SBS Releases New BTS Stills of Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong From Now, We are Breaking Up and Calls Them Officially the Chrysanthemum “GookHa” Couple

Man, I haven’t onscreen couple shipped in like a decade but I still remember how fun it can be when one is super into the onscreen story, romance, and chemistry. Just remember to let go when the drama is over, lol. With that said, it feels nostalgic to see SBS promoting the leads of Fri-Sat romance drama Now, We are Breaking Up by sharing new BTS stills of leads Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong, and giving them an official couple name. That be the GookHa couple for their names combined which happens to be the Korean word for Chrysanthemum, and the flower language for this is “I love you”. Ok, that’s kinda cute. I’m only two episodes into Breaking Up and it’s not as bad as the detractors make it out to be, there is such an old school vibe like this drama story was from 15 years ago in Hallyu drama land but filmed in a modern way for 2021. I doesn’t turn me off but just feels anachronistic especially when stories are barreling ahead to new frontiers. With that said, there should always be a comfort dish of a classic Hallyu style romance, and whether Breaking Up delivers in the subsequent episodes to create a cohesive romance remains to be seen. So far it’s wait and see for me.


SBS Releases New BTS Stills of Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong From Now, We are Breaking Up and Calls Them Officially the Chrysanthemum “GookHa” Couple — 44 Comments

  1. Their closed body language (crossed arms, crossed legs away from each other, hands close to the body) makes these pics look awkward rather than the heart-fluttering I assume SBS were aiming for.

    • Glad to hear the show isn’t too bad. But looks like someone at SBS must have something against this drama or the actors or someone involved in the drama because the pics are terribly unflattering. I know they’re BTS pics, but out of all the BTS pics there could be, the location for this seems weird too. Lots of metal and no one else around. The lightning, location, and the weird pose makes me feel like they’re photoshopped in. Usually, cute couple-y BTS pics have the actors in mid-scene or looking at the footage beside the director or rehearsing or posing on set but with an interesting background.

  2. Es un buen drama, hasta ahora el episodio 4 nos deja pensando que irá a pasar, es una pareja muy linda, creo personalmente que nos sorprenderán, cada uno interpreta bien su papel, nos muestra el amor, el mundo fascinante y cruel al mismo tiempo de la moda
    SHK, hermosa y talentosa como siempre

  3. Not this awkward ass body language when the pics are supposed to be for shipping’s sake ? They honestly look like big sister little brother more than anything but even then I’ve seen siblings with more bodily contact than these two. If you really want to see proper couple pics, look at Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin’s Switzerland couple pics from CLOY. Yeah, they’re a real life couple but at that time, the couple pics were strictly for the drama so they did their job and they did it damn well. Once again, I have no idea what possessed JKY to take on that creepy character and train wreck of a drama.

  4. SBS trying its hardest to drum up excitement for this couple because they have zero chemistry onscreen.

    You don’t need to do any of this forced marketing if the couple has onscreen chemistry. Viewers themselves will give a couple nickname and do all the work for buzz.

      • Bts always do too much in regards to fan service. I remember the promotions for scarlet heart ryeo and suspicious partner, especially suspicious partner as the bts felt as long as the actual drama. ? When most people even talk about that show they mention bts more than the actual drama lol, it’s kinda cringe but cute.

  5. When the highest praise this drama gets is it isn’t that bad. Just a lesser level of bad but still bad. Lol.

    The 11 year age difference evident in these pics as well as closed off body language just managed to kill off any coupley vibes they are trying to project.

  6. This is laughable compared to his effortless chemistry with Hyeri. I blame SHK on this one since Jang ki young literally has amazing off screen chemistry with all his female leads. He just seems like an easy going guy but SHK has this very cold aura about her.

    • You are spot on! ?. Don’t even compare, even his acting on MRIAG was actually good. That genre suited him best. His chemistry with Hyeri was brilliantly explosive! And they look so freaking awesome together. I fall in love with them. ??
      I was hoping he can pull this off but after watching 3 episodes and seeing his emotionless blank face, I’m disappointed. SHK’s is not up to scratch either, it’s like a blank face! Shall we blame botox for that?

  7. The show is getting mixed to bad reviews from knetz. They are saying it looks outdated and the acting being sub-par. That’s why the drama is loosing it’s buzz especially against sageuks.
    However shk did it again what she’s been known for. The bags, dresses, basically everything she is wearing is being sold out. That’s why she’s at the top in the buzzworthy list. I guess it was one of the main motive of the drama to create fashion trends and they succeeded.If only the rest of the things were better

    • Wow. For once the i-netz are harsher than the k-netz. They are dragging the acting, storyline, AND fashion.

      I always suspected the fashion backdrop was calculated to create maximum PPL buzz if all else failed.

