Award Winning K-actor Oh Jung Se’s First Headlining K-drama Uncle on TV Chosun Becomes First Surprise Hit of 2022 as Epside 8 Hits 7.926% Ratings

I’m glad it’s not all underwhelming or controversial dramas going on in K-ent right now, there is a big positive K-drama development that is finally getting mainstream recognition. Small cable network TV Chosun premiered the K-drama Uncle last month in December right before the holiday season ramp up and it started with 2.351% ratings. Not horrible for TV Chosun actually and actually not bad since the cast did not have any buzzy names. Starring Oh Jung Se, Jeon Hye Jin, Lee Kyung Hoon, Park Sun Young, and Lee Sang Woo, the drama is a remake of the BBC series of the same name and talks about the titular Uncle going from life loser and loafer to stepping up when his young nephew needs a father figure. The drama got good critic reviews from the start and audience feedback was also very positive but it was underrated and clearly not as juicy to talk about compared to some other big name cast dramas. In the four weeks since the drama has increased in ratings and episode 7 has tripled the premiere ratings to reach 7.926%. K-ent is discussing on Oh Jung Se, who has worked for nearly 20 years in small to supporting roles with over 30 moves and 20 dramas under his belt, totally deserves this success for his first headlining K-drama. I agree, he’s such an amazing actor! Congrats to the cast and crew and with the drama only halfway through airing it’s not too late to catch up now.


Award Winning K-actor Oh Jung Se’s First Headlining K-drama Uncle on TV Chosun Becomes First Surprise Hit of 2022 as Epside 8 Hits 7.926% Ratings — 16 Comments

  1. The smaller cable channels are really pulling in the ratings. Channel A’s Show Window is also doing awesome. EP12 hit a new high of 8.092%.

  2. If this was in SBS it probably would have ratings similar to taxi and One The Woman. The she villain for the first half could easily give Kim So Yeon’s Penthouse character Cheon Seo Jin a run for her money.

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  4. It’s actually great that a parent figure-and-kid drama is seeing this unexpected success. I am reminded of the tragically underrated Oh My Geum-bi, which at least had consistent 6% ratings even though it went against Legend of the Blue Sea.

  5. I love this show! Started it without any expectations and I found it very charming. It’s terribly underrated in international kdrama fandom tho, every weekend I go searching for spoilers but the tag is usually empty ??? Glad it’s doing well in Korea, and I hope it doesn’t derail in the second half.

  6. Good, it still shows that proper actors/actresses are still able to bring in the ratings, instead of a idol, who is still a newbie, yet still manage to get a main role in a drama for the first time and not relying on controversies to boost its’ popularity or ratings.

  7. It’s a good show. I could do without the villains, but whatever. It’s not the only surprise hit of 2022. Show Window: The Queen’s House had even higher ratings last week, which I doubt anyone expected. It’s the makjang the audience likes but it doesn’t even have someone as critically acclaimed as Oh Jung-se in the cast.

    • Channel A has some good drama albeit it’s from smaller cable. Last year Channel A’s ‘Lie after lie’ was the highest rating for the channel although not much buzz and promotion and being under the radar, started with 1-ish rating and ended up with 8.2, and it looks like Show Window will break the record.

      I’m always happy when any drama that don’t have much buzz especially international exposure doing very well because it’s certainly because of the talented casts and story, and most importantly the actors who can definitely act.

  8. I’m really happy as the first time i saw him (drama “I miss you” in wich he was a cop ) i found him good and charismatic, so he was in 9 plus boys, Stove League, The best in It’s okay not to be okay, the best thing in Marry him if you dare as the brother of Yoon Eun Hye , they had awesome chemistry . When i think of it , 10 years later, aside the leads, everyone who worked in I miss you are doing fine and even great . Lee Se Young, Kim So Hyun ,Yeo Jin Goo,Yoo Seung Ho . Life is really surprising . I wish for some actors like him to get recognition too because they are a lot, doing a fantastic job as supporting roles in plethora dramas since years and viewers don’t even remember their name

  9. Oh jung se always reminds me of majority of jdorama actors… not that great looking but a real ACTOR. I mean what role can be not portray?

    • I do agree Halloo, not great looking but great actor . But , perso as i said before, perhaps because i’m old , i find him very attractive , i do feel the same for Shin ha Kyung,…

  10. So happy this has turned out to be an organic surprise hit. it’s refreshing to see pure talent winning after seeing so many lead roles being handed out like candy to all those talentless mediocre idols

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