KBS Sageuk The King’s Affection Hits 10% Ratings in Episode 13 as the Dramatic Rise Continues

My mom has a pet peeve where she thinks one must always be low key, do not be flashy or get caught up in superficial outer trappings, the true value is within. I think it’s the right mentality but needn’t be as extreme as she’s always harping on. For the recent batch of K-dramas that have premiered in the last two months, so many high profile ones like Jirisan and Now, We are Breaking Up have turned out to get less than expected level of ratings. Others have faltered for simply being too quirky for the masses such as Inspector Koo or zero promotion like Chimera or subject matter tonal hybrid weirdness like Happiness. So it’s such a genuine comfort to see a slow and steady drama that has always stayed true to its story and presentation like The King’s Affection really overcome a shaky start and take advantage of it’s rolling momentum. This Monday’s episode 13 hit a sweet rating of 10%, the highest so far and first time the drama has broken double digits. Congrats to the cast and crew and I’m super excited to see where this will go by the end episode 20.


KBS Sageuk The King’s Affection Hits 10% Ratings in Episode 13 as the Dramatic Rise Continues — 26 Comments

  1. Wow amazing this drama better without A-lister actress queen of botox song hye kyo. Even jun ji hyun also use botox but she still can move her face not like shk can’t move her face lol.

  2. Sorry for being topic but Park Shin Hye just announced marriage and BABY news with CTJ. Cue more celebs dropping wedding news come Jan 1.

  3. Was it not at all possible to just congratulate Affection for breaking double digits without dragging other dramas in the process? And weren’t you the same person who lumped this same Affection drama with River and Lovers as failures?


    But then when Affection’s ratings started to rise (which could be because it was always a good drama and could also be benefitting from no competition in its timeslot after Lovers ended) all of a sudden it’s such a oh-so-good drama? I know, I know. It’s your blog. You can write whatever you want and be fickle all you want.

    • LMAO, so true on the about face from Ms Koala re TKA. I don’t think she even watches it, so all the praise lately is a bit ridic.

      • She did the same U-turn with HSH as well. If the dramas she mentioned here started getting sky-high ratings tomorrow, her tune would change again.

        And she often does what she did here: take something positive and find a way to taint it with something negative. Another example being the Shin Hye Sun post that became all about her co-star and people rightly called her out on it.

  4. I am actually wondering what if Now we are breaking up and Jirisan aired in MBC and Jtbc respectively. Because although their current ratings are underwhelming they are still not utter flops. Sbs and TVN actually saved these 2 dramas cause otherwise apart from reviews,the ratings would have been disastrous too.

  5. Ratings just for South Koreans. Low ratings does not mean the drama is bad. In my country more people watch and talk about Jirisan, Happiness, NWBU, and Red Sleeves.

    • Bcuz jirisan and nwbu have popular actress. Happiness and red sleeves are amazing story. But the king’s has a good story too. The actors did a great job. I think, they deserved it. But compare to jirisan and nwbu, it’s better tho. Nwbu is boring af. Not to mention shk’s acting. Jirisan has a slow lace, but still watchable.

  6. Good news indeed! But its ratings are quite steady to begin with even with direct competition from Lovers. Which means it was already doing well to begin with.

    Now that one finished airing, King’s has managed to reach out to more viewers.

    Sageuk always manage to do well whenever the cast gets the audience approval.

    Yoon Shi Yoon’s The Grand Prince boosted his career post military. Park Bo Gum’s Moonlight still remains his highest achievement. Let’s not even forget TMETS that was really huge then.

    If L’s last drama managed to get 14% for the finale, I wonder how high this drama will get at the final episode.

    • I think it started off in the 6% range then dropped to 5% which was just okay. It only reached 7% and started rising from there after LOTRS ended. But yeah it’s a fine drama and Ms. Eun Bin is nailing it! Congratz!

      • But it was already steady on Netflix Korea. People were just watching on Netfling and waiting for the 2 episodes on Tuesday.

      • Dramas airing on Netflix have also had crazy high ratings. There’s a whole list out there. Not sure what your point is and I’m not here to argue. Just thrilled that TKA is doing well on both the domestic and international front. Thanks.

  7. From all the sageuks this year, it’s the first one that I still like after 10 episodes. Even Bossam that I really liked disapointed me when they went for politics when their simple life was the best part.

    I’m really happy for the actors and the production πŸ™‚

    • I agree with Bossam. It started out really well. But afterwards I couldn’t finish it.

      But Bossam which I had totally forgotten also did really well in the ratings department.

    • Fully agreed too. I also couldn’t finish Bossam, or the other sageuks this year — weak. TKA is the only one that made me anticipate the new episodes. So happy for TKA’s cast and crew too. This show is doing very well on Netflix globally. I am also watching Jiri-san and while it may not be to everyone’s taste, I enjoy it too.

  8. I also would like to add Taec’s new sageuk comedy is doing 5%. Whereas Happiness couldn’t even get past 4%. Domestic viewers seem to prefer viewing sageuk nowadays.

    Maybe YSH’s sageuk with Hyeri might have a chance after all.

    • Happiness airs at an unfavorable slot that overlaps with Red sleeves and now we are breaking up. Plus I heard the tving app has extra added scenes from the drama. So many knetz are preferring that.

      I know buzz doesn’t transfer to ratings but we can get a rough idea abt the popularity of the dramas .In the recent good data reports , Happiness-5, Secret inspector-7.
      For the actor list Hhj and Phs are at 9 and 10 meanwhile taec and khy aren’t in top 10.

  9. This drama a sleeper hit, it’s doing well on tv broadcast as well as on Netflix, it has to do with the story being engaging even after episode 13, the acting is fine and the romance is still sweet despite the conflicts, it’s a comfort drama

  10. The King’s Affection story is not draggy, plus it helped that the 2 main leads -Rowoon and Park Eun Bin have chemistry on/off the set. I also appreciate the cinematography, the writer, its remarkable OSTs and the works of PD-nim for doing a nice job in this series. ?

    • I am so glad that park Eunbin deserves a lot more. She is a great actress. Rowoon is also great in this drama. I’m so happy for them.

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