      • Yeah but still kind of sad that even after 25 years she is limited to her CF star status only. Maybe she can do better in glory

  8. SBS used to mess up their bts. SP bts seem forced. The bts that seemed most playful & genuine to me was mbc zero promoted SKL. After watching the dvd blu-ray and photobook I can understand why japanese fans shipped this couple dubbed honey couple by dispatch. In bts vid, she was grabbing his neck in a teasing manner calling out oppa. She was not even in the scene. Just bounding down the stairs to call him get ready for his jedi sword scene as he was talking to his bts camera. In another bts vid, he was playing with her hair, twirling and tucking them behind her ears. Some people call it playful but I can see some flirting going on like feeding her candy floss. Lol.

  9. Oh, they look cute. Shk never missed that strong chemistry with her partners in all her projects. She is a universal solvent who can dissolve into strong chemistry with her partners.

  10. The bts pictures look fine with me. They don’t have to looked lovey-dovey for people to believe that they are in love… I also find shipping actor and actress together cringing. I only watch a drama if I find it good or not. I missed the old fashion vibe in kdrama because nowadays drama are so overwhelming and dramatic. Doesn’t feel natural at all. Song Hye Kyo is still so pretty and never mind about the age difference. It’s all acting and love has no boundaries so I’m also waiting to see what happens next.

  11. Both are good looking but that’s it! I was hoping JKY can pull this off but I was disappointed, that blank face is back! This kind of genre doesn’t suit him at all. The hype about their chemistry? I’m still looking for it, they keep emphasising on romantic scene and kissing scene but they just putting it out there to try to gather curiosity. Even SHK acting here is not so convincing.

  12. Seriously people! This is a story and they are two actors portraying characters. I find this shipping culture so weird and cringy. They are playing two characters that have been previously hurt by events in their lives and so they are very guarded and closed off as people. They are both doing a great job portraying their characters. When they let their guard down you can see that they have chemistry and the characters are attracted to each other. It’s called acting and that’s what actors do.

    • I feel like shk fans are really pushing the shipping angle. But does she really need to be linked to every actor she works with? She already has a bad reputation for that. There was even drama with pbg when she was married and he had to deny involvement. Let her be single.

    • Shipping is very cringey and ofcourse crosses the line. But having good/comfortable offscreen chemistry translates into even good onscreen chemistry. But in this case they have neither.

  13. These pics are kinda weird. Why in front of an aircon unit of all places? LOL. There’s not much chemistry here but I like her boots?

  14. Pics are whatever. It’s the story of the series. This woman spent 10 YEARS mourning a date lasting for just 2 MONTHS prior. ONE DEACDE FOR WHAT?? What utter crap! The writers thought let’s just push through quick to get to the main characters’ chemistry but this makes Song’s character so weird. And these both are flat expressioned throughout their time onscreen.

  15. imo most bts are staged to boost show’s ratings. camera crews shadowing cast to capture “intimate” bts scenes to sell their blu-ray dvds. fans lapped up their otp chemistry thinking hey they behave/kiss like a real couple. clever pr money making scheme. tvn very shrewd in using this technique via their yt channel and netflix’s the swoon. odd exception is hb-syj caught holding hands under the table bts lol. sbs kbs mbc award nights also staged for maximum effect esp for leads nominated in best couple category.

    • Agree. Also if the onscreen chemistry is so good then there’s no need to overdo it in the bts plus the obsession over kissing scenes is weird too, idc about it for that reason. I do like bts for more thriller type shows like stranger though. The bts in that puts a smile on my face, it’s nice to see a serious character like hwang so mok be so playful in real life plus his chemistry with Bae Donna is so endearing.

      • that’s why mostly cringe at bts for romcom or loveline dramas. overdone, overkill. i prefer seeing male co-stars bts interaction when they play enemies kill each other but besties irl.

  16. Speaking of old school shipping Yoon Eun Hye mentioned she and Ju Ji Hoon set the internet on fire when they shot that iconic PH kiss scene on a crowded Seoul street. Onlookers really thought they were dating for real as a hidden camera crew shot the scene from far away. I really love the super cute teddy bear poses and OTP photo at the end of each episode. Nowadays one hardly hear or see otps blowing up the media except for Binjin. SHK and JKY body language here are so different from SHK and YAI friendship photos. I think it’s more natural to take bts photos when they’re in between shoots.

    • Thanks. It went over my head, I loved the chemistry. The bts did seem limited compared to suspicious partner. I prefer it too, but that’s because I find SIG to be more likeable than JCW.

      • For funny reasons, MBC was very in releasing SKL bts but still did decently in ratings btwn 9-11%. Not too shabby for a romcom. SP on the other hand despite heavy sbs promotion couldn’t go beyond 9%.

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