Kim Sun Ho Leads the Male Star Votes for the Popularity Award at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards

I’m neither surprised nor have any strong thoughts about this other than how awkward it’s going to be if he wins. Scandal ridden K-actor Kim Sun Ho is currently leading the votes on the male star side of the upcoming 2021 Asia Artist Awards. It’s one of the less prestigious and relatively newer awards on the circuit but has been around for 5 years now. Voting began after Kim Sun Ho’s scandal broke (I believe but could be a few days before that) so it’s not that voting was done way earlier so that Kim Sun Ho’s fans piled on their votes. His fans are voting for him KNOWING what happened, the allegations, his apology and statement validating the allegations, and subsequent firing from three movies and losing about 13 endorsement brand deals. I don’t know if the strength of their vote will win him the prize and in the long run pave the way for his eventual return to K-ent, but clearly he’s still got a dedicated contingent (even if smaller than before) of diehard fans.


Kim Sun Ho Leads the Male Star Votes for the Popularity Award at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards — 53 Comments

    • i notice koala love to cover ksh story of scandal rather than his acting story of hometown cha cha with shin mina (less cover)whatever is her also one of ksh voter i stan him tru his art and talent of acting.all his drama that i watch will remain favourable especially homwcha will always be the best n his acting give us memory of the chracter❤️hope he repent and redeem himself and comeback to be a btter person.if rainsbow still on his side he will comeback to show us his acting talent once again

      • Yep, no posts about HCCC during the last few weeks but several posts about this scandal since.

        Oh, and who wants to bet she will ignore Dispatch’s latest expose now, because it doesn’t fit her narrative?


      • After dispatch’s revelation I guess the embarrassing ones are the people who blindly belived miss A’s post without a head and tail… Even two of her own friends backstabbed her and took ksh’s side… This is why karma is a bitch…
        Men and women both are human beings and both are equally capable of being good and bad… So just because a woman wrote something about a man doesn’t mean it automatically becomes the holly truth…

      • Dispatch released a timeline of their dating and the ex gf’s friends were on Seonho’s side saying the girl made up some stories/etc. The gf went clubbing and hanging out with other guys. Baby might not have been his…. They dated for like 10 months after the abortion and he still introduced her to his parents but eventually broke up with her due to her excessive lying.

  1. An apology doesn’t valid anything, especially not in Korea where people have to apologize for everything. One of the most ridiculous one was the actors of Joseon Exorcist. Poor guys, they worked hard, hurt themselves… In this case, he apolozized for hurting her, it’s all. She accepted it, it should be over now.

  2. His fans are as bad as SYJ fans. They should lie low so this dies down. Or do they want the awkwardness like at Baeksang when SYJ won the fab voted award and they barely wanted to say her name outloud? It’s embarrassing.

    • How is voting for their favourite being bad? It would have been if he wasn’t a good actor… His acting in homecha is one of the best performances in 2021 without any doubt and if it wasn’t for the controversy he would have been a strong contender for baeksang and all other prestigious awards…

      • I agree..his acting is absolutely mind boggling in Hometown Cha Cha..
        I’m not fans of actors. I just watch dramas for my own entertainment and I couldn’t care less about their private lives…to a degree..
        I believe that all human beings are imperfect beings and who am I to judge them when I have to deal with my own imperfections on a daily basis?
        In this case, I believe that it’s a private matter between lovers blown out of proportion.
        I hope he does not lose his career over it.
        The guy is an amazingly fine actor!

      • Well, it’s only been a few months since SYJ’s scandal and she’s already been offered a role.

  3. No one besides them, actually KNOWS what happened. One side of a story, does not contemplates all sides of a story neither makes it a factual event. His apology, taking in consideration Korean culture and mindset, is not a ssumption of the facts. The critic to the voting fans that are voting despite “knowing” what happened in the intimacy of a couple is not accurate, fans are putting in efforts to save a person’s career from being cancelled based on private events that concern none of us and should not be lightly judge.

  4. Para de ser otario,acorda o cara e bom ator ,as pessoas q se ver como seres humanos ,vão olhar para ele como ator e não para a vida privada dele .Isso tudo só tá acontecendo porq ainda existe pessoas de má índole e carácter .Mas ele vai ganhar porq os fãs dele tem q calar a boca de cultura koreana.cancelctura.

  5. screaming at all the ksh stans storming your page every time an article about him gets posted, i didn’t know his fandom was full of kpop style “oppa didn’t mean it” fangirls lol their behavior only makes him look worse but how to explain it to them.


    • Exactly. They are out in full force like SYJ stans thinking their efforts will mean anything. Easier to do that than to realize they actually don’t know their oppa at all? This is why should just admire someone for their acting abilities not their ‘persona’ which is very much constructed.

