Lovers of the Red Sky Ends with an All Over the Place Conclusion with Loose Ends and a Saccharine Sweet Happy Ending for the OTP

Crack is wack, chingus! This 1980’s slogan is perfect for SBS drama Lovers of the Red Sky (Hong Chun Gi) which wrapped up this week from its wild run. What was a promising sageuk devolved gradually into a crazier and poorly acted near farce by the end. The plot was a one track pony and the behavior of all the characters made zero sense to logic. With that said, the final episode actually wasn’t that bad, it was the best episode since episode 4 so long ago and it felt like the writer actually had a solid ending in mind to deliver this. We learn young Ha Ram possessed by the Demon killed his own dad by accident and it sucks the King kept it a secret so much wasted angst. Chun Gi makes a deal with the Painting Goblin to properly repaint the Royal Portrait that can successfully contain the Demon even if it makes her crazy. Prince Juhyang is locked up by the King for his evil deeds but not before he tells daddy dearest that he’s got the Demon poison in him and needs to absorb the Demon to save his own life. Sorry Juju no one cares at this point.

Ha Ram has some last minute emo session before getting his act together and heading to the sealing ceremony. Chun Gi and her painting friends work feverishly to finish the painting but the Demon takes over Ha Ram before the ceremony even starts. He breaks through and sucks back his eyes from Chun Gi. Mountain Granny and Tiger Girl finally do more than watch from the sidelines and try and contain the Demon long enough for now blind Chun Gi to finish the portrait, which she does when her dead dad possesses her. The portrait is finished and Mountain Granny sacrifices herself to drag the Demon into it sealing him. Ha Ram and Chun Gi pledge their everlasting love and the second half of the drama is all the happily every after cuteness. Strangely the two leads finally have chemistry once Ha Ram can see again which means Ahn Hyo Seob just can’t act as a blind person hence his suckage the last episodes. One would think this is it but no the last 5 minutes of the episode is Prince Yangmyung rushing back to the Palace to don his warrior outfit and face off against Prince Juhyang who busted out of prison after 5 years ready to stage a coup. The end.


Lovers of the Red Sky Ends with an All Over the Place Conclusion with Loose Ends and a Saccharine Sweet Happy Ending for the OTP — 90 Comments

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  2. I think the drama went downhill after episode 6 (the painting contest). I had just finished watching episode 12 and it was a struggle. With 4 episodes more to go for me, idk if I can bring myself to complete watching. Maybe I will just watch it to keep me company while I’m on treadmill.

    • Haha i actually watched eps 9-11 on the treadmill/doing housework lol. I lost interest after ep 6 too. the writing just fell apart after that imo

      • I didn’t watch this drama but this 6-episode thing is interesting. I’ve had a feeling for a while now that dramas are fully written up to about ep. 6. From there on they’re being written in real time, and many dramas seem to weaken or go sideways at about that point. Interesting to hear other people confirm that.

      • @kellie that’s an interesting observation. I usually drop dramas at the ep 4 mark if they can’t reel me in sufficiently. This one became so weird in ep 7. They had a mild romantic buildup through the eps, had sth “romantic” happen (won’t spoil it for ya) and then in ep 7 on were back to acting like complete strangers. It was so jarring. Could never buy the romance amongst everything else

    • I agree. After the painting contest, they didn’t broadcast due to choseok festival. After that they resumed broadcasting and it failed to capture my interest anymore. Afterwards I stopped watching and just read recaps.

  3. The drama was the dumbest thing ever written and did not need 16 episodes for all the nonsense they kept recycling. Also why does anyone think that AHS and especially KYJ are even remotely believable as almost 30 year olds let alone parents with a child. It just looked like they were little kids playing house and the acting was so stiff and awkward. Overall the drama was a total dud and definitely not worth any of the hype and it is no wonder SBS completely gave up on it. The acting was mediocre at best and the chemistry was so forced it made no sense expect for the fact that they were the leads and hence the OTP. Good riddance its finally over.

      • This drama is a classic example when those involved assume that when they put together a PD and writer well known for previous good works and 2 pretty and handsome actors smiling with blinding white teeth….everything will be a success without any efforts?!?! Lazy writing, awful or none-at-all directing and mediocre acting! Only the painting competition was good.

    • Oh, the only good acting was the Ma Wang (i m kidding of cos!) but even then…. can he please lose his obsession with his eyes?!!!

