Sports Kyunghyang Puts Pixelated Image of Recently Popular K-actor on News Article Covering a Female A Who Posted that Said Actor was Her Ex-boyfriend Who Manipulated Her to Get an Abortion and then Dumped Her

Welp, where to start. This Monday started off K-ent with an explosive post on Nate by an Female A accusing a recently gotten super popular K-actor of being a really shitty human being and now ex-boyfriend. She did not identify him but media publication Sports Kyunghyang covered the story and put in it a picture of a pixelated male star (above). Female A claimed that this star woo’d her and they started dating in 2020, but she got pregnant quickly after they had intercourse. Because she’s very young and also has a weak uterus, the doctor she consulted told her that she may never conceive again if she had an abortion. She told the star that she wanted to keep the baby, he said he respected her choice since it’s her body but then gave a raft of tactics that ended up with her electing to have an abortion. He said he couldn’t afford to pay the penalty for a show should this news come out that he got her pregnant, he promised to marry her and told her that they would move in the next year, and basically dangled a carrot in front of her to convince her to have the abortion.

She did and afterwards he grew cold and they broke up about 4 months ago. She said that if he was simply a bad boyfriend she would not be revealing this now, but he is manipulative and doing so lied to convince her to do something that was her choice. She said that behind the scenes he’s totally the opposite of his nice guy image onscreen – he bad mouths all his costars and production team and loves to gossip about other people. He is desperate for fame and to achieve it he will do anything and uses everyone around him, and she once thought she was different to him. In the 4 months since the breakup she wanted to see if he would sincerely apologize but he hasn’t, and has only gone on to shoot many CFs and make tons of money rather than reflect on his misconduct. A claims to have pictures of them together as well as saved Kakao talks to back up her claims. So there you have it, a huge rumor bomb on an actor that if it is him and the allegations are true then may very well tank his just hit superstardom career. Right now all the major publications are covering it and there has been tons of comments on Pann and Naver about it. Said K-star’s agency when asked about this breaking allegation is remaining silent by not picking up any reporter phone calls.


Sports Kyunghyang Puts Pixelated Image of Recently Popular K-actor on News Article Covering a Female A Who Posted that Said Actor was Her Ex-boyfriend Who Manipulated Her to Get an Abortion and then Dumped Her — 84 Comments

  1. Looks like Koala was paying attention to the comments section…

    Good lord. If this is true (if), this is going to make Seo Ye Ji’s scandal look like child’s play. His agency needs to release a statement ASAP if this isn’t true, else their continued silence is going to look like confirmation. It’s PR 101.

  2. Wow, that was fast. Yeah, the pic is definitely KSH. But the girl hasn’t mentioned his name, and the media already decided it was him?

    On other note, I saw that there’s also an information that the girl said the actor’s brother accompanied her to hospital to get abortion. KSH is an only child.

    I dunno. I really hope it’s not him.

      • Oh yeah, you’re right. I didn’t read the original article, only saw some people saying it. Well, I’m just gonna wait until further news. I’m really praying it’s not him.

    • People are spreading mistranslation. It was said that actors k’s best friend who is a theatre actor AND that person’s brother accompanied the girl to the hospital as guardian for the abortion process. Nowhere it was mentioned that kim seon ho’s brother went with her.

  3. The claims so far don’t add up with K’s younger brother accompanying her to abortion clinic. The denial should be swift otherwise a vacuum of silence breeds more rumors.

  4. A should release photos of them dating to the press so journos can verify K but blurred out his face to public. I want some hard evidence. Otherwise lawyer up.

    • I genuinely liked him after watching him in hometown cha cha cha, but this article is a reminder that actor’s persona is rarely authentic. All the alleged accusations are pointing toward Kim Seon Ho. His agency failed to respond quickly, is not a good PR.

  5. $900 million won for a pregger penalty? So K-ent contracts do have a clause that actually states an actor must remain single, unmarried AND not impregnate any girl while shooting a drama/film/variety show???? Jeezaloo.

