Suzy Wins Best Actress at the 2021 Seoul Drama Awards for Start Up as Vincenzo Nets Song Joong Ki Best Actor and Best Drama

Okay, don’t get your jammies wedged, I do know the picture above is super duper old. But it felt fitting as the two winners have worked together before, nearly a decade ago and all signs point to likely in the future due to how often the A-list actors and actresses are shuffled in casting. The 2021 Seoul Drama Awards was last night and the major winners in the drama categories are Vincenzo for Best Drama and Song Joong Ki taking home Best Actor. The surprise was Suzy winning Best Actress for Start Up, and since this is one drama awards that’s primarily popularity based I’m surprised because I didn’t think Start Up was all that popular when it aired. It got okay tvN level ratings but the online discussion and buzz was co-opted by the fans of the second male lead’s character (understandably) and that sorta sucked the wind out of the drama being fun to watch with the online gang. I loved it watching with my family, the Koala teens slurped up this drama, but for discussion purposes it was like a game of spinning in circles with so much Ji Pyeong shipping rather than narrative discussion. Anyhoo, I guess Suzy can still bring it and of course Song Joong Ki reclaimed his pinnacle with Vincenzo this year.


Suzy Wins Best Actress at the 2021 Seoul Drama Awards for Start Up as Vincenzo Nets Song Joong Ki Best Actor and Best Drama — 17 Comments

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  2. Suzy – A list idol, A list actress, A list cf star. 12 year into her career but no signs of slowing down which is good since she is only 27. In other news her drama Anna started filming recently. She will most definitely get out acted again but props to her for taking the risk and stepping out of her comfort area.

    • Out-acted by who? Jung Eun Chae with her mediocre acting like in the King Eternal Flop? Nah. Second Anna is a female-centric drama centered around her character. She will shine as she the biggest star attached this project.

    • Congrats to both. Great comeback for Sjk after a period of personal life struggle and Suzy continues to do well no matter what.

  3. Queen. She’s absolutely gorgeous and talented and deserves this award. And yes, she is an A-list actress and the one with most stable career in the 20s age group. 11-year career and still at the top and in-demand with directors and writers flocking to her for their projects, something the jealous haters on this site wish weren’t true lmao.

  4. Congrats. I expected the Vincenzo FL or So Yeon will win. That Vincenzo chick has hordes of minions on twitter overhyping her 24×7 so it was kind of surprising that Suzy won. Suzy deserves it though, she brought star power and global relevance to Start-up. Meanwhile the Vincenzo director gave a shout out to Sjk in her acceptance speech, lumped everyone else in the Vincenzo team and called it a day lol. But Suzy’s contribution to the success of her drama can never be denied.

    • The director gave a shout-out to writer PJB too. But it’s understandable that out of the cast, she mentioned only SJK because let’s be honest here, Vincenzo is all about SJK & for SJK.

      • Obviously but do her fans understand that? Her fans on twitter have been gleefully taking credit for the drama and calling Suzy’s win rigged when their fav is seemingly considered to be a part of the ensemble cast by the director herself lol. Suzy is obviously more important to her series than the Vincenzo FL was to her series. Suzy is the top billed in Start up and brought international attention to her series like a hallyu star should.

  5. I did not know that this Seoul drama award-giving body had very low standards. Or did she buy this award? She’s the WORST IDOL ACTRESS EVER.

    • Suzy’s acting in Start Up got many praises by Knetz,there are reasons She entered 2020 Gallup drama actors list ranked 6th, won 2021 First Brand best actress award, you sure have your own standard for worst idol actress.

    • x1000 to this. Vincenzo was pure drama crack. It was so addictive I felt like I was on drugs while watching it (I think the writer must’ve been on drugs when he wrote it). It got to the point where I was getting concerned about my level of obsession. To be fair, I was trapped in stringent lockdown and going nuts so maybe that’s why.

      SJK was great, but my personal faves were JYB, KDY, and the guy who played the Wusang CEO who was funny af.

    • Jipuragi trio will always be my fave. And i agree that what makes it special was it’s so addictive. I watched a lot, and loved a lot, but not many dramas turn me into an obsessed fan waiting eagerly for every episode.

      Miss this kinda drama, i have my hopes for inspector koo to bring the same experience.

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