Seo Ye Ji and Park Byung Eun Offered Leads in Early 2022 tvN Drama Eve’s Scandal

Alrighty then, I expected this at some point but it’s frankly so quick it’s a bit of whiplash. tvN has announced early 2022 K-drama Eve’s Scandal and the lead roles have been offered to Park Eun Byung and Seo Ye Ji. The former is an actor’s actor who excels at any role but this would be his first leading man turn and I’m thrilled for him, other than the latter was basically persona non grata just four months ago and appears ready to jump right back in. I’ll leave it up to the K-netizens to decide if they are ready for Seo Ye Ji back on their small screen, I actually thought her way back should be in 2022 and in a movie where she can really showcase her acting talents without being subject to the same level of scrutiny that a two month turn on TV entails. The drama is about the most expensive divorce of a chaebol at $2 trillion won and Seo Ye Ji plays a dangerous femme fatale at the center of the litigation that has riveted the country. It’s a bit of a life imitating art situation haha but honestly her scandal was basically that she was a sociopathic control freak in a relationship with some bullying allegations from workplace difficulties but nothing so egregious she has not choice but to leave the industry. Whether she can stage a comeback remains to be seen but doing a drama with a non superstar male lead is probably a good start.


Seo Ye Ji and Park Byung Eun Offered Leads in Early 2022 tvN Drama Eve’s Scandal — 45 Comments

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    • Seo Ye Ji
      She is currently the best Korean actress, International quality, smart, beautiful and talented. She will always be hurt by cowards and the untalented.

  2. I legit did a double-take when I saw this news earlier. How in the world did SYJ manage to stage a comeback THIS quickly, and as a lead in a big TVN drama no less? Have k-netizens already forgiven her? Does she have a powerful agency or connections? How did the drama/network agree to this? I thought everyone here was saying she is done for.


    Where is @Lydia1? Can somebody please find and get a hold of Lydia1 so we can make sense of this?

    • ikr? Yoon Eun Hye who was an actual Hallyu icon and far more successful and famous than her, plus had a rep for being good to work with, got cancelled so hard just for getting sarcastic while defending her design, that she’s barely worked in Korea in the six years since.

      This girlie here brought her drama to her own sets as well as her bf’s, to a degree where it affected the production, and she’s back after not even six months? O_0

      • @Royal We – Don’t forget Kim Min Hee, who is an amazing actress and is still persona non grata. I haven’t seen anyone in Asian-ent attempt a comeback from a downfall this quickly. SYJ definitely has the ruthlessness, thick skin, and connections (?).

      • Maybe her casting is for noise marketing since the male lead is not super popular.

        Or I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s news about Kim
        Soo Hyun casted in a TvN drama soon. Sometimes agencies have 2 for 1 deal, like if they want him, they take her too. Granted, domestic ratings for IOTNBO was just average but it sure created a lot of buzz before and during airing and was exceptionally well received internationally. Besides that, KSH is well liked in the industry and has a sizeable fandom.

      • Why bring up YEH? Entertainment is a market-driven industry. Investors will put in money where the profit is.

  3. I still find that all this situation was really unfair for her. She was a collateral during the battle between Kim Jung-Hyun and his agency.

    • Seriously that’s your take on this? Nah this is karma she had it long coming, it’s a shame it even took this long but then again before IOTNBO noone really cared for her. Don’t make excuses for a person who’s trash.

    • Although i agree that she is a collateral damage but honestly how is it unfair when she has skeletons hidden in her closet?
      Staff bullying, school bullying etc. Those issues have nothing to do with kim jung hyun. Jo byung gu whose case is still under investigation and he missed out a baeksang nomination because of that. And other bully idols, they were criticised too. seo yeji shouldn’t be left out just because her exposure was kind of unconventional.

  4. Ill be really happy if she accepts this. If she doesnt, I am glad she is still receiving scripts. Shes an amazing actress and I will still watch her work in the future.

