Ong Seung Woo in Talks for 2022 OCN Police Drama Blind

The smaller cable channel OCN has had a quiet year with no drama making big waves in ratings or buzz. Perhaps next year in 2022 will see something spark and one drama on the slate is in casting calls now. K-actor Ong Seung Woo has been tapped for the male lead of Blind, a drama not about an actual blind person lol. I believe it’s referencing how justice is blind. Ong Seung Woo’s male lead is a major crimes detective born from a top family and raised with older brother affection and a happy disposition. He dreams of being a hero and saving the world from evil, but then is thrown into a world where an ordinary person becomes unjustly accused and an ordinary person becomes an unjust accuser and the people around this case including the cops, judge, law school students, and the jury members. The drama is described as a tense thriller to find the perpetrator.


Ong Seung Woo in Talks for 2022 OCN Police Drama Blind — 1 Comment

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