflix is doing some really interesting stuff, just not in the romance genre. Squid Game looks great. I’m also really looking forward to Sea of Silence with Gong Yoo and Bae Doona.

      • @Mimi – yeah, Netflix is really pushing kdramas into new territory. Squid Game and Hellbound are not the typical kdrama fare. Plus, the production quality is always solid and they usually choose good actors.

        I have Squid Game, Hellbound, Glitch, and Money Heist on my to-watch list. IDK what Silent Sea is about so will wait for teaser.

      • I really loved Extracurricullar and if this is in that range than it must be promising but all in all I will dive into this

      • Agree – I am enjoying the Netflix inventory with since old faves to catch up on and interesting new content. BUT the eng subs drive me crazy. They drop all the relationship indicating aircraft of the dialogue and we lose whole dimensions of the story in that easy. Translating hyung as something like Joe, eg, is so wrong … And can actually make later plot developments a little bit crazy if we don’t understand why the betrayal cuts so deep or whatever. Also little attempt made to convey formal and informal speech modes which can be done as we used to see sometimes on viki or other fan subs, eg… I’ve written to netflix about it but never even got a response

      • And apologies for missing my comment due to ranting – really enjoying DP. Extremely well done and both lead actors at the top of their game. Does anyone know how knetz are taking the implied criticism of the army?

    • I think it helps that their originals so far are not really romance-oriented or your typical male lead+female lead project….and not wedded to the idea of needing a big “star”, possibly because Netflix original content is known for making breakout stars of its leads in other languages (Stranger Things, To All The Boys, Bridgerton etc) Look at Kingdom, Extracurricular, Sweet Home, School Nurse Files,now DP – it looks like they’ve gone hard on the ‘alternative’ content and I personally like the expansion of the kind of story treatment we see now.

      • @Royal We – Good points. Netflix has proven it can mint new stars and its shows focus on quality rather than star power to hook the audience. I feel like Kingdom was the Korean House of Cards in paving the road and establishing credibility for their Korean Originals.

        There are complaints that Netflix is Westernizing kdramas, but I am in the same camp as you for appreciating the “alternative” route they’re taking and expanding the scope what can be done.

  6. The main character Junho story is not well developed, the individual deserters stories are meh, only Seokbong story in the last two eps has any impact. He should’ve been the main character, it would have been a much more visceral watch watching him slowly break and get to the point where he lusts for bloody revenge. The crumbs that show how bullying in the army is a systemic one is good touch, though still crumbs.

  7. I haven’t watched it yet but I hope it impressives but just due to track record on a personal level me and Koala couldn’t have been more far from each other when it comes to taste as of late. We didn’t land on one single show together perhaps this could be it where Koala finally gets something right and goes clockwise for once on a series.

    The main reason is due to alot of bias favourite reporting since one shouldn’t take everything at face value which could baffle a new reader sometimes because things tend to go against clockwise but nonetheless I enjoy Koala banter and I am picking up on this recommandation solely because of her. I am all in.. After that I will share my own review on this in the below comment section. I am going in neutral and unbiased As always. I am fresh to be entertained and I have my popcorn ready

    • “Perhaps this could be it where Koala finally gets something right” –> Maybe you’re the only getting everything wrong and needs to get something right for once? What a rude and presumptuous comment.

      • Look I enjoy this place but all the regulars around this block know that Koala has not been performing to her best ala koala from 2015-18..Broski Awaken was hyped up here of all series.. If you didn’t watch it try that out and than you will realize that I am being neutral here and there is truth to my banter

      • @Asad.. Lmao! at the Awaken part which is true and can’t be defended but other than that me and her have landed together once or twice in recent memory

      • @Asad – You thought TKEM and Nevertheless were good shows. So…


  8. It’s reaalllyyy good and impactful. Seriously whoever behind netflix has keen eye in picking and making high quality original series. They even get the best directors, writers, and unconventional but great actors.

  9. I just finished watching the 1st episode and I can tell you that every bit of praise it is getting is justified. Absolute entertaining and well directed and executed. It’s bingeworthy and time will slip once you start watching. Finally we agree on something we weren’t after all that much far apart. No need for hesition this is a must watch. A true gem

  10. It’s a hard watch. I got emotional with all of the bullying. If these truly happened in the Korean military, then I hope it no longer exist. The strong bullies the weak, all the way to the top. The bullies anywhere- I hope they burn in hell.

  11. cinematography was good. As expected in a korean series.. there are too many melodramatic scenes. I wish they will not add too many crying scenes in an action genre..yes it is a drama but I am getting sick of boys whaling in a military/action genre it was 7/10 for me.

  12. Ms. Koala, D.P. isn’t a military comedy at all. I thought so because of how the trailer was edited, but after watching the first episode I had to pause since it tackled suicide. The good is that it is only 6 episodes. Otherwise it is quite depressing to think that bullying still remain prevalent despite the countless deaths.

    I’d say no matter how good D.P. is in essaying bullying and how many lives are destroyed and impacted by it, is not an easy watch for me as a viewer.

  13. In total agreement with assessment and would even go further saying it’s the best drama in the second part of 2021.

    The acting were outstanding not to mention chemistry all I am asking is when can we expect season 2 and can they make it a few seasons please and thank you!!

  14. The love and admiration I have for Jung Hae-in are second to none. His warm personality shines through so much in this drama. You get to experience every emotion of his character through his body language, facial expression and conviction.

    I used to regret and felt guilty for not allowing my son to join the army in the UK when he was 18 and needed my permission.
    This drama erases that guilt so thank you. Amazing cast and well-written drama. Please don’t let it end here a few more seasons please 11 out of 10!!!!

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