Mon-Tues Youth Sageuks Pause Ratings Rise as Both The King’s Affection and Secret Royal Inspector Joy Start to Tread Water

I may have spoken too quickly when episode 13 of The King’s Affection hit 10% ratings because since then it’s not been able to surpass it. The next two episodes got 9.6% and 9.9% and the most recent episode 16 dropped to 8.8%. There are four more episodes left but I really wanted a sageuk to break free this year and really hit a home run. Still, batting what will end up being a second or third base hit for this drama is notable and great for the cast and crew. On the other Mon-Tues youth sageuk front, Secret Royal Inspector Joy seems to have settled into a ratings range as well. The highest ratings so far is episode 3 with 5.257% and since it has been in the 3%-4% range, the last two episodes got 3.912% and 4.332% respectively. Inspector Joy is midway through its run but the drama appears to have a stable core of viewers that like the comedic and problem solving combination done with hearty earnestness.


Mon-Tues Youth Sageuks Pause Ratings Rise as Both The King’s Affection and Secret Royal Inspector Joy Start to Tread Water — 11 Comments

  1. The weird thing with ratings for the second half especially with public channels is that the actual viewer numbers per household is low but the rating percentage are high. TKA only had 1.4 mil viewers but 8.8% ratings when RSA and RWTMR on the same channel with the same viewer number had lower ratings percentages. It seems fewer people are watching dramas in the second half of the year. This makes it hard to judge based on ratings percentage only if a drama has good numbers and audience.

    • But during winters, the viewers traffic is usually high as many people stay inside their home. So the thing you mentioned is kind of unusual.
      For example World of married finale had 28 pc ratings yet it’s viewer numbers were less than that of CLOY’s peak .

      • This is an interesting point about viewers vs ratings actually. This debate happened even during CLOY and TWOTM but I see the point @misko is making because KBS is one channel and the variations within the same channel especially in the same timeslot should not exist. While CLOY aired on TVN and TWOTM on JTBC which are different channels and contrary to popular belief JTBC is not the same type of cable channel like TVN. They are classified differently in SK but I’m not sure of the exact difference. However it is possible for the difference to exist between TVN and JTBC but yes KBS, SBS and MBC are the public channels with the same rules and audience so it is strange that lower viewer numbers have higher ratings and vice versa. Generally though like @hhh said viewer traffic is higher in winter but the months with the highest viewer traffic is between Jan-Mar and after that it steadily declines and then peaks again from Jan-Mar. Which would explain why CLOY had a higher viewer number because it ended in Feb while TWOTM started in Mar but ended in May.

    • I don’t know if it have different counting method, but if we see viewership, Jirisan has highest viewership than TKA, Red Sleeve, and NWBU..

  2. I wonder what else is airing on Tuesdays that always drag its ratings back down? Is there a popular variety show or something?

    A bit unlucky for Secret Royal Inspector Joy airing on the same night (even though it’s a different timeslot). I think it could have picked up some more viewers if TKA wasn’t airing Mon-Tues too-just like how TKA’s ratings went up after Lovers of the red Sky ended.

  3. I made a second attempt to watch The King’s Affection, but dropped it again. The childhood part had such a great promise, but the excessive focus on romance is ruining the show for me. Maybe it’s just me, since it is doing decently. Bossam and the Red Sleeve Cuff are the only sageuks that I really enjoyed this year. I suppose it is too early to tell with the Red Sleeve Cuff, but what a great start. I cannot wait until next friday.

  4. I am madly enjoying Secret Royal Inspector and Joy….it’ll likely finish within 4 to 5% range, may go slightly higher. Its light, the BTS videos are mad funny….great to have a Sageuk that is just silly fun.

  5. Ep 8 of Inspector Joy is so satisfying.I like Tae Seo, hoping from early on that he will have a change of heart and leave his manipulative dad. I got Prince Zuko vibes from him lol (which I really2 like back then)

  6. I think there is a variety show the Tuesday with strong ratings. The advantage of Netflix is people can watch later and not live anymore. TKA is still strong on Netflix Korea and World.

    But KBS is doing nothing to promote it.

    Secret Royal Inspector Joy is funny but plot is weak.

  7. Flopping ratings?? I dont think so. Imo the ratings are quite stable for a mon-tue drama. Also ratings this much ratings for a mon-tue is hard nowadays.
    Plus it is not a justfication but the fact that it is ranked high on netflix “globally”. Many people tend to switch to netflix if they couldnt seen the live broadcast, have seen many korean comments saying that. Also, it is ranked 2nd on Wavve, Sk’s 2nd most watched OTT platform with Netflix being number 1.

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