      • Even if someone only admire ksh for his acting skills he is still very much admirable considering he is a very good actor… Lol…

      • But didn’t their efforts work… She is already gonna make a comeback and that too in less than an year since the scandal… She didn’t even make a proper apology like ksh and there were more proves that she used to manipulate kjh unlike ksh’s case where everything is one sided with just an apology from ksh’s side which is expected from any korean celeb when a scandal breaks out…
        Also syj and kjh’s matter affected an entire production whereas ksh never let his person problems affect his professional life…
        So if syj and kjh can make an early comeback and get a good agency in no time, ksh with his level of talent and crazy fan following will get back in no time…

      • You said it yourself. “This is why should just admire someone for their acting abilities not their persona which is very much constructed.” I think that is what ksh’s fan do. A lot of people admire of ksh acting ability. For 2 months people praise about how good hometown cha cha cha is, including KSH acting. I guess AAA lists Ksh as nomination because of his performance in that drama, so why people won’t choose him for popularity award?

      • That’s so right…we are told not to judge…this is theater, movies..his talent is all that matters..he has apologize without so much as a fight..he has repented! Give him a chance, everyone deserves a second sure he has learnt his lesson..LIFE GOES ON?

    • I think koala likes it too, because she posted too many ksh articles. Just like any other website, she knows that ksh article means a lot of traffic.

      Why do you think she posts a news of ksh, when he doesnt win the award yet? Some people want to mock ksh, and some people want to defend ksh. She hits the right button for all of us. More comments means more traffic.

      • your delusion of think that people who spam votes is there just for talents
        and not is a bunch of fangirls in love with the “perfect” actor lmao

        how many years you follow the industry?

      • of course you can
        but you are silly if you think that people devote so many time with votes or defending him just because of his talent

        people put him in his heart just like any other hallyu star
        how they are perfect how they are amazing
        fallin in love

        thats why they watch things outside his dramas etc etc

        and now that the delusion of perfect and amazing boy is gone they want say that they like him because of talent lol

        come on, its kdrama
        we know very well its not like this worlds works

      • agree! sometimes i complain about obvious clickbait for traffic but in this case i find it very amusing, maybe because i have a hard time believing this (frankly ordinary) actor gathered so many diehard fans in such a little time so seeing them here with their silliness in full display is entertaining.

    • Agreed, Judy. I think in America we unconsciously default to our celebrities being jerks until there have been years of proving otherwise. Divas and “method-actors” are tend to be expected. Being a misogynist, racist, and having relatively extreme political views are really the only things that will get you canceled here. And, those three are really only in the last 5-10 years.

      • “relatively extreme political views”…If you don’t toe the progressive line in Hollywood and aren’t Clint Eastwood or Tom Selleck, you keep your mouth shut. Also blatant racism would get you cancelled further back than 10 years ago but I think treatment of all but A list actresses was still pretty bad up to Me To.

    • Well Kim Seon Ho ain’t American, he’s Korean. And he will be bound by Korean standards and principles, which is totally different from American norms. You can’t put your beliefs and principles and think to apply it in another country. He did wrong. It might not be criminal or unlawful but it was still wrong. This is what his fans can’t seem to understand.

      He may return to television or movies. It may even happen in a few months but sad to say his career won’t be the same as before. Who will take a risk in their career for him? I don’t think any A list actors, actresses, writers or director will want to be associated with him because of this scandal. He will be downgraded and will act with others not as popular or likeable as Shin Min Ah or Bae Suzy. Is this what his fans want for him? Korea has strict public moral standards. This is their culture. We can’t just change it because of some actor who is our “oppa”. Just as Korean public can’t impose their culture on America. You really can’t compare two cultures in the same way.

      • even if South Korea is Eastern, it’s still quite free and their life style is heading into more into western. drinking habit is quite normal, and free sex is normalised. abortion rate is quite high. It’s quite shocking and kind hypocrite they act like saint and mighty considering their lifestyle. My country is still very conservative regarding this issue.

  6. Well God will judge this disgusting man and give his rightful karma in killing his own flesh his fans can do whatever they want to satisfy their deluded mind if you think this kind of scandal is childplay in the US i hope it happens to you.

  7. I despise him as human bring in real life if turn out to be true. imo he is more like a coward than abusive. but I can separate real life persona with acting taLent. he is quite good actor and I really hope South Korea stop cancel actor in every scandal it’s just becoming silly. It’s not like he is doing something criminal and require jail sentence.

  8. A lot of comments here are saying that it’s normal for him to be judge only for His talent and not for his private life . As a french , i understand and i agree because our stars are in tabloids every week and have “western lifes” . But he lives in SKorea , and the system wants to show a positive image of their entertainers , as he managed his private life very poorly , he should pay the price as others before him . Once again here i go with the case of former A list actresses Yoon Eun Hye and Kim Min Hee,Jang dong Gun,Joo Jin Mo, the young actor in The uncanny counter, Park Si Yeon , even Park Shi Hoo with his connections didn’t regain his popularity , T Ara’s members , Park Bom , Ji Soo because after all he apologized , just to name a few ones . So from my point of view netizens are biased and have double standards .

