C-ent Looks Forward as High Profile Fantasy Period Drama Novoland: Pearl Eclipse with Yang Mi and William Chan Gets Airing Approval

I haven’t been a fan of the Novoland series of dramas but this latest iteration has my interest because it stars Yang Mi rocking the period drama look HARD (i.e. gorgeously) and also because I’m hoping it saves this lackluster 2021 year in C-ent. Novoland: Pearl Eclipse was the shining positive news this week as it received official airing approval on September 8th. That means it can air anytime on television so it’ll be up the networks when to schedule it’s premiere. The drama stars Yang Mi with HK-actor William Chan, who thankfully does not seem to have any skeletons in the closet to upset the Chinese authorities and he’s far from a flower/pretty boy in looks so that line isn’t crossed either. The story is the usual multi-country politics with a smattering of fantasy thrown in, mermaids from the sound of it, but goodness is it P.R.E.T.T.Y. Like, the preview trailer is just a series of visually exquisite snapshots. Whether that binds together in a compelling story is yet to be seen but for the battered C-ent it’s good news that a big name drama just got approved and things seem to be normalizing a bit.

Teaser for Novoland: Pearl Eclipse:


C-ent Looks Forward as High Profile Fantasy Period Drama Novoland: Pearl Eclipse with Yang Mi and William Chan Gets Airing Approval — 36 Comments

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  2. The slo-mo of a tear dripping, the slo-mo of the wind blowing the hair, the slo-mo of shooting the arrow is bloody annoying.

    Can’t understand how excitement can be drummed up with excessive usage of slo-mo in this trailer.

    • Lol, all costume dramas use slo-mo these days and most of them have more cons to add to that. If the slow-mo scenes are all you see then you probably should stop watching costume c dramas.

      • I am talking abt the trailer’s excessive use of slo-mo not the drama and who are you tell me what suits my taste and if i should stop watching a certain drama or not.

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  4. Not with Yangmi. She’s pretty, alright, but she’s a hard watch. Too conscious of herself acting that I can actually feel it. Goodluck but no.

  5. I don’t know why she got so famous!! She just can’t act!, a lazy actress who doesn’t speak and don’t even bother to speak Mandarin properly, always get dubbed in her drama ..
    I’m so dumbfounded as so many talented actresses deserve better recognition than she is, example SeYen Tan, Bai lu, …

    • Yes, Bai Lu. I don’t know why she doesn’t hit big yet. The girl is the most talented actress in her age group out there. She has talents, visual, chemistry and personality. A complete package!!

      • Bai Lu is my favorite these days! She is the Chinese actress that evokes tears in me the most! I hope she’ll get more recognition for her talent and personality.

    • YangMi is at a different stage to those two actresses. She is her own boss, smart successful business woman. Her projects seems like she invest in them directly.

  6. Yeah I also can’t watch Yang Mi dramas because of how self-conscious she is about her appearance, but I get why she became popular. She fits their standard of beauty to a T, and that coupled with a hit project is all you need to become A-list in as superficial an acting industry as East Asian ones.

  7. Blablablablah yet everyone is still going to watch this, just so they can hate on it. It would be though if people’s actions follow their words just so that people that have decided to watch this can watch it in peace, lol. Looking forward to YM in costume again, the chemistry is always amazing and I can always connect with the roles, it somehow feels like I haven’t seen a real costume drama in 3 years, lol.

    • @Paat
      I don’t hate her and I intentionally dont watch any of her work anymore although I tried several times in the past. It’s an opinion of her acting, not hating. You can accept that, right? She’s a hard watch in my opinion.

  8. I don’t understand the comments here. Who do you think are good actresses? Yang Mi is above average among the 85-ers, Dilraba is above average among the 90-ers. And Bai Lu? She’s the one with the serious dialogue issues. It’s super ironic to bring her up if you want to bash Yang Mi for her speech delivery. Do you mean you rather watch the likes of Crystal Liu? Or the other 90-ers who are basically all no namers? People always hate on actresses after they got popular. Yang Mi before Palace was a hot-rising young star, Dilraba was regarded as the top breakout actress after her role in Diamond Lovers, now the both of them suddenly all cannot act. Like… what?????

    • Sorry but I would rather watch the 90-er and Crystal Liu. Especially the 90-er because they are better actors. I also can’t be drawn to Ying Mi or Dilraba acting because they focused too much on the look and the camera. Liu Shishi is so much better than those two.