    • Seriously the acting just kept getting worse and the PD is also to blame for that. He didn’t bother giving any instructions it seems and it doesn’t even feel like he was invested in the drama. What was that weird ending? What is even the point of that!

    • Yes. I don’t know how the director let the poor acting slide. It’s like none of the cast and crew cared after a certain point.
      Am hearing about the ending scene in the finale and ppl clamouring for S2. Please don’t. Nothing about this drama needs or deserves a second season. It’s quite literally the worst drama i’ve seen in awhile and im suprised this drama got greenlighted. It could have been so much better tbh.

      • Trust me nobody except blind twitter stans of the leads with no taste are interested in another season. The writing was a mess and the drama was chore to finish.

      • HAHAHA truer words have never been said! I see similar comments on Mydramalist and I just.. *shakes head*
        This writer needs to be banned from writing anything else. One note characters with no personality like someone said below, utter mess with nothing making sense. Long drawn out “conflicts” over nothing. ughh I could go on

      • Well, we will see if your statement is totally true. Let’s wait if this drama and the actors will be nominated and get an award. Then we will conclude

  4. Not surprised SBS pulled the plug on promoting this. One the woman with the insanely competitive time slot and the very talented Honey Lee in her first ever lead role must have taken the channel by surprise and turned out the better drama by and large. LOTRS was a waste of budget and time slot.

      • imo in fiery priest it was more kim nam gil lead with her as co lead, it was team effort. one the woman is literally the honey lee show, she hardcarries on her own and the rest just follows. love her btw very happy her drama is doing great

      • Before this, she was *a lead* in Iron Daughters-in-Law and Modern Farmer, but in One the Woman, she is the titular woman.

      • Considering that it is directed by Popular, baser on popular novel and aired in a highly-rated channel, it’s finale and ratings are considered underwhelming.

      • It is a waste of budget. If SBS felt it had been worth the budget, they would have promoted the heck out of it. You would also be seeing the cast on various varieties n interviews, mag pictorials etc. Milking the sh*t out of the drama n themselves.
        High viewership means nothing. Esp for this drama. Lots of us were tuning in yet not watching/playing it in the background. Only rabid stans assume that ppl were seriously interested.

    • FYI.

      Lovers of the red sky is the 2nd drama from SBS that they’re providing/producing the merchandise due to the drama’s popularity. The other one was penthouse.

      “Hon Chun Gi launched a historical drama fever”

      After Hon Chun Gi ended with favorable review, attention is now focus on which currently airing and upcoming historical dramas that will pick up baton from Hon Chun Gi to continue the popularity of sageuk.

      Lovers of the Rd Sky is evaluated to have revived the popularity of sageuk that subside since the sageuk controversy earlier this year

  5. The characters had no personality whatsoever and the last episode was half filler with the overly sweet ending with that child which was super cringe and very 2000s. Just ugh.

  6. Seeing TTON trending on theqoo yet again I now know what to watch to cleanse my eyes and brain of this mess. A drama can be cute as a button and still have strong female characters that don’t spend most of their time crying over a guy and being rescued. Not that said guy was even worth any of that.

  7. When the teaser came out forever ago, I was so excited for this one! And for crying out loud some of the shots in the last episode showed the blue screen.
    But most of all, I really wish for my boy Gong Myung to get a lead role in at least one smash hit.

  8. The end was really weird. Why ending with the 2 princes fighting? It doesn’t make any sense. The story was about HCG and painting… It’s sad the writer forget about that because the contest was really the best part.

    The love story was disapointing. They didn’t really developped it when they were adults, everything rested on one day when they were young and it’s like they didn’t change at all…

    I would like a drama with Prince Yul! He deserves to be happy.

    • Yes dho..i dontreally like the way the critize the writter…hello why am i here?bcause i love this drama a lot .but why does this comment section full with bad comments only?!u’re the only person i saw who posted positive comment..

    • Yes. I was surprised when he got “promoted” to lead roles. None of his supporting roles before that was so mind-blowingly good it deserved a promotion to lead. All the dramas he’s been leads in have been duds OR hard carried by another actor (RD2).he’s very mediocre. Average at best n can’t generate chemistry with his Co leads.