  5. lol this will likely flop because image is everything for FEMALE celebs in SK (and now she has a bitchy one), but best of luck to her and her fans.

    • Don’t be so sure, people have short term memory and unless the actor personally harmed their family member, they don’t care about their real life personality. The people commenting on celebrity news/scandals and those actually watching TV are not necessarily the same demographic. Honestly the plot sounds right up the alley of TV watching ahjummas. Also this drama will likely be on Netflix and most international viewers could care less about her scandal. I read from the soompi article this drama is a hot topic among insiders because of the solid script.

  6. I want her to act because I think she is one of the better Korean actresses but her real life personality will always be questionable to me. The scandals were too disturbing and her failing to defend herself and just staying quiet and crawling out once things are relatively calm just makes her seem guilty.

  7. No, just no. She is problematic and not because she was an manipulative girlfriend (not my business) but because she tried to interfere with her boyfriends drama production. As a fellow actor that was a crappy thing to do. I liked her in IONTBO but I will not watch her in anything else.

    The fact that she did not apologize personally for her actions will always bother me.

  8. People have a memory loss when it comes to her, the hold she has on people is unbelievable. She’s absolutely a trash person who couldve redeemed herself somewhat but her silence speaks volumes.

    @koala,are you taking the reddit route in censoring, why are my replies not up?

    • Seo ye ji dating ceo in ber agency.It’s not surprise she comeback soon as possible. She dating kim soo hyun cousin.Yoon eun hye need to dating sponsor if she want comeback drama.Its animal kingdom baby.

      • I know @dr chen , i’m not against her comeback . I watched her dramas ( Lawless lawyer, Save me,…) It’s just that the entertainment world is trash . I used to think that Koreans were more “clean” than western people. But they are no better and it saddens me .

    • Don’t forget nearly getting Kim jae wook killed for fun…
      Lying about inhaling real briquette (which was actually cg) during a movie promotion which causes alot of problems ofcourse for the director and the staff.
      Lying about her academic background is probably the mildest of all, if that.

  9. This woman didn’t even issue an apology but still getting to work so soon. Even without scandals, actors take a longer hiatus than hers. I think there are double standards when it comes idol /actor controversies. Just a month ago a girl group member was thrown out of her group as she was a school bully and didn’t acknowledge her mistakes when she was exposed. Meanwhile miss yeaji has 10× worse accusations which she hasn’t addressed until now

    • Wow, she’s coming back faster than Jo Byeong-kyu, who had bullying allegation that as less serious that Seo Ye-ji’s and several domestic hit shows. Then again, he came from a much smaller agency with less in-demand actors. As for the Soojin issue – Cube has a lot of solid artists, but no one at the superstar level currently and they screwed up the PR part. If it was SM, YG, JYP, or HYBE – she would have had a better chance of staying on.

      I guess that’s when it’s lucky to have a powerful company or a company with a big superstar that everyone wants to cast. Gold Medalist has Kim Soo-hyun as a bargaining chip. A production could offer Seo Yeji an opportunity to stay in acting by offering her a low-budget drama in hopes of getting Kim Soo-hyun in another drama. Seems worth the investment. He’s not leaving the company anytime soon since he’s one of the founder.

  10. LMAO, her personality is shining here. Talk about taking a non-break break. Her break is shorter than actresses not taking a break ?

    At least she’s with an actor that doesn’t have a fandom so to speak. She’s shameless and this role fits her to the T. She just needs to play herself lol

    • Exactly what I was thinking. She’s going to play herself. The role sounded like her in real, so I guess she’s going to nail it ?

  11. They are offering her roles close in nature to her alleged personality. If I were her, it would be a no. I don’t like her but if Park Shi Hoo can come back, I don’t see why she can’t.