    • They have such clauses, it depends on the actor circumstances too, remember how Lee Jun Ki get caught filming reality show about looking for a gf when he already has a girlfriend and they remove him from the show.

      For romcom, it better to have single because it makes people believe the relationship can happen, so many ship start after a drama.

      • Phew! Thanks for clearing that one up. No wonder some young K-idols openly announcing sudden marriage with fiancee/gf already pregnant can get away with this penalty but not so with some actors.

    • Probably part of the morality clause, and the 900m won may have covered his CF contracts already.

      Haven’t read much except the allkpop translation lol but woah… I genuinely like him as an actor… his agency is taking too long to release a statement

    • But i read in an article where the girl said that 900M won penalty was a lie. Not saying that such fines don’t exist but it could be possible that this person faked it given how manipulative his nature is

    • I’m not sure about male actors, but female actors do get penalized if they get pregnant when signed up to a job. This happened to actress Park Ip-seon but luckily her agency did not make her pay charges when annulling their contract. Talent agencies in Japan also have such clause, so celebrity couples often have to pay a hefty price for their married life.

  6. I actually recognise that pixelated image, too popular to be pixelated.

    What if it isn’t him and they thought no one can recognise that pixelated image.

  7. This should put all randy k-actors on notice. Ahem, be careful when you have sexy times. Including visiting certain bars/restaurants that also operate as a brothel. Interesting times.

    • What a comment. It’s KIM SEON HO, put his name in google images, the blurred photo is literally the 2nd or 3rd picture of him that pops up.

      You might be confusing the pic with Soo Hyun’s similar black turtleneck photograph(s). Also Kim Soo Hyun didn’t just RECENTLY become super popular.

      • I read above comments m thought it is him and i remember such pic of his. Good if he is not a pos. Womem deserve better than such men

  8. It’s sus how the post was updated the day homechacha ended. I actually think the girl was waiting for it to finish so as not to harm the team engaged with the drama because of her personal issue.
    We saw what happened with RWTMR and countless other projects because of bullygate.If this is true, she’s a really thoughtful girl, and i hope that 2 faced douchebag gets backlash.

    Interesting how 2 actors who rose to fame last year with netflix dramas, had their worst scandal this year. Goes onto show that the day u become famous all ur shitty deeds will come back chasing you

  9. If this is really KSH, then I am more shocked on the part of bad-mouthing staff, productions and actors. And what will happen with 1n2d if this is true and it is him?

    As for the pregnancy, abortion and promise of marriage – under normal circumstances, it is b/w the 2 parties though based on the narrative the guy just seems to prioritise his newfound fame and ghosted her. But I think SK has this law that covers a marriage promise, I remember Lee ByungHun was sued under this law. So if the female has proof that there was concrete promise of marriage, she might have a legal standing. Though likely if the agency is smart, just do everything now to talk to her and settle.

    • I also was wondering about the badmouthing staff, production and especially the co-actors. Wonder how bad it was, for the girl to mention it. or how bad the break-up is, for the girl to go this length of not only bringing in personal stuff but also professional conduct.

      Hmnn. This accusation reminds me of the case of Kim JeongHoon where an ex-filed a lawsuit against him, they really have similar circumstances.
      If she has evidence of what he had allegedly had done in their relationship, she should sue for whatever compensation she can go for, like the ex of KJH. But if it were just a case of an “hell hath no fury like woman scorned” aka ex-GF out for blood because of break-up, he also has a lot of basis to sue. He definitely should sue ruining his rising image and all other damages.

      Hope the truth will be revealed soon.

  10. I remember when his fans wanted him to work with seo yeji, many people objected that it wouldn’t be good for his image. Lol who knew his fans were unknowingly right. These two are made for each other for being opportunistic and manipulating their partners while
    harming them mentally.