      • Lol, if Crystal Liu and the other 90-ers are your preferred choice, then that has nothing to do with acting. Especially among the 85ers, it’s obvious that Yang Mi and ZLY are the better actors by a mile. You just don’t like them if that is so.

      • @Kitai Actually this is about acting and not about pretty face. I first saw Ying Mi in Return Of Condor Hero and thought she was fine. Her acting were good but after that she seem to loose it. Everytime I try to watch her drama, she seem to focus so much on her image and seem flat. The same goes to Dilraba. Sorry but the 90-ers are still better and more talented actors. But I have to admit everyone has their own preferences. Respect your opinions.

      • @Ashi I respect your opinion. My opinion is that among the top 85-ers, the acting can be ranked like ZLY=YM >> LSS > TY >> LYF.

    • @kitai – none of the current crop is that good on both female and male side. Yang Mi and Dilireba are not regarded for acting skills.

      For good actresses in the 80 and 90 lineup – Ni Ni, Sun Li, Zhou Dongyu.

      • The point is that they are above the average and don’t necessarily deserve the hate they are getting not about who’s better or worse. Besides Nini, Betty Sun and Zhou Dongyu only fall into the age group not the traffic bracket, not hating on them I like them too.

      • @Ophelia Agree with the actresses you mentioned. Yang Mi and Dilraba are average at best. The good ones are the actresses you mentioned. Imo Yang Mi and Dilraba are the equivalent of Kim Tae Hee and Suzy….non-fans/GP are first to praise their beauty but not their skills.

      • @Ophelia None of the young actors are regarded for their acting skills. In fact, most young male actors cannot act, period. On the female side, Ni Ni and Zhou Dongyu are overrated simply because they are movie stars transitioning into TV, they aren’t great actors and are both limited by their image. They’ve also had a lot of opportunities to hone their acting on virtue of the fact that they were discovered by Zhang Yimou, whereas others are confined by the lack of variety for TV roles. Sun Li falls into the older age bracket and should be pit against the likes of Fan Bingbing and Zhang Ziyi.

        People are singling out Yang Mi and Dilraba simply because they are the most popular ones in their batch. Obviously the first thing that comes to mind is beauty, but Fan Bingbing is actually a good actor and people always talk about her face. It’s natural when you are that pretty. I’ve watched them both before in selected works and they’ve never been jarring. I’m not the kind to go pick their worst roles and go “they are both shit actors”. They were both good in multiple roles. It’s not like they cannot act, that’s all I’m saying.

      • @kitai – lol at you calling Ni Ni and ZDY overrated and not great actresses. If they’re not great, IDK what your barometer for “great” is. ZDY is pretty much the acting benchmark for her group. She’s won all the acting awards and c-ent was writing articles wondering why her compatriots haven’t been as successful as her.

        So Ni Ni and ZDY have had opportunities to hone their acting and YM hasn’t in her gazillion dramas a year?

        If you want to now move goalposts to non movie actors – Maggie Jiang, Ma Xiaotong, Li Yitong, Gina Jin are all solid.

      • @Ophelia Has Zhou Dongyu shown any range in her acting? She’s a good actress, and obviously the best of her batch, but she’s nowhere near great. You’re also clearly not aware of the difference in opportunities available to actresses backed by a legendary director and one who has to transition the other way round. I agree with some of your picks, but if you think Maggie Jiang and Gina Jin are solid then we just have different standards and there’s no need to argue further.

    • They are here to fulfill their yearly “hating” quota, it’s normal anytime YM has a project. Unfortunately for them YM doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon, until then they’ll keep working hard.add oil!!

      • I think people can have their own opinions, but when they substantiate your opinion with someone like Bai Lu while bringing up Yang Mi’s speech issues, I will discount that opinion. The 90-ers overall have better dialogue delivery, but Bai Lu is one of the ones who’s so terrible they had to dub her after her show was released because the audience found it unacceptable.

  9. Looking forward to this after being shattered by the news on Oath of love 🙁

    Excited about the cast here, this male lead is great. I love Yang Mi but I’ll admit I feel she doesn’t let herself be vulnerable while acting and that makes it hard for her to have chemistry with her Co stars. She always gets cast with the best though and gets great scripts so this promises to be good.

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