C-drama to Remake Lovely and Introspective K-drama Romance One Spring Day with Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In

Seeing this news brings back all the feels, I can’t believe how underrated this K-drama was among the broader viewing audience, it’s really just a gem. C-ent announced that it’s remaking 2019 romance K-drama One Spring Night which starred Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In and directed by famed PD Ahn Pan Seok. It’s like the everything is better version of his earlier drama Something in the Rain (Pretty Noona Buys Me Food) which also starred Jung Hae In with Son Ye Jin and got more ratings and buzz but it’s hands down One Spring Night that excelled. The C-version will be called Dark Fragrance (Night Fragrance) and it’s such a lovely lyrical title that also projects that spring night soft warm and scented mood. I hope the PD has talent to direct such a slow burn drama and of course the two leads needs to bring palpable but restrained chemistry with lots of nuanced acting.


C-drama to Remake Lovely and Introspective K-drama Romance One Spring Day with Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In — 19 Comments

  1. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched this drama on Netflix. It’s a gem indeed. It uplifts my spirit, honestly. I hope they do justice on the remake.

    • I saw One Spring Night and loved it so much I watched it again. I wouldn’t mind seeing it yet another time. It’s a beautiful romance and the music is beautiful. ?

      • I’m a fan of Jung Hae-In and Han Ji-Min, and I’ve watched this drama twice. I love the chemistry of these two actors. Also the story’s good. I also love the soundtracks that I put it on my playlist❤❤❤

    • I am still watching OSN from time to time, very different feel from your typical k-drama. Slow burning, intense but restrained chemistry and piece of life storyline that connects with most people. The 1st drama of JHI where I acknowledged his acting skills. Sorry but he was not given much to work with in SITR. Acting over the top of a boy who is falling in love with a noona is very much one tone acting. But in OSN, he restrained powerful expressions sold me. Han Ji Min is a proven seasoned actor. If you have not seen her movie Ms.Baek, you are missing out. She won so many awards and recognition for this movie.

  2. Watched this netflix series several times & i can watch it again. Hope they make a season 2 not a remake. . Love the music too..

    • Nagyon tetszett, megható és többször megnéztem még meg fogomnézni a szereplők mesterien adták át az érzelmet csak gratulálok hozzá.

  3. So agree with your comments! OSN is superb and I have watched it many times. Will look forward to this remake with great interest

  4. I loved both dramas! One Spring Night was really good, the main characters but the supporting cast too. Jung Ae-In and Han Ji-Min were great, they will need good actors!

  5. Sono sicuramente due serie affascinanti . Il tema in oggetto è un po’ lontano dalla mentalità occidentale ma i protagonisti sanno sostenere ed attrarre il pubblico in ogni episodio . La colonna sonora è sicuramente un gioiello in entrambi i drama. Immagini e musica si fondono …

  6. Es toda una obra tierna y profunda, maravilla de actores en cada uno de ellos el protagonismo adecuado. El protagonista principal desarrolla un papel acorde a su situación… madurez, responsabilida, miedos y una difinutiva decisión. “Hasta dónde quieres llegar?” “Hasta el fin” Excelente

  7. Muy interesante la historia y como fue evolucionado un amor con cada situación o oportunidad que tenían y como cada vez más Serca y superar cosas y soñar en grande es genial y chévere para volver a verla cada vez y disfruta de una obra espectacular.

  8. I hope the pace it up, this drama is so slow that the slow burn had burn itself, I like the theme and the ambience but I also find it boring at the same time

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