  9. Really?? I can understand AHS’s poor acting, but I thought KYJ did amazingly with what she had. To work aside actor pn romance scenes who doesn’t respond the way you want to you, and also working with the poor writing on the screenwriter’s behalf. I thought if anything KYJ made it bearable to watch the show

  10. Is there anyone who read the actual novel? Would someone care to post how different the novel ended or was it the same?

    I cannot believe Samshin kept saying she was the divine painter and yet, CG had to make a deal to complete the portrait and make it powerful enough to trap Mawang. And it was her ghost dad who actually helped her paint the facial features since Mawang took his eyes back.

    I felt that if the green Goblin took the portrait right after the first exorcism then Mawang would have been done away with so easily without sacrificing Samshin. Haram needn’t lose his vision and Chun Gi would be free of the curse as well.

    I wonder what happened to the writer it was such a mesmerizing watch up to Episode six…

  11. We all have our own opinions on Lotrs…for me i loved it from beginning to end…the characters the acting…everything…yes i have questions about a few things but hey wht can we do…well done to everyone involved…fighting…??

  12. I’m going to write a long essay abt my honest reviews abt this drama.

    overall, the drama has a great cinematography and beautiful colour, so it is no surprise that they won the best cinematography award. the lead’s visuals are insane and top tier.

    Ahn Hyoseop:
    I found that his character is the most attractive and interesting in this drama. he played multiple roles, and tried his best to act out the roles. he was also the centre of this drama. this drama is revolved around him, and i fell hard in love with his visuals in this drama. what’s more, he became more handsome when he regained his eye sight in the last episode. but it such a pity that he sometimes looks blindless in many scenes. i also found it’s absurd that he could also do a blindless person can do. i believe he could won top excellent award if this blind role was done right.

    kim yoojung:
    she’s no doubt a great actress. she is a veteran actress, so she nailed her character. as she has a beautiful smile, she nailed the sweet and lovey dovey scenes. but sadly, contrary to the praised from another watchers, i found that she was trying very hard acting out her emotional scenes, which made it cringed to watch. i got a second hand embarrassment whenever watching her screaming scenes in ep15, as if she was possessed by something evil (sorry yoojungie). it’s creepy to watch indeed, but it’s out of the character and looks chemical. her crying scenes during haram’s detainment and her father death scene also looks so forced for me. the wailing sounded so loud, but barely see any tears come out. but her blind character was her best scenes for me, especially with the cgi grey lenses. she really looks like a blind person! she also may win top excellent award in sbs, but it’s hard to say as there are several great actresses with higher rated drama that she will be competing with. but i think she may win it because sbs didn’t produce many dramas this year, so the probability to win is higher. but not daesang.

    this writer is so ambitious with her writing. she is the one that I’ll blame the most for the negative reviews watchers gave for this drama. so many plotholes, and there are so many cringed lines. the scenes also repetitive, and so many useless fillers. such a waste since she already has good materials from the best novel.

    pd jang:
    coming from this pd, i would say it is such a disappointment. he was hailed as a best pd previously due to all of his drama projects got a high and good rating. but for lotrs rating, i would say it is just an average rating at best. i expect the drama under his direction will get 15% at least. but it didn’t happened. i felt that he didn’t guide the casts very well. the bad writing also contribute to this average rating. but obviously not due lack of promotion from sbs. because the King’s affection also heavily promoted by kbs and netflix, but the rating is still below the average.

    so overall, i think this drama performed under the expectation after being said as one of the most anticipated drama in 2021 by the fans and medias. it failed to live up to the expectation.

    • your view is the most sane one compared to the whole worst drama ever comments lol. in terms of cinematography and shots, they are really pretty. i guess the director usually have no problem with actors acting due to the actors he worked before are really good, hence his lacking ability to direct the actors is seen here.

      the most glaring weakness is writing, but first 6 episodes and the last one actually interesting. this is just a case of trying to expand a thin plot to 16 episodes.

      AHS is kinda ok although the blind acting was his key failure. There was somewhat sweet chemistry between the leads, wouldn’t write it off totally.

      As much as I love KYJ, I agree with you that some scenes showed her inability to cry freely and there is lacking nuance when she is angry or sad. I personally think she was the best in TMETS, really blown away that time.

      Overall, this is not the best drama nor the worst. it is very visually pleasing (shots were pretty and the leads are incredibly pleasing and compatible on the eyes) but failed on extension of thin plot. i would recommend people to watch episode 1 to 6, skip to 16.

