Lee Do Hyun’s High School Character In Melancholia Turns Adult in Time Jump at the End of Episode 6 to Remove the Ick Element From the Impending Romance

I’ll qualify that I am NOT watching Melancholia, the entire premise is wholly unpalatable for me personally and no amount of Lee Do Hyun love can induce me into tuning in. With that said, I do have eyes and when Lee Do Hyun pics and updates appear I still glance at it, and that’s how I learned that Melancholia had a time jump at the end of episode 6! That’s early enough to not mire the entire drama in high school teacher and student kinda/sorta/simmering romantic maybe and tension, you know the icky part. It brings both lead characters into legal adulthood and with it I am fine if they get together because heck adults. Anyhoo, I don’t know if I am un-icked enough to dive back in but at least for those who may be open to it it’s safe now to open your eyes and watch lol!


Lee Do Hyun’s High School Character In Melancholia Turns Adult in Time Jump at the End of Episode 6 to Remove the Ick Element From the Impending Romance — 25 Comments

    • Another judgemental one like OP commenting without watching a single ep. Lol. And you wonder where the scriptwriters drew the inspiration from when writing those characters. Good drama. Very entertaining and definitely well written. Especially proficient in writing on hypocrisy.

      • Er, the screenwriter said the love story was inspired by President Macron and his wife. One of the worst real life love stories and so utterly icky I can’t even, it doesn’t matter they are married and together now.

        So that’s when I noped out of watching the drama, initially I was totally willing to give it a chance even if they met as high school teacher and student. But when the screenwriter said this romance was based on Macron that’s like OH HELLS NO.

        But clearly the writer chose not to have the teacher have feelings during the teaching days so good for that, but don’t assume people are judgmental when viewers made initial choices based on what was said about the drama being about, i.e. a romance between an older woman teacher and her much younger male high school student ala the President of France and his wife who was the mother of his own classmates and his own teacher when they met and fell in love.

        I do not see the hypocrisy in that whatsoever to not watch from the outset, just a reasoned decision based on the information told.

    • I read through the comments and apparently there was never an ick factor for those who took the time to check it out. I am waiting for it to finish up before jumping in but saw some positive reviews on Dramabeans.

  1. We knew this time jump was coming, everyone just decided to overreact and indirectly ruined even without actually seeing the show, I guess faults are on the production side too for not communicating with the audience or try to atleast defend themselves.

    The time jump also came too long in my opinion.

    • You know how romance dramas has this vibe and tone during romance scenes, I blame the production for having this kind of vibe during their teacher student years even if it wasn’t too much. I’ve watched dramas about school and saw how close interactions between students and teachers were in them, and nothing was inappropriate and the whole atmosphere was okay. Here the situation itself isn’t inappropriate but the atmosphere is giving romantic or dramatic vibe, and knowing they’re future love intrests for each other makes it sort of uncomfortable.

  2. You said it. You didn’t watch it, so you jumped to conclusions. He had a schoolboy crush on her. She was clueless, just trying to help him succeed.
    There was nothing icky about it. But you judged them without evidence, just like the people in the drama did, which was partially the point of that half of the drama. She was falsely accused.

    • If the false accusation is the point of the story, I just really hope she doesn’t end up reciprocating whatever feelings he has.

  3. I’ve been watching and so far i like the plot, it is normal for a student to have a crush or admiration on his/her teacher, it’s part of growing up, sometimes it motivates them to study harder. Watch till the end so we will understand better. They are good actors.

  4. Yep, like others commented, all throughout 6 episodes, he only had puppy love crush on her, nothing icky. So excited to watch her fall for him as adults.

  5. It has been a good drama and I was totally worried about the ick factor but it wasn’t icky at all. It’s totally believable/realistic and the teacher character never crossed the line. Suggest that everyone give this a chance since it’s actually really enjoyable and the acting has been on point.

  6. I haven’t watched this drama yet but so far reading the comments, I don’t think it has an ick factor. Why are people being hypocrite now when Doctors was a well received drama with high ratings. Atleast here only lee do Hyun has a crush on his teacher and honestly it does happen irl.
    Meanwhile in doctors, park shin hye’s teacher had some feelings for her even when she was a student. He couldn’t treat his gf well because he was pining for his student. Yeww..

    • Buen comentario y es verdad, también vi el drama doctores con Park Shin Hye y es real hay si el maestro tenia sentimiento por su alumna hasta el punto de buscarla. No podemos juzgar un drama que aun no muestra su verdadero desarrollo, en fin los prejuicios son precipitados y muy maliciosos de otros comentarios dañinos. Amo la actuación de Lee Do Hyun y es un increible actor, todos su dramas me han gustado mucho, demaciado carisma para este aun joven actor.

  7. I started it but I didn’t like the part of the school politics, it was too “Sky Castle” for me.

    The FL always cares about her student but nothing more. The time jump will change things.

  8. Mrs Koala, I know that this is your blog and you have the right to post what you want but you sometimes jump to conclusions without the fact.
    The student had a crush on his teacher and the said teacher had no idea even when she knew she gently turned him down. So I don’t see what’s icky about it

  9. I icked out this series from my list. I have no problem with May-December affair…but i just don’t find any chemistry of the FL to my Lee Donghyun. So be it, I need to pass this drama. 😬

  10. I love this show so much. I also had my reservations about it, but didn’t judge before the fact and I am so happy now. Sad that people are ruining show’s ratings with their preconceived notions 😡😡

  11. I’m also in the camp that can’t understand how certain viewers can prejudge the whole show without at least glance at it. This drama plays the teacher-student scenario tastefully. If anything, I think the drama succeeds in gauging out people’s reactions, and reconfirming how quick we can judge something if it doesn’t align with our own values. It’s too bad, since Melancholia is really a lovely drama with strong actings, nice cinematography, and a good plot.

  12. I thank Japanese mangas and doramas which I read and watched during my little kid days, that’s why I never get disgusted by this kind of premise, unless one of the couple is an elementary school kid just like in Cardcaptor Sakura, even my 7 years old brain told me that’s weird.

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