Hit J-dorama Heaven and Hell with Ayase Haruka and Takahashi Issey to Get K-drama Remake in 2022

J-doramas have been pretty lackluster in the last few years but as with all entertainment offerings if you build it (right), they will come. A shining light in 2021 has been the soul swap with a twist dorama Heaven and Hell: Soul Exchange, and now it’s getting a K-drama remake. Starring Ayase Haruka and Takahashi Issey, it’s the opposite of Secret Garden where an attractive pair of man and woman switch souls but instead of being soulmates he’s a diabolical genius serial killer soul and she’s the righteous hardworking police detective soul. Right before she arrests them the fates pull this trick on them and now he’s in her body pretending to be a cop and she’s stuck in his body worried about the serial killings catching up. The dorama has been on my to-watch list and this is definitely the kicker to remind me to binge soon.

Heaven and Hell:


Hit J-dorama Heaven and Hell with Ayase Haruka and Takahashi Issey to Get K-drama Remake in 2022 — 16 Comments

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  2. Okay that’s waaaaay more interesting than SeGa, let’s be honest. Knowing how kdramas work tho, they might end up being soulmates anyway LOL. Still, this sounds fun and should be a challenge for both the leads (whoever they end up offering this to).

  3. I hope the one who said “why change the perfection” have the same attitude for K-drama remake because for me this drama is perfection. But as someone who is open minded, I’m open for any remakes, even though Korean remakes of any J-dramas tend to be suck.

  4. Owh! It will be on my to-watch list dramas.

    Btw, I’ve just came from finishing J-Dorama Kikazaru Koi Niha Ryu ga Atte/ Why I dress up for love. And I Love It. It has been such a long time I’ve love doramas like this one. And I’m on my way to watch anything-Ryusei Yokohama

    • Sameeeee! This drama got me back to watching Japanese Drama. I absolutely love it. Great Japanese drama have a charm that cannot be found in any other kind of dramas. They are rare gems but are the best!

      • You can consider Boys over Flowers a remake of Hana Yori Dango (unless you consider Meteor Garden the original). Although BoF was really bad, it did work out. After all, it gave us the disease called Lee Min-ho… Ugh…

  5. One thing I’m curious is the jdrama hinted in several occasions that Hidaka is gay or at least bi/pansexual so I wonder if kdrama version will keep that part? And that one scene where he had sex with Ayako’s kept man when he’s in her body, dude is adventurous lol.

  6. Ugh… The fucking Korean circlejerk. Jdoramas are head and shoulders above those dramas by those plastic fermented cabbageheads.

  7. The only K-drama remake of a J-drama I like so far is The Smile Has Left Your Eyes/Hundred Million Stars From The Sky. The J version with Takuya Kimura playing Katase Ryo was a masterpiece, amongst his best works. Drama itself was a Shakespearean tragedy of epic proportions. Only watch it if you’re mentally strong. The K version is a lot more toned down with a crucial key plot being changed. Still it is enough to haunt me. Easily the best work of SIG & JSM. These two together bring out their best that is not evident in all post TSHLYE dramas. Highly recommended to watch both and keeping my eye on this one.

    • As a SIG fan, I would love to have him play a demented female killer in his body. He has both comedic chops and dark angsty soul to pull this kind of character off. As for the female lead, I can’t think of any actresses just yet. Someone with the intensity of Moon Chae Won and Seo Hyun Jin & beguiling beauty of Song Hye Kyo & Son Ye Hin. I can also see Lee Jun Ki & Kim Woo Bin in this role. Guessing game of potential pairings is so juicy.

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