    • Not mentioning single actresses with children !!! Who are treated like persona non grata . Where is the no judgement private life for them ? Wait … Nowhere !

    • You’ve hit the nail on the head. It’s similar to what I wrote above. I didn’t get to read your comment earlier. But I agree that western and eastern culture are different. We can’t impose one value or standard of one culture on the other. Korea value their positive values of hard work, perseverance, humility, sincerity and most of all taking responsibility (if something is done wrong). We can see this in most of their dramas how they put importance on these.

      For KSH’s fans, they can support him as much as they want. But his status will be downgraded. It won’t be the same A list actors and actresses, writer and directors who will want to work with him. This is also the reason why advertisers are pulling out. No one wants their product and reputation to be linked to him.

      Kim Seon Ho messed up. He was given fame and much love by people around him but he abused this. He has to realize that with Great Fame comes great responsibility. If he has any good conscience at all, it would actually be better for him to stay away from limelight.

    • I don’t disagree, but I think how celebrity is treated in Korea is weird and unhealthy. If a doctor, lawyer etc did what he did, no one would care but somehow being famous means you have to have this clean facade that we all should know both internationally and in Korea is not real. It is what it is I guess.

      To this day I don’t understand the implosion of Yoon Eun Hye’s career. I mean I remember stuff going on but just never really got it. I have seen her back on variety but it’s like she didn’t toe the line and they were gonna make her pay. Even the gals on Dramabeans were like she just needs to go away and no one wants her around. It was a weird reaction. She’s so talented and has such a good chemistry with all the actors she’s worked with. I actually hope she starts maybe taking smaller roles away from the 16 episode rom/coms and slowly build back up but she’s probably made so much $ she doesn’t want the grief.

  9. While I think that his nice guy popularity is gone forever, I think what type of career he has will be determined by what his reputation is in the business. The Korean entertainment industry isn’t that big and there will be people in the know. This guy has been around for a while so after his atonement/reflection period, we’ll see if he starts getting some breaks and if he as friends left in the business.

    I knew whatsherface from It’s OK to Not Be OK was gonna be back by the reaction of a movie director who point blank said the dude was responsible for his actions on set.

  10. He had a bigger role in HCCC than SHA and he was able to deliver big time. There is no doubt he is one of the better actors in SK, he just acts so naturally. Too bad he got careless with his personal life. If the votes were coming from international fans, then I suppose he can have a career in the international market (Asia) if he wants to pursue it.

  11. Anytime I read this actor’s present predicament, it hurts how people can love you one day and crucify you the very next day. Everybody makes mistake, he did own up and mess up but ripping him everything he’s done or earned through hardwork and talent is a bit overboard for me.
    He is human, he is not perfect, he is worthy of forgiveness, the battering is enough.

  12. I am a Filipino-Canadian who loves K-drama Ent. I really love the acting of Kim Seon Ho in Hometown Cha Cha Cha.He belongs now to one of the finest actors in Korea.i believe he can be one of the versatile dramatic actors of Korea.He has an undenying chemistry with Shin Min Ah. He is now one of my fave Male Actors in K-ent.I just watched again the K-drama HCCC 2x already and still intends to watch over and over again.Am one person that don’t buy just scandals unless proven in court. Celebrities are prone to scandals coz they are also human beings that makes mistakes and are always magnified by social media. They are not saints…so they must not be crucified nor their talents be doomed to death for human mistakes just because they are now so popular.Hear both sides of the stories and if they agreed to mutually end the issue…that’s it…Time to heal and repent should come and time to make amends…life must move on…celebrities are here to entertain…we should not waste talents when we see one…LET THEM SHINE again…I truly believe Kim Seon Ho is a very nice person..he will now learn from this mistakes in life from now on…and hoping it will turn him to become a better and calculated person in the future. GOD BLESS YOU KIM SEON HO…

    • I am pure Filipino and i love your comment you can really feel a person who is good, humble and honest and take responsibility to the fullest when you watch him and on how he mingle to other persons there is no fake attitude on what he do.. HE IS PURE we suppoted him because we wanted to be with in this time of his downest hour.. we fot your back KSH..

  13. Now this way too soon judgment trying to pass as an article should or must apologize since the truth came out with dispatch , men are sometimes victims of crazy and mean women as well . Go Kim Seon Ho ! Is gonna be amazing see you rising when you come up to the stage for your award!! You career is still starting ! You have too much to offer and I am excited to watch you continue growing! I’m glad I always doubt of the rumors. Ari from Mexico

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