KBS Presentation on 2022 Dramas Reveals Surprising Romance Drama Love According to Law to Star Lee Seung Gi

I don’t know if this was vetted with Lee Seung Gi‘s agency before the announcement but it’s certainly not something I heard before so I wonder if it’s only recently inked or perhaps nearly done so no official announcement until now. KBS presented its entire year 2022 line up of K-dramas and it was all ones previously announced except for the surprise Lee Seung Gi romance drama. Like, what?!? The drama is called Love According to Law adapted from the same name webtoon. It’s the romance between a former prosecutor turned landlord who opens a coffee shop/law firm hybrid with a former Miss Korea. It’s been FOREVER since there has been a Lee Seung Gi rom-com so I don’t care if he just stands there looking handsome and tsundere and charming but that’s all I need.


KBS Presentation on 2022 Dramas Reveals Surprising Romance Drama Love According to Law to Star Lee Seung Gi — 31 Comments

  1. Not sure where you saw the previous announcement but 2 other dramas with KDW and DO leading respectively slated for the second half of 2022 were all newly revealed. As well as this one with LSG leading.

  2. Yes please . All of his dramas were so tragic. Even my gf is a gu mi ho , I don’t consider it to be a proper rom-com as it involved death tropes. Brilliant legacy although the over all story was makjangish but their love story was cute.
    I am excited abt the leading lady

    • I don’t know about vagabond cause I also dropped it, but mouse was really good. Just don’t catch the the spoilers while watching it.

  3. We need to pray on this! I haven’t watched an LSG drama since K2H that was I freaking 2012! I haven’t liked his recent ones (story, leading ladies etc). I just want to gush and swoon

  4. The only rom-com that I like with LSG is K2H with HJW. That one is a total classic and I feel sooo old, lol. Can anyone tell me the link of the KBS presentation on 2022 dramas please? The 2022 KBS Award Show end of this year will be jam-packed with nominees!

  5. Pretty please, can anyone do an English translation of all KBS 2022 dramas? I can’t read Korean and I don’t know how to access Korean sites. Thank you very much.

    • Please please make this happen drama god’s! I feel like seung gi is getting his dose of comedy from variety shows hence he is not doing a romcom ?.he really needs to have a great romcom! With a happy ending! And a great leading lady!( Sorry i wasn’t thrilled with the Korean Odyssey heroine,they did not have a great chemistry!)
      I always wanted IU or Park Bo Young to be paired with him! But considering the heroine is Miss Korea I think they will go with someone else!

  6. Going from Mouse to a romcom lol he knows we had burnouts because of Mouse and its theories. Still it’s my favourite drama of his and he did a terrific job in it so it kind of lifted my expectations of him. I hope he gets a nice leading lady, I mean, she’ll have to be gorgeous to be on par with Miss Korea. Personally, I want Lee Se Young, Kim Jiwon, Han Hyo Joo, or Moon Chae Won (3rd time is a charm and their chepistry is bomb). Lee Sung Kyun fits the role visually but I only saw her in one drama and it wasn’t really good..

  7. a romcom for seung gi? yes yes pls. its been long overdue. The last work of him i enjoyed was (first half) hwayugi. I’m so all for this for a change but pls pls pls let it be with decent leading lady.

  8. I love Lee Seungi in variety shows as he is funny and entertaining. I also thought he is a good emcee but I don’t find his appeal as an actor. So far, I was only able to finish Brilliant Legacy and Kings 2 hearts dramas.

  9. Waiting for the official confirmation from HumanMade or Hook, but it would be fantastic. Jung Ho, the main lead, looks like it was written with Seung Gi is mind. Can’t wait.

  10. Good to hear this.
    KBS have a list of amazing dramas in 2022

    lsg was horrendous with Suzy in Vagabond (Both of them had same bad acting just like in Gu family Book) but he really redeemed his acting in Mouse…..

    I’m excited for his leasing lady. She must be on the same level popularity before getting chopped up by his arrogant fandom

  11. In case the other commenters are interested:

    Crazy Love – Kim Jae-wook, Krystal (writer of Jugglers, My Fellow Citizens!, Awaken)
    Red Single Heart – Lee Joon, Jang Hyuk, Kang Han-na (writer of First Love Again, Marry Me Now?)
    Love According to Law (법대로 사랑하라) – Lee Seung-gi (director of Feel Good to Die, writer of Drama Special 2020 episode One Night)
    Trees Die on Their Feet (나무는 서서 죽는다) – Yoon Yeo-jung, Son Ye-jin, Kang Ha-neul

    Speed to You, 493 km [sic] – Park Joo-hyun, Chae Jong-hyup (writer of Tomorrow With You)
    Handsome Shaman: Case Note (미남당-사건수첩) – Seo In-guk, Oh Yeon-seo (writer of Ruler: Master of the Mask)
    Met You By Chance (어쩌다 마주친 그대) – Kim Dong-wook (writer of Tale of Nokdu)
    Victory By Sword (진검승부) – D.O. (director of Move to Heaven)

    The Present is Beautiful – Yoon Shi-yoon, Bae Da-bin, Oh Min-suk (writer of Temperature of Love, Record of Youth)

    Golden Mask (writer of Sunny Again Tomorrow)

    • Many thanks @Dakchigo. For the first time in a few years, I’m actually more excited about KBS’ drama line-up instead of cable channels tvn, jtbc, ocn etc. Goes to show flashy big name cast, writer, director, big budget dramas don’t guarantee a good storyline.

    • Thanks @Dakchigo. That is one impressive line-up. Getting major drama goosebumps. Nearly every single one of my adorbs are there. Especially looking forward to Trees Die on Their Feet. I have a good feeling about this one. Three mega acting talents in one drama. Sweeping saga vibes. LSG in a rom-com, