Shin Se Kyung Continues to Donate All Her Youtube Channel Earnings to Charity

A kind and generous heart paired with a beautiful visuals is reason enough to watch Shin Se Kyung‘s Youtube channel. The actress has been running her own YT channel since 2018 and this year in 2021 she continued her annual act of donating all her channel earnings to charity. She donates to an organization that helps low income families as well as provides menstrual products for young women in need. Shin Se Kyung said that she’s received so much love from viewers and fans through her channel this year and wanted to give back to everyone, helping those in need is very important and meaningful to her. What a great annual trend and I’m so happy to see charitable stars in K-ent do what they can and here she’s done it in a way that connects with what she spends time doing for fans.


Shin Se Kyung Continues to Donate All Her Youtube Channel Earnings to Charity — 7 Comments

  1. Not even a fan of her but i love her yt channel. love the content on her vlogs too.
    Very unlike most celebrity contents which are either job focused or click baits.
    In most of her content, you wouldn’teven know she’s an actress if you didnt know her already. Just her travels, baking and daily life.
    Very wholesome content. She made the logo herself and seems to be doing the editing herself. Most celebs have their companies manage it or have contracts with influencer managing companies

  2. She’s really admirable and really such a great example as a celeb. All the more, she creates and films her own content, and even edits it on her own. She do get some help from her friend in subtitling and collabs with some artists for her background tracks and that’s it. All of what her channel is right now is due to her own efforts in connecting more with her fans. So touching to see that as a viewer, we know she’s donating well all throughout these years. She deserves all the love she gets, such a kind person.

  3. Wow, thanks for highlighting this. I have always like her in dramas but this has just put her to the top of my list of my favorite actresses.

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