  11. If this is true, then this time it will be worse then how it was with seo yeaji case. Plus his fans are even nore rabid than seo yeji fans. It’s not even confirmed but instead of sympathising with the victim, they are calling her names , blaming her.Gross

    • I have noticed this, also here in the comments. In other scandals people are more cautious and tend to side with the victim, in case the accusations are confirmed. But here I see messages siding with the guy. Well, it was clear already that his fans are very aggressive. I only need to remember how they behaved when the drama Start up was airing…

  12. Now can someone exiled him from the industry? Never like this man from the start. I am flabbergasted to see so many ahjummas and girls whoring him with his mediocre looking face and acting

  13. It’s hard to judge the situation. Marrying just because of a baby is never the solution. She could have the baby alone and asked him for compensation but in Korea it doesn’t really work like this…

    They put themselves in a difficult situation.

  14. K-celebs not living up to their PR fed and heavily whitewashed on screen reputations? Shocker. The only thing that is true about celebs is that as long as there is a camera or they are an public everything they do is an act. This is true even for those who ‘grew up’ in front of the camera like idols and child stars. Their whole persona is a lie but someone lies are worse than others and those are the ones that get caught eventually.

  15. Well, this was just horrible to read. I hope it turns out NOT to be the actor being linked, because I wanted to watch the Drama that just finished with him in it, and there’s no way I could watch it now if even half this story is true.

  16. Are you all talking about Kim Soo Hyun or Kim Seon Ho? The image looks like Kim Soo Hyun to me but some talking about 2d1n. I am confused !

    • The image is clearly of Kim Seon Ho. It’s his acting profile picture.

      Oh, I can’t believe this is happening. I agree with another poster that the denial (if it’s false) should be quick. Otherwise, there’ll be bloodbath against him.

      • I worry about the cast of 2D1N (if it’s true). Season 3 ended because of a scandal, and now… this.

      • 1n2d is cursed at this rate. I think this happened in every season, from mc mong’s enlistment+kang hodong gambling scandal, lee sugeun gambling scandal, jung joonyoung’s molka scandal, and now this one

    • Lol. When I read the acronym KSH, I first thought of Kim Soo Hyun too.

      But then, he was already super popular since ages ago (not only recently), so it couldn’t be him. Then I scrolled the comment section and realized that they are referring to the Homecha actor.

      Never liked KSH. Never understand his appeal. Like someone said earlier, pretty common situation out there where a girl was given empty promise. But then hes an actor with goody-two-shoe image, so this is sure tarnishing his reputation and becomes really big deal.

    • I was confused too, but if you google Kim Seon Ho, you’ll see him in a black turtleneck. The article also said he recently got super famous

    • fyi kim soo hyun is been famous since dream high days which is 10 years ago. the accused actor is just getting famous since last year and especially this year. So Kim Soo zHyun is out of the picture he might have the same kind of picture but the one he is wearing is in a different color. And Kim Soo Hyun as the number 1 highest paid korean actor in Korea i don’t think he will do that.

  17. Too bad if it is true for KSH. His HJP character was very likeable in Startup.
    His character in HTCCC was nice (a little too nice though) but HTCCC was very watchable. Guess this type of bf/gf/ex gf issue is very common especially for good looking & smooth talking guys. You don’t usually get a whole package (good looking, popular, interesting personality, genuinely good boy) that easily (in real life), so it is not unexpected.

  18. I will wait for salt to finish their investigation n hear from the horses mouth (including the girl) who that guy is (not defending nor supporting anyone). Hard proof.

    • If this true I wonder if he hid this from his agency.

      Sorry if this sounds crass but stuff like this definitely happens way more than we know but usually agencies “handle” it by getting the ex to sign a non-disclosure agreement in exchange for a generous settlement.

  19. Can’t wait to see how his rabid fans protect their oppa this is why i like nam joo hyuk character in start-up, i dont buy his good boy image his acting just rubs me in the wrong way hope he get penalize for what he done his just a worse male version of seo ye ji with gaslighting behavior and killing an innocent child.

    • They’re already doing the most on Twitter. They say they’ll still support him even if it turns out to be true. No sense of ‘Ethics’ whatsoever. Pitiful fandom.

