jTBC Releases Softly Lit Evocative Teaser Preview for Snowdrop with Jung Hae In and Jisoo

It takes two to tango but why do I get the sense that jTBC is showcasing one lead more than the other, and perhaps not for the reasons of favortism. The first teaser preview is out for upcoming period romance Snowdrop and it’s as softly lit and focusing more on mood as expected. I see so much more on male lead Jung Hae In and wonder if production is keeping female lead Jisoo more under wraps for now since she’s an super popular idol who got a major drama female lead role in her first acting outing so there will clearly be extra scrutiny on whether she’s up for the job. It’s hard to judge on trailers alone but if the network wants to sell viewers on two beautiful people during a more simpler time falling for each other with all the swirls of romantic indicia (meet cute, first snow, hand touch, et. al.) then it’s all here in this first look. But then again, Youth of May promised everyone all that and look how that went, so I’ll keeping my happy ending guard up for this one as well.

Teaser for Snowdrop:


jTBC Releases Softly Lit Evocative Teaser Preview for Snowdrop with Jung Hae In and Jisoo — 23 Comments

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  2. All drama from jtbc this year was mediocre in rating.No one actress or actor could saving the grace for them. Even jisoo voice so annoying on this drama.

    • Her voice is weirdly nasal, she speaks only a few words anyway but it’s hard not to notice. I hope it’s not like that in the actual drama or at least that she can emote.

      Idol fans can throw tantrums over how dare big meanie drama fans expect people taking acting lead roles to be good at acting but your time would be better used hoping your idol actually has some acting skills cause god knows there’s a reason the word ‘idol-actor’ causes apprehension for a lot of us (also they are not the ratings/buzz draw their fans hype them as, going by the multiple flop/underwhelming ratings several of them have got). But in the real world, 25 year olds taking on a paid job and not being good at it get criticised. It’s no different for famous ones.

      • You sounds mad? Go get laid cause obviously you taking drama so seriously 💀 it’s not that serious i promise.

      • a valid point in an alternative universe where the “real” actors are hyped because of their talent and not visuals
        which doenst happen with kdramastans

        even here on Koala we had the typical discussions about “who have visuals of a main”
        all of actors and actresses are hyped because of this
        really weird behavior
        a thing that i don’t see in forums about cinema enthusiasts

    • Im really waiting to see this drama for a long time I’m a big fan of jisoo and I will be their always as her big fan
      haters I don’t care ….
      Love frm kerala

  3. The teasers so far are giving me Romeo and Juliet vibes, and they look visually compatible. I like it, this should do well during the winter season. Good luck JTBC lol

  4. I don’t think Jisoo can succeed in terms of acting. I am a fan of her voice in music but I am upset she easily got the role without acting proven chops. Her popularity really played a role in getting a,lead role in first debut drama. She should begin with supporting character. How annoying😏

    • You’re not her fan..if you were you would know that she auditioned for this role and got this role after competing with many actresses.. just say you’re an anti and move on..

      • Lol. What a ridiculous comment🤣🤣🤣 She auditioned???? Did u really believe it??? I respect her, she’s gorgeous and quite talented regarding music, but let’s be honest if she auditioned, she would never get this role. Look at the ensemble cast. She will be flaw of the drama

    • So many idols turn actors started as leads. Suzy, Joy, Exo’s members except for D.O, and some other names.

      Let her prove with her ability, instead of being so judgmental. No need to expect too high since this is her first drama, but let’s hope she’ll get better in the future.

      Fighting Snowdrop!!!

  5. She gives me Kim tae hee vibes. Slight face resemblance there. Will check this out as the cinematography looks great in the video . Hopefully this drama is decent, very hard to get into any k-dramas this past year. I’m checking out a lot of c-dramas instead as they are churning out some better productions.

    • 2021 has actually been a really good year for kdramas – just not the usual romance-focused ones we think of when we think ‘kdrama’. The Uncanny Counter, Vincenzo, Move to Heaven, and ofc the big Netflix productions including the biggest of them all, Squid Game, have really been killing it.

  6. For Jung Hae-In, Kim Hye-Yoon, Jang Seung-Jo, Yoon Se-Ah and Yoo In-Na, I hope it will be a good drama because they all are good actors.

  7. Seeing that KHY is not even the second or third female lead but all the way down to 4th female lead basically means she’s little more than a supporting character so the only other relevant female lead to this drama other than Jisoo is YIN. People making a fuss about the casting will eventually have to backtrack because irrespective of her acting Jisoo was handpicked by the writer and director after her audition basically means she was the best fit for the character than any other seasoned actress. Rather it was YIN who has added as 1+ by YG which is sad for her but to YG she is obviously less relevant than Jisoo. The drama being good or bad is not the responsibility of the actors but the writer and director. Having said that Jisoo alone will be the reason for this drama to become a big hit internationally irrespective of ratings and since production houses care more about foreign revenue than ratings these days the drama is already a success. Disney is going to market it like crazy and the Blackpink brand image will make sure it sells out instantly.

  8. “If it sucks and she can’t act it’s not her fault but the writer and PD’s, if it does well she’s the reason”

    lol this is as expected of idol fan logic

  9. Iam just already loving it best wishes to all the hard work and efforts that the actors put in it and especially Iam in love with jisoo’s voice❤💖

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