  12. I love Park Eun-byung, I rooted for him with Jang Nara in Oh My Baby. Like some character in Lost (Human
    Disqualification) said he got that earnest looking. Can’t hate him even if he plays baddie ha ha

  13. I wonder what the atmosphere will be like on the set, especially with the female staff and crew- can’t get out of my head what she supposedly said “don’t greet them, you’re not supposed to greet them anyway” lol

    • Right?!!!! People forget what her texts said. She was so jealous and insecure that she didn’t care if KJH treated his female staff like crap. Maybe she is professional under normal circumstances but this scandal proved what she is capable of if she feels threatened.

  14. I dropped the “Its Ok to not be Ok” because the only thing I liked in that drama was the actor who played the autistic brother.Something about the lead actress could not fit with me and after I read all the articles regarding her and Kim Jung Hyun which I did not follow thoroughly bc she is not one of the ones I like so I got a general knowledge.I believe in second changes but I do find her return to happen pretty soon.Anw,most likely I will not watched because as I said she is one of the actors that rubs me in the wrong way.The only drama I managed to finish with her was the Lawless Law because Lee Joon Gi was the ML.

      • I previously thought SYJ did a great job in IONTBO, but now I think she was just playing herself.

        I usually separate the personal and professional when it comes to celebrities, but there are few things I draw the line on: abuse, sexual harassment and assault, tax evasion, and religious extremism.

  15. For me her “crime” really isn’t a big deal, I mean we’ve seen worse offenders sadly get back. After IONTBO I was really excited about her future projects, so let’s see what she can do

  16. Well if a veteran actor still got back after protituting minors her getting back is not a big news to me rather people make a big deal out of it. if drama is good then i’m gonna watch it, if not move on to another 2021 drama are a bit lacking i hope jun ji hyun comeback will save the drama land

  17. I have a few theories on why SYJ has a quick comeback. Disclaimer: my thoughts are purely speculations. One – It’s purely a business decision with strings attached. All roads lead to money. In my observation of SK entertainment industry, decision makers are mostly middle-aged to senior males. It is possible, not saying it’s 100% true, SYJ might have agreed to certain terms offered by them. You scratch my back, I scratch your back kind of deal. Her agency CEO may have powerful connections hence snagging her a hotly coveted FL role written with her in mind. For comparison sake on why other actresses who are still blacklisted till today for example Yoon Eun Hye. It is possible YEH refused to partake in certain conditions offered by powerful bosses hence she is still persona non grata till today. Two – timing. Powerful business execs recognise SYJ’s international popularity & her earning potential via Netflix. Compared to other actresses who are put in cold storage, she has the most potential to make comeback due to IONTBO buzz. Three – tvN has a reputation of being loyal to actors who catapulted their dramas to stardom even when they had been embroiled in scandals before. Case study of another Seo. Seo In Guk was hated on from 2017 until today coz of his military exemption due to perceived manipulation of his injury (some K-netz’ views but whether it’s proven or not is another matter) tvN resolutely stood by him by giving him 2 more dramas after his scandal no matter how low the ratings were. With his reputation in tatters, one would think tvN executives would dump him but it’s not the case. When it comes to general public perception of one’s image in Korea, it matters a lot but in the ent. industry, it seems they operate in their own code of honour no matter how twisted it can be. These are just my 2 cents conjectures. Lydia1 id you’re reading this, just want to say I value your opinions and hope you drop in again.

  18. Juicy speculations. May I add, the twist and turns of SYJ’s life reminds me of the Fargo series on Netflix. Dark as hell but oh so deliciously & brilliantly written. I’m finishing season 2 so hoping if SYJ accepts the role of Eve the femme fatale, please may the K-writers make her character the female version of Lorne Malvo (Billy Bob Thornton’s an absolute jewel in this role) or shades of Peggy Blumquist.

  19. So it fell to Park Byung Eun who’s given a chance to be the ML. Interesting to see if he accepts. The drama seems to written for SYJ as the main focus is on her character. If I’m the writer, I would make PBE’s character the second male lead and create a bad ass ML with Kim Woo Bin in mind. Both can do evil and their seduction/kissing scenes would be sizzling hot.

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