Jung Hae In Continues His Resurgence as He’s Offered the Male Lead in Netflix Drama Connect Directed by Japanese Director Takashi Miike

I hope this second brush with high fame is smoother sailing because I can’t handle the whiplash, and honestly if the worst thing Jung Hae In did was coming across as a presumptuous tryhard when he stood in the middle of the Baeksang winners picture then it’s time to move on. K-netizens have done so after his fantastic turn in the Netflix critical and popular hit D.P. (Deserter Pursuit) though more of the love is on the story and how it really was unflinching in tackling the problems in the South Korean army system. In addition to the upcoming December release of jTBC period romance Snowdrop, Jung Hae In may be making a return trip to Netflix as well as he’s been offered the male lead in the drama Connect directed by famed Japanese director Takashi Miike. It’s the story of a man who unwittingly has an organ taken from him and transplanted into another person and he starts to develop a connection with the recipient. Sounds weird and creepy and totally up Takashi Miike’s wheelhouse. It’ll be a different challenge for Jung Hae In and he would be smart to take it and keep branching out.


Jung Hae In Continues His Resurgence as He’s Offered the Male Lead in Netflix Drama Connect Directed by Japanese Director Takashi Miike — 10 Comments

  1. Yeay for another Jung Hae In project, I read shooting will begin in November so maybe we can see this in first half of 2022. Hopefully he doesn’t get backlash for Snowdrop which air this December

  2. What if netizens take offense cause its directed by Japanese director,like zhu yilong get bash for allegedly visiting a shrine though not related to Japanese atrocities.

    • I doubt he’ll get backlash. This isn’t the first time Koreans work with Japanese directors. I mean there’s a highly-anticipated one coming up with Koreeda and Song Kang Ho, and no one said anything. Currently, I think Koreans taking on Chinese projects would be the ones experiencing backlash instead.

      • I think this is a Korean project helmed by Japanese director instead of a Japanese project with Korean lead actor

  3. his project is so interesting for me. same with Nam Joo Hyuk. so good at picking good project which might me not generated huge buzz, but gaining critical acclaimed. i hope he keeps doing this. it might be bcause their price is still reasonable compare to high profile who only pick a big budget project.

  4. Good for him. He’s talented. I’m glad he’s taking on new and different roles and not sticking to melo/romance that’s he’s done for the past 3 dramas.

  5. Zhu Yilong??? Don’t you mean Zhang Zuehan?? Lol I also agree, there will probably be more backlash from Korean netizens if a Korean actor filmed a Chinese series.

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