      • I agree with both of you about KYJ’s acting. I wonder why. She was so good in TMETS. I thought she would be hitting this out of the park easily. I didn’t comment about her acting since I thought I was the only who felt that way.

      • I mostly agree with the assessments of @fifiy and @saaraahaanaa. This drama was a trainwreck, no doubt. Its key problems were the terrible terrible terrible writing, first and foremost. Then the directing, before the acting.

        For his first sageuk, I think AHS was decent but not great. He had that same constipated (or is it conflicted?) expression for different emotions. No range or nuance whatsoever. Plus, there’s his failed blind acting. And visually, I don’t find his looks as mindblowing as some do. He’s not bad to look at but he’s not a knockout either. KYJ is the sageuk fairy so she was expected to do well but this role was not challenging in any way so she wasn’t impressive. Just good.

        I found myself rolling my eyes at the overdramatic emotional scenes because they were trying to sell the OTP as this epic, once-in-a-lifetime love story but the whole thing hinged on that one day childhood meeting and there wasn’t any real romantic interaction between them as adults. It’s a shame because what really hooked me was the OTP chemistry in the palanquin scene at the end of EP2. But they didn’t do much with it.

        The characters were severely underdeveloped, the mythology frustratingly inconsistent and not explained and elements conveniently popped up only when the plot needed them to. But the drama had bright moments like the painting and astrology scenes which they should have focused on more. Personally, I don’t see anything Baeksang-worthy about this drama, except maybe the stunning scenery. For the acting awards, they might win them at SBS.

        As much as I’m disappointed in the drama, I don’t believe it was the worst drama ever or a waste of time. I can think of several others more deserving of that distinction. Anyways, not much more to say except good luck to the cast on their future projects which will hopefully bring out the best in them and let them shine.

      • I’ve always felt she was better as a child actress and just hasn’t been able to transition to adult roles. She lacks the nuance needed for a full length female lead role and also does not have an eye for characters or script for that matter. The visuals were pretty but honestly felt repetitive after a point. Cinematography alone can’t carry a drama and I have to agree with the comments the writer and director put zero efforts into the plot, character development or acting. To me 6 episodes aren’t enough to carry a drama because all the bad erases out the somewhat good parts especially when a romance drama has to literally force the romance into the last episode to make it seem worth it. Just not it.

      • @~ @wora: loved your comments. Ahs is ok looking, not terribly handsome actually. In fact from some angles I think he looks strange. He was awful here. No nuancing, some stiff expressions n behaviour throughout. I find kyj to be a charming actress when she was still a child actress but she has yet to impress me in her adult roles :/ she was alright here but her character wasn’t great. Joseon candy. Her ott over dramatic acting in certain emotional scenes really took me out. Little romance scenes to even justify their passionate romance lol. We have more scenes of them interacting as if they just met the day before.

        The ott romance also made me roll my eyes. All of that started from a single peach picking incident eons ego when they were kids? Over the top dramatic n unrealistic.

        This drama isn’t winning a single acting award in SBS lol. The channel has other more successful dramas with 1000x better acting that came out this year.

    • Tbh,i really like this drama a lot..but i really hate it when people only praised KYJ acting skills..why does they critized AHS acting skills???im glad i saw u’re comment..bcause since i opened comment section i cant help it..this comment section are full with bad comments..and tbh,i saw so many of them critized AHS acting skills also critized the writter..what the hell they think they are?!if they’re good enough why dont they justaudition as an actor?

  13. Koala must be so happy that her playground is full of haters. A lot of people enjoyed the drama. Is there such a thing as a perfect drama? LOTRS made a lot of people entertained. To each his own. If you dont like it, shut up! A lot of critics here. Too much hate. Peace and be safe✌

    • If you only want to hear praise then you’re in the wrong place. When a drama or movie airs it’s up for judgement by everyone and when the majority has criticism for it then it’s obviously not great. Wether it’s this blog or MDL or dramabeans the drama has received criticism on all forums so if you want to just live in the delusion of stan twitter that’s your problem.

    • Well..i don’t agree with what koala has to say all the time. But, try to understand that it is her views and her blogs.After all the drama did not receive good reviews from other sites too.

    • I absolutely loved the drama. Waited patiently for every episode. Even subscribed to Viu just for it. KYJ was born to act & I loved AHS too. Reading all the above comments, I think jealousy is a dangerous emotion. Stay strong AHS & KYJ !

  14. This article is the most bullshit page I ever encountered. So much hate. Commenters are the worst. It’s so damn obvious you all targeting something. Maybe this page was made to gain haters who don’t have better things to do. Too bad the drama ended with a bang and with high ratings. You won’t be able to sleep sound because of your insecurities. I wouldn’t be even surprised if most of the commenters here are Korean. If I only I could spit on all of you. Disgusting netizens. This show is a masterpiece. The. End.

    • Wow…. Are you for real?
      To say “if only” you could spit on these people is just as disgusting as the netizens that disgusted you.

    • Nope. The rating is not high considering that it is directed by a high profile PD, based on popular novel and aired in SBS.

    • For a SBS drama that 10% is meaningless. If this was MBC that 10% would be everything but SBS can get those ratings without even trying *coughAlicecough*

    • @Jessa. Poor you. You sound mentally unwell. Imagine being this personally hurt by a drama that you have no relations to. Unless you were one of the cast, the director.. oh! Perhaps u are the writer and couldn’t take the roasting you’ve gotten here?

      I hope you’ve managed to get your medication since posting this comment. Sending lots of love to u. You need loads of it ❤

  15. It just funny reading hate comments towards the drama and it’s even funnier that those who didn’t finish the drama till the end are the ones with comments like “poor” “waste of time to watch”. Well at the first place you can’t really appreaciate the drama more without immersing yourself till the end. Other platforms says that the drama has a good plot and ending even the actors has a great acting. So don’t ever sy that the drama is quite flop. It’s a successful one though. Spread love not hate?✌️

    • Try not to lie to yourself all the time. The reviews are bad everywhere and the ratings on both viki and mdl have been dropping. It even feel on the buzz ranks in korea and the actors are barely on the list especially the fl. The actual viewership based on hh is only 1.6 min avg which is nothing to write home about.

      • Try not to lie to yourself all the time. The reviews are bad everywhere and the ratings on both viki and mdl have been dropping. It even fell on the buzz ranks in korea and the actors are barely on the list especially the fl. The actual viewership based on hh is only 1.6 min avg which is nothing to write home about.

      • Stans of this drama who don’t even live in Korea, understand how their TV viewership works n can’t even speak a lick of Korean over here arguing about how successful the ratings were BWAHAHAHA

        Listen. SBS is a public channel. Everyone and their mothers n pet dogs watch it. This was shown at 10pm. Not exactly prime time slot but very close. This is the timing when families are gathered after dinner, where people are resting after work/washing up etc.

        Yet u have only have only 10% rating (at its highest, it was fluctuating below 10 for a long time). It’s not a success in fact it’s rather
        PATHETIC. Majority of Korean media aren’t discussing this show anywhere. The cast aren’t doing any post drama interviews, photoshoots etc. This all shows that it’s not popular with the Korean genpop or with the media at all. The people watching it probably put it on in the background or just watch it without really analysing the drama.

        Stop spouting rubbish when u are sitting miles away in SEA with zero clue of how TV works in Korea.

      • Hi this is the updated rankingsfor the complete list of Most Buzzworthy Drama from October 24 to November 30. FYI

        1. “Jirisan”

        2. “Lovers Of The Red Sky”

        3. “The King’s Affection’

        4. “One the Woman”

        5. “Yumi’s Cells”

        6. “Young Lady and Gentleman”

        7. “Reflection of You”

        8. “Inspector Koo”

        9. “High Class”

        10. “Dali and Cocky Prince”


    • Yes agree!since i opened this comment section tbh it is full with bad comments only..and i also hate the way they critized the writter writing skills and AHS acting skills…i just dont get why they think this drama is not good..well why am i here rn bcause of i rlly like this drama a lot..but why does i only saw negative comments?!thankyou to you @yes loko..u’re the first person i saw who commented positive comment about this drama after scrolling thousand of bad comments❤

  16. True the drama had many shortcomings and fell short on many aspects, but overall it was an enjoyable drama for me.
    Many ppl commenting here on yoojung’s crying scenes, i felt it was perfect, she lived the character and the emotions potrayed by her was mind boggling for me.
    Many ppl here are so used to mediocre acting by their bias that of course they will find best acting as cringy and over acting.
    My queen slayed the role as chungi and proud to follow her.
    Reviews might be negative due to bad writing but acting wise everyone were good .
    My queen was even trending for her so called cringy acting.
    She is just 22 but still compare to many vetreran actress.
    God knows what variation she will show once she becomes older.
    Sosukes are happy and proud to stan her and find no fault in her acting abilities whereas those who find her acting cringy , u can continue thinking whatever u like.
    My girl rocks and slay every role like no other.
    Proud of u my girl

    • @Ana I’m a KYJ fan as well and I highly disagree that her crying scenes are “cringy”, but can you just respect the opinions of others without throwing shade that they only think so because they’re “used to mediocre acting”?
      You’re trying so hard to sound like you respect the opinions of others, but throwing shade like that.
      Like you said, if they think her crying scenes are bad, they’re free to think so, no need for your assumptions.

      Just to be clear, I’ve been a KYJ fan since her Dong Yi days, but comments like yours make our fandom look bad and rabid, like we can’t take any constructive criticism.
      If they’re blatantly insulting Yoojungie, like calling her ugly, then I’ll be the first to defend her. But most of the comments here are just criticizing the way the drama was written and the way the director directed the cast, resulting in this mess. It’s not a personal attack on Jungie, calm down lol

      Yes, Jungie is the best for us, but others can have their opinion.

      Stop embarrassing our fandom, please

      • @marga
        Just because i said her acting was best, i turn to be a blind fanatic in your eyes.
        At least i dont praise her with cringy statements.
        Her acting gave me goosebumps when i watched LOTRS, so i admired her acting and the constructive criticism you are talking about I dont concede to it.
        I know what i like and others opinion dont matter to me.
        Like everyone even i gave my point of view of the drama.
        I am not forcing anyone to like her acting.
        Yes she has some scope for improvement(eg their first meeting when she asked for the lift, i believe that part could have been better, was not satisfied ) but the crying scenes were all excellent for me).
        Even if i m a fan , i m not a blind one unlike many, who dont find any fault in their bias but only others.
        Sorry to bore you with my long speech.

      • @Ana I can’t believe I’m agreeing with @Marga with this, but I am.
        You’re saying others can have their own opinion, but then throws shade at others that they only have that opinion because they’re “so used to mediocre acting by their bias”. That’s not respecting others’ opinion. You’re not forcing them to have a different opinion, but you’re implying that there’s something wrong with them if they think your bias isn’t the best actress.
        LOL Please learn to take constructive criticism, it’s not like anyone (aside from that KES troll) is personally attacking your bias, they even said her acting in TMETS is good, they just think this wasn’t her best performance, which means it’s the directing and writing that’s the problem.
        Can you calm down now please? lol


      • That Ana is just stupid. She’s just the type of delusional stan who will see shit and say it’s gold just because it’s from her fave. A real dumbass.

    • “You almost puked”? Seriously? That’s a gross exaggeration. You could just have said her crying scenes weren’t believable to you. To each his own, I guess.
      To myself and many others, KYJ is a professional in everything she does including “her crying scenes” hence the high praise and ratings for the drama till the very end.

      • A 10% rating is what you call high! It is sbs, it is used tp getting more 11% to 20% in past dramas

  17. I worry about his next drama.
    I actually like the two female leads Kim Sejong and Seol Inah.
    Guess these two will have to hard carry The Office Blind Date with AHS as the male lead.

  18. @marga
    Thats my reasoning and opinion,for people who judged her acting, u can just ignore it if u feel if whoever your bias is good.
    Why you reacting like an insecure fan, why cant you take it as constructive opinion unless you believe whatever i said is true.
    I dint praise yoojung universally, i just said her crying scenes were excellent unlike what some people made it out to be like.
    I dont have a right to speak on behalf of others to use to word universally its cringy and not my style. Even yoojung dont believe herself to be perfect yet who am i to contradict her.
    Dont try to twist my words according to your understanding.

  19. For me, I found AHS’s acting mediocre out of all the cast involved in the drama.

    He also has lack of connection with his partner.

    In all BTS videos, he didn’t seem to bother interacting with KYJ and other actors. He didn’t talk much to think they all spent 8 months filming this drama.

    Sure, he has the handsome face, but it will not go far if one’s acting stays below the ground most of the time.

    Moreover, his voice and facial expressions don’t go beyond being soft.

    No hint of betrayal, hatred, pain, and anger. Even in his Mawang’s character, you can’t see and feel the evil in it.

