Retired Actress Heo Yi Jae Claims Former Drama Costar Pressured Her into Sex to Increase Their Onscreen Chemistry Leading to Her Deciding to Leave K-ent

Wow, what a bombshell report but also something that is not out of the realm of possibility. Retired K-actress Heo Yi Jae, best known for Prince Hours and Single Dad in Love as well as movie A Dirty Carnival, hasn’t acted since the 2016 series You are a Gift and seemingly retired after getting married. This weekend she did a Youtube video show with former Crayon Pop member Way where she dropped massive allegations that she chose retirement after being sexually harassed on set by her former drama costar and pressured to have sexual relations with him ostensibly to improve their onscreen chemistry. Like, WTF? The full interview is online but the general summary is: she was the female lead in a drama and her male lead was her onscreen romantic love interest/boyfriend/husband character, he tried to get her to hang out with him off the set but she was too clueless to pick up on what he was asking for especially since he was married in real life, afterwards he would drop profanity against her after filming and also blamed her for his own problems in filming his scenes. Afterwards the director explained that the male lead thought they should get closer and the male lead told her they had no chemistry onscreen so they needed to have sex to try and fix the problem. That led to her quitting the industry and jesus who can blame her. There is already a K-netizen hunt for who this costar could be but honestly I think there are tons of assholes like him out there and it’s just a horrible industry for young pretty actresses to work in.


Retired Actress Heo Yi Jae Claims Former Drama Costar Pressured Her into Sex to Increase Their Onscreen Chemistry Leading to Her Deciding to Leave K-ent — 22 Comments

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  2. Shim Ji-ho seems to be the only one who fits the clues she gave. He was married since 2013; Song Jae-hee only got married a year after filming the soap, while Cha Do-jin is still single.

    • No, she didn’t say the actor was married at that time. she just said he is married [now] and doing very well. It was also the debut project of the director, that’s why he couldn’t exactly stand up to the actor. The director in her drama with Shim Ji Ho wasn’t a newbie; the director in Single Dad in Love was.

  3. It wasn’t clear if the man was married during the filming or is a married man now. Many have narrowed the perpetrator down to Oh Ji-ho from their drama Single Dad in Love. She didn’t pick up on the hints because it didn’t cross her mind that her costar would be so trashy, predatory, and unprofessional. She mentioned that at the time she was also young at the time.

    • Yeah he fits all the info given – she went on a long hiatus/retirement after that drama and got married. And he is married now though he wasn’t back then. Even appearing on variety with his kid whom he calls ugly /sigh

  4. Not Shim Jiho, but Oh Jiho. he already closed his sns comments section and his fanclub (!) issued a denial saying they will sue the commenters.

  5. She also spoke about the treatment of junior actors by seniors and directors. The entire systems seems to foster this type of mistreatment.

  6. All arrows point to Oh Ji Ho. Their drama was her last before she announced her marriage few years after her initial retirement. She was very young when she did Single Dad in love hence her being clueless to the going on in the industry then, the director was also relatively new hence can’t really help her and Oh Ji Ho was already established then.

    • Apparently this is a pattern of behaviour for that person towards female costars, if that interview of him boasting about how he purposely caused NGs for a kiss scene in a drama with Han Ye Seul is anything to go by.

      Anyway this is an industry where people like Park Shi Hoo get role after role even after admitting to sex with a woman too drunk to give consent….are we surprised some of these men extend similar disrespectful behaviour to their costars? And not just in k-ent, there was a whole Bill Cosby and Louis CK trying to do “comeback tours” wtf

  7. Oh ji ho married in 2014 and single father in love was aired in 2008. Her last drama was in 2016. The time line doesn’t make sense for it to be Oh Ji

  8. That’s a given in any acting industry. If an established actor has that kind of power over young actresses imagine what kind of power a director, producer or CEO of agencies have over them. That’s why we’re seeing talented actresses being side-lined while those without talent but have good looks given coveted roles. The Weinstein curse is in every acting industry regardless of countries. The phone hacking scandal already gives us a clue on how some of them view women in general. Bear in mind SK is still extremely patriarchal & parochial when it comes to treating women.

  9. She has my respect for not succumbing to such pressure despite it taking a great tolls on her mental being as well as her career.

    I hope whoever that trashy actor is will be outed soon and get his career ended just as what he did to this poor actress.

  10. Oh Ji-Ho is in the news alot the last few days.. To be honest, if she does not want to release the name, there is no point doing witch hunting. She has clearly decided to move on.

  11. If it’s true, he would most likely stay quiet first & consult his lawyers first to get ready in case she names him. If it’s false, he will consult his lawyers & sue all those k-netizens who floated his name publicly. If she has dirt on him, she has nothing to lose as she’s already out of the industry but I will sure recommend she hires a bodyguard to protect her & family 24/7. Never know what sheet can happen.

  12. I feel gross writing this- but I’m glad she had the courage to say no and that the actor listened. Too many celebshace been revealed to not respect consent. 🤢

  13. It is a total lack of leadership. The director should be the leader of the set. He should have shut this down. There is a hierarchy even on a movie set when you have senior actors in Korea. I am surprised she didn’t speak out during the Korean Me Too because a lot of tea got spilled during that.

    And, yeah, this type stuff goes on all the time. Careers where you are always looking for your next gig are particularly vulnerable.

    • She said the director was also relatively new/it was his first drama as director. But it was still his set, he should have shut that down instead of saying nothing other than explaining to her why the creep costar was like that. Big star or no, the PD is supposed to be responsible for the set – the cowardice of bystanders is what enables behaviour like this to continue.

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