      • “Without ethics” (I love when someone else thinks they are superior) if you really value ethics and good behavior you should also encourage us women to think with our heads and by ourself and not always become idiots who do not think and become in victims sheltered from unilateral comments.
        Shame for him and shame for her.

      • Here comes one of his horny, brainwashed idiots to the rescue. Hahaha. And you were too dumb to grasp the ethics shade. Since you asked nicely, here’s some encouragement for you: go find some self-worth and a true purpose in life that isn’t stanning some celeb you don’t know and buying into the ‘good boy’ facade they project. That way, you won’t look stupid when you go online to defend them to strangers on the interwebs. Have a nice day! ?

    • I remember one of those critics said they already had a bad feeling about SYJ and it turned out to be true and that time will tell if their hunch about this guy is right. And that time has come, it seems. Ha!

      • From the reports I’m seeing on Twitter, it looks like some of his CFs have started dropping him. And there’s still no word yet from his agency. Deja vu, anyone? What a mess!

      • That critic would be me lol.
        I’m a little shocked right now that my hunch was proven right for a SECOND time!
        I was even thinking of giving hccc a chance a few days ago bcs I like the actress & was wondering if I might have been uncharitable in my judgement of him due to his unbearable fanbase but my initial feelings got vindicated so soon…

  20. The whole Twitter is all praise for him!
    Yes,it’s his personal matter.

    But cf dropping understandable. They cash his pure,innocent, fresh personality. Not the reality.

    His diehard fan in a long fight with ridiculous logic.
    I like him in start up and other old dramas.But loved him in 2 days 1 night. Pray for his success. But that doesn’t mean I will justify anything he did/does!

  21. Honestly, I am not going to crucify Kim Seon-ho for this, because it must be proved first and because I love it as an actor(he’s wonderful), regardless of his personal life (that doesn’t concern to me).
    Also that if it is true they are 2 adults and that no one in this world can force you to do something that you do not want to do.
    “Neither the good ones are that good nor the bad ones are that bad”.
    #HometownChaChaCha #갯마을차차차 #김선호

  22. Waw this is the bad news
    But yeah thats not a really typical hot topics!
    His jus a men,made mistake,all the celebrities did the same i am with chill
    But yaa lets see,if it is true or not
    Oh koala,been soo upset?xixixi

  23. Is abortion illegal in sk ? I believe in freedom of choice. I think the girl is just a gold digger. She abort her child and now because he is famous she want settlement money

  24. I remember making a comment a few months ago about how both the recently popular stars gave me bad vibes. Syj had already gotten exposed but Ksh was only getting popular and hometown cha cha cha got a great response. But my instinct turned out right about him too lmao. I’m a little creeped out by this coincidence ngl.

    • Okay soothsayer, if your instincts are as good as you claim, please do “vibes readings” on these actors:

      – Jo Jungsuk
      – Gong Yoo
      – Park Seojoon
      – Do Kyungsoon
      – Lee Yikyung
      – Kim Woobin
      – Nam Dareum
      – Park Boyoung
      – IU
      – Kang Hanna
      – Son Yejin
      – Kim Taeri
      – Bae Doona
      – Jeon Yeobeen
      – Cho Seungwoo

      • I wouldn’t go as far as to consider my vibe checks that reliable lol.
        Never been a fan of Park boyoung tho… but that could just be her specific style of acting not appealing to me.
        On the other handing, I like Cho Seungwoo’s acting a lot but I get the uneasy feeling we might see a terrible scandal of his come out and I dread that day, if it ever comes…

  25. I just find it odd that the ex posted just after the drama finished. If she wanted she could have revealed the truth as soon as the casting news was reported. The production could simply cast someone else.

    Why do I feel that reporters have a lot of dirt on celebrities and are just waiting for the right time to expose them. Specifically when said celebrity is in a hit show, whether variety or Kdrama.

    The timing is just too suspicious …

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