Leehom Wang’s Wife Lee Jing Lei Posts 10,000 Word Screed in Aftermath of Divorce Announcement Accusing Him of Cheating, Prostitution, and Using Her as a Brood Mare and Abandoning the Family

Hold on to your horses because this is the most heartbreaking and raw post-breakout tea spilling since Show Luo‘s ex-girlfriend Grace Chow went to town on his repeated cheating nearly two years ago. That ended up genuinely halting Show’s showbiz career and he’s been laying low since, and it’s probably going to be the same path for singer Leehom Wang after this latest bombshell. A day after Leehom Wang confirmed his divorce with wife of 8 years Lee Jing Lei, the couple shares three kids, and claimed he wasn’t going to comment, his soon to be ex-wife posted a loooooong 10,000 word missive revealing the truth behind their marriage. She was upset that the rumors made it out that their divorce was due to her not getting along with her mother-in-law (Leehom’s mom), she asked him to deny it but he said that he wasn’t going to comment anymore on the divorce to the media. But then he quickly denied other rumors that involved his misconduct so Lee Jing Lei realized that he only cared about his reputation and career in the industry so she went public.

The gist of it is: they met when she was 16 years old and a fan and he made her feel special, she accused him of using her as a brood mare as the entirety of the marriage she was either prepping to get pregnant or pregnant or nursing after having 3 kids in 5 years and then raising the kids alone as he would leave for months on end to live his own life and told her that he needed to have freedom, she accused him of cheating with other stars and also soliciting prostitutes during their dating and continued after their marriage, she ended with calling him out for being selfish and she spent their entire marriage being a good wife, shielding him, never saying a single bad thing about him to his friends or family, and said he asked the divorce because he didn’t want a girl he dated next to be accused of being a “mistress” (xiao san). She said that she would raise their kids alone well as she’s been basically doing already and told him to face his own needs and desires, not worry about what the world thinks, and be true to himself and live the life he wants. My heart broke for her reading the post, she really encapsulated the repeated and constant pain of being used and never treated with respect and consideration by someone she loves and started a family with.


Leehom Wang’s Wife Lee Jing Lei Posts 10,000 Word Screed in Aftermath of Divorce Announcement Accusing Him of Cheating, Prostitution, and Using Her as a Brood Mare and Abandoning the Family — 24 Comments

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  2. C-ent just told K-ent “hold my beer”.

    Weibo is aflame and there’s lots to unpack here: WLM preys on underage girls: she was 16 and he was 26 (!!!) when he started chasing her; he basically used her as a surrogate and ditched her once she gave birth to a boy, he likely plays for both teams.

    Heartbreaking stuff to read. He won’t come back from this.

    • can’t believe the most important and heartbreaking part of this all wasn’t covered in the post. she was groomed and he took advantage of the fact that she was a fan and had sex with her as minor which basically lead to her being emotionally abused for the entirety of her marriage from her account

      • @chet – Yeah, he chose her and groomed her bc she was the perfect surrogate material, and dumped her once she gave birth to a boy.

        The most interesting part of her post is the one page she dedicates to talking about how SAHMs sacrifice so much and are disadvantaged in a marriage, and that she sees the inequality with all her SAHM friends who are at the whim of their husbands. She implores females to be independent and capable of standing on their own two feet. Half of the comments are now debating if marriage really benefits women.

      • I really feel bad for her but if she was sixteen at that time and was still a minor, what were her parents doing?

        When the news about him marrying her, I already felt it was only for public image.

        Why do I feel that most male celebrities really prey on their young fans and took advantage of their adulation?

        And somehow the supposed mistress angle doesn’t seem convincing either. He just wanted out from this marriage period.

  3. Why now after 8 years? Sigh I guess she did love him to shield him over the years. He is now cancelled just like Show Luo. He really did just use her.

    • @M – She finally spoke out because he didn’t protect her in his divorce statement even though he promised to. She’s been getting blamed for not getting along with her MIL, and WLM didn’t say anything to defend her but was quick to issue a statement denying cheating rumors. That was straw that broke the camel’s back, because she realized he only cares about himself and not her or the children.

  4. He thought he was smart to choose a girl from outside the ent circle to be his wife so he could secretly continue his dirty life behind her back. He is evil. I was particularly heartbroken for his children. The constant hope of seeing dad at their bday parties & for him not to turn up. He used her & dumped her.

    2021 in C-ent will go down history as the year with the biggest & most shocking C-ent revelations

    • Now I’m convinced that you can’t make it in the entertainment industry without being an amoral person to one degree or another. That’s how cynical I’ve become over the last few years.

  5. Damn he’s a real douchebag if this was really how his personality is. Don’t follow him or his works but feel bad for her. She’s finally free from a toxic marriage so the best for her and her kids.

  6. Creep groomed her. Remind me of celine dion and her husband. Who left his wife, groomed a kid and suddenly got engaged when she hit 18 years. Atleast here she might get justice

  7. He is a scumbag. This guy is not a human but truly an animal. Cheating with costars, soliciting prostitution, sleeping around with both men and women… in 2012, there was a rumors he was involved with a CEO of a company and there was picture of him and that guy but the guy bought news with his $$ to cover it.
    Also in 2011 or 2012, he called prostitutes to his house but told them that they came to see : Sir Chau ( Jay Chau) if security guards asked.
    Jay Chau’s fan came to his page and posted a comment: Jay Chau is our last straw.
    Since then Jay Chau unfollowed him.

  8. i like his music, but really disappointed with his private lives. sleeping around with minors, fans and prostitutes, grooming (she was 16 and he was 26), bisexual, also vivian hsu is cheating her husband with him. the wife is just baby machine for him and he divorces her once he got a boy

  9. Been a fan of his music for years this has to be the most disappointing thing I’ve heard all year. 2021 has served lots of disappointing Chinese/Taiwanese celebrity news but this takes the cake. He married someone for the sole purpose of having children, takes no responsibility for his kids, provides little financial support and expects his wife to shield his reputation from the public while having the nerve to ask for a divorce. The man is the most selfish, soulless man I’ve seen. Just to show those with perfect ‘celebrity’ images are anything but perfect behind closed doors.

  10. Unbelievable, so much power abuse she was only 16, what a pervert. And she was a fan while he was 26. Talk about grooming and unequal power dynamics.

  11. Yhe first paragraphs speak volume. She has nothing, no property in her name, no career and living in fear from in laws and people around the husband that she only marry him for the money. I’m amazed she survived this long and kept all the misery by herself and even had three children. I sincerely wish for her to find true happiness and I hope she can find help, support and encouragement from families and friends.

    • If interested, I read the whole English translation of her post at Taiwan News. As a mother and wife who also dedicated my life to family, I genuinely feel her. That guilt of spending your husband’s money is real, so I make sure the expenses are family expenses. Indeed as Koala said, the post is heartbreaking but she’s smart though since she kept evidence and can back up her accusations. I hope the media can be on her side . I hope if indeed Leehom is guilty, he kept quite and not do some damage control by demolishing his ex-wifes character. Isn’t it the usual, destroy the credibility of the victim.

  12. This is why I don’t approve of young women dating/marrying older men with a large age gap. When your other half is so experienced in life and you are young and naive, they can easily take advantage of you. By the time you are old enough to be aware of it, what’s done has been done.

  13. Ugh. I used to like this music but my heart truly broke for his wife and children. He treated her soooooo terribly cruel and his children too. I hope they get freed from him and live their lives with most happiness. His career deserves its end and I am glad the truth is revealed. He’s less than trash – karma come quick and collect him.

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