KBS Youth Sageuk The King’s Affection Pivots Midway in Increasing Ratings and Takes the #1 Spot in Netflix Korea and Also Breaks into Top 10 in Netflix Worldwide

Hul, did I drop this drama too soon? A combination of being traumatized by the ending episode crazy of Lovers of the Red Sky and also not having enough time led me to hit pause after episode 4 of The King’s Affection (Yeonmo) with no interest in continuing. I didn’t dislike it, but it didn’t hook me as much as I thought it would especially after the better acted and paced childhood portion led to a tonally different adult section. Park Eun Bin is clearly trying her best but is about as physically convincing as a young prince as the worst of the cross-dressing heroines in all of K-dramas combined and Ro Woon just seemed totally out of his place in a sageuk. Domestic ratings reflected that feedback as the drama started off with 6.2% but in episodes 4-6 dropped down to the 5% range. But then something strange happened as starting episode 7 and through the most recent episode 10 it jumped nearly 2% to stay in the 7% range. This week it’s also surged up in Netflix viewing with the drama being #1 in Netflix Korea for three days straight and also managed one day to break into the top 10 spot in Netflix worldwide viewing patterns. Clearly the story is clicking and that’s a great reason to check back in for me.


KBS Youth Sageuk The King’s Affection Pivots Midway in Increasing Ratings and Takes the #1 Spot in Netflix Korea and Also Breaks into Top 10 in Netflix Worldwide — 17 Comments

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  2. I really think a lot of these kdramas that aren’t really that great are gonna get a shit ton of views simply because after the phenomenon of squid game you have a lot of new kdrama viewers who are just interested in watching something different instead of something good.

    • Yeah, SG helped boost the relevancy of Korean dramas but there’s like a million of them on Netflix now and to stand out amongst them is incredibly hard. For TKA to not only top its domestic chart (already a bloodbath) but the overall top 10 of the international chart is highly remarkable. It’s not perfect, sure, but its a very enjoyable youth sageuk with tons of pretty actors and a fast-paced plot. Plus, compared to LOTRS, its practically Emmy-worthy lol.

  3. I agree with Koala, PEB is doing great, but Rowoon? It seems that there is really lacking on his acting when he’s on the screen. Let’s admit the fact that the child actors really outshined the adult actors here. I prefer the palace intrigue rather than their love story in the drama tho.

  4. Its a justified jump because the story picked up steam and the chemistry between the leads took off from ep 6 onwards. I dropped it at ep 3. Found it senseless boring and saw the steady rise in ratings and was dumbfounded. So I forced myself to forge on ep 4 and became a fan of rowoon since (shocking because I have seen his last 3 dramas and was unimpressed)and now eagerly anticipate mon-tues. I like his acting here and he is dishing out charming aplenty. PEB has always been reliable and writing is getting tighter. Its good

  5. the drama picked up from episode 5 onwards and it’s been interesting ever since. And I like that it’s a different kind of saeguk romance troupe with Rowoon character accepting that he loves a man, it has a modern touch on it.

    The acting is decent like none is offensive + I actually like Rowoon acting he’s so expressive in his character unlike the usual male lead in saeguk, so that explain people keep watching it, Koreans liking it as the drama ranking high on Korea Netflix and also on the Gooddata most buzzworthy drama weekly

    • Both the leads are good, even Ro Woon. I think he is at his best in ep 9 and 10. Quite earnest portrayal of his acceptance for his feelings for the Crown Prince even though he is still unaware of his real gender.

  6. How happy I am. PEB can carry a whole sage on her shoulders. What if she had a legit male lead to play off?
    Let’s start a contest…, who can match her…?

  7. Not strange at all since with HCG ending there was no other drama Affection has to compete to.

    I wonder though how many times you will mention how “crazy” HCG was. Did we watch a different drama? LOL It wasn’t perfect but you’re a bit dramatic about how you didn’t feel it.

  8. Well, i’m an avid fan of #TheKingsAffection since Day 1…loved the chemistry of Park Eun Bin and Rowoon and i believe they are best in giving their acting watching from BTS of the drama. Plus, they’re featured in Swooniesflix that made them boost increasing their fandom.

  9. PEB is doing great both acting-wise as well as the perfect crown prince wise both physically and mentally. She wasnt supposed to totally convince atleast to the characters in the show that she is a man in the first place. Because her small figure and feminine features are the key to instill doubt in some people’s mind that the crown prince has a womanly aura otherwise who would in their right mind would doubt the CP is a woman. That is a part of the story and her character.
    About rowoon, you are right but my context is different. He seems out of place in the palace. His modern outlook, his silghtly modern voice tone totally is not someone’s who would be working in a palace. But here is the catch that is how his character is written with a modern side to him. He isnt the typical male lead in the saeguk, cold and brooding..he has been given a bright personality who lives his life as it comes and i guess that is the reason why many people are finding it hard to contain as it is rare to see a male character like him.
    Lastly, yup the ratings did increase after ep 6 but it was mostly because of the changed dynamic of the story. One reason can be LOTRS going off air but it totally cannot be.
    The story is surely getting stronger as the episodes go by with less comedy parts and more angst coming.

  10. Also, it has been breaking in netflix top 10 ranking since last 3 weeks and has been staying in it for atleast 3 days per week which is quite rare for a korean historical drama unless they have veteran actors which is not the case with “TKA” where 5/6 of them are first timers in a saeguk.

  11. The King’s Affection is really good. It’s a fusion sageuk, they can take liberties.

    PEB is killing it. Yeah, she’s small and tiny but she’s very charismatic as a Crown Prince. Her character is really interesting because she lived for 10 years like that.

    Rowoon is very good too. He can play the cute and serious scenes without issue : the lotus speech, the confession, the resignation were very well acted. His character is very different from usual sageuk but it’s well written. He always ran away from the Palace because he didn’t want to become like his father.

    The story is about the Crown Prince and her evolution since Ji-Woon came in her life. We have no idea what will happen too.

    For the ratings, there were Lovers of the Red Sky and High Class (but later), so people watched it on Netflix, it always was in the top 10 on Netflix Korea.

    Dali and the Cocky Prince didn’t have better ratings and they didn’t have more competition.

  12. No I am not surprised at the ratings jump at all. The fact that it’s ratings were quite steady despite competition from Lovers. I thought Lovers ratings would go higher but it stagnated instead.

    It really now depends on the writing and directing. If the story clicked with its viewers the ratings increase.

  13. I have stalled at episode 9 and will wait and see what people say before continuing. I know these type shows are all about suspending reality but the whole marriage aspect has me noping right out of the show.

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