    This is the first drama I’ve seen of him. I didn’t even know why there was a hype on him prior to this because when I watched clips of his previous works, his acting is just the same.

    Lastly, as for KYJ, I find her acting in line with her character who does everything to help his father, her friends, and Ha Ram.

    If only the writing was solid by giving characters depth and substance, instead of only one note, this could have been better.

    I hope KYJ chooses a non-romcom drama next time. Try more action-filled genres with no romantic male partner.

    She was good doing fight scenes in Backstreet Rookie anyway.

    She could team up with Eum Moon Sook too. He’s the actor who played Bob Hair in Fiery Priest, Webtoon Artist in Backstreet Rookie, psychopath in Tell Me What You Saw, and conceited actor in Hello Me. Haha!

  20. This drama wasn’t that bad. In fact the drama has ended quite unique and has it own charm. Since the drama aired I was looking forward every episode simply because every episode has a little masterpiece, the cinematography is nice and the main leads visuals are pleasing and I just watch it casually.

    Talked about acting, KYJ carried the weight of the drama and to be honest as a whole she did pretty well. The painting scene was good and I like her chemistry with all the painting peers. The 3 musketeers! I see her acting skills has improved a lot compared to previous drama. Her role as HCG is even more tougher compared to Ra On. And she stably lead the drama. And I don’t see she force herself for the crying scene especially during her dad passed away. Her emotion and crying is real, the videographer did not zoom in but tears were flowing from her eyes are real. And last ep 16 her acting was insane, I was so immersed when she cried and completed the king portrait. No denial there are some area she need to improve but hey at the age of 22 , she did a good job leading the drama. Looking forward for your great future.

    As for AHS, yea agreed most of the time he did not act as blind. His role is not easy as haram, mawang and illwosong. Illwosong role is not much and probably he is good in acting mysterious. And the emotion scene with HCG can be improved. Afterall I guess he has done his best.

    The drama has sustained the rating and gone up in last ep 16. Still consider not bad.

    Just enjoy the drama and watch it casually. ?

  21. I’m a little bit shock by the bold comments. Didn’t realize people would seriously watch and criticize. I really don’t mind cuz if there’s a handsome leading man that makes me “kilig” on screen plus a leading lady that I like then I would just go on watching. Ya, but it’s true the escalation of the story is a bit: running in circles. Anyhow, I give credit to their effort and I’m enjoying something for free. ?

  22. I’m already missing lovers of the red sky family….kudos to everyone …you all gave your best…hope to see you all again together in one kdrama…

  23. I still love the drama even though it had its flaws. However I understand that koala and other commentators can have their opinions and as long as it doesn’t cross the line to hating the actors it’s all good.
    I blame the writers and PD for what happened with this drama, yoojungie did her best with what she had to work with. I hope she had a stronger male lead though, but AHS is okay.

    I’ll just wait for yoojungie’s netflix movie and hopefully her next drama will be female centric and much better! Fighting yoojungie!

  24. Although I found that the main leads didn’t have much of a connection initially and I found both supervisor Ha and the prince’s confessions to be a bit abrupt as I didn’t really feel either of them had much chemistry with her I still looked forward to the episodes every week. But I found the ending weird like it ended with their happily ever after but then ended on a bit of a cliffhanger note with the two Princes fighting? So does that mean there’s going to be a second season that carries on the fight between the princes or what I wasn’t sure where they were going with that.

  25. Omg you guys,pls be more mature..if u guys dont like this drama or if u guys only want to critize AHS acting skills..pls stop commenting…i just dont get it why did yalls dont like this kind of drama..but still why did u watch it if u hate it?its up to the writter..if she/he wants the drama to be planned like this just let the it be..its the writter’s pov..if u dont like it why dont u just leave?also i really didnt like the way yalls critized AHS acting skills and praised KYJ acting skills..AHS tried his best too..please please please if you guys think he is not good yet why dont you guys create your own drama with no AHS in it?!hmm why am i here?bcause i love this drama..and i praised AHS and KYJ acting glad that i hear there were rumoured about s2…hmm i dont know else wht to say but..spread love hatee❤

  26. In conclusion to all the comments whether good or bad … don’t worry, Kyj is still young and there are still many opportunities to act in the future. Fighting Kyj and Ahy?

  27. Do you think people will believe with that gimmick just to cover the flopness of the drama. RWTMR is an iconic sageuk and bagged major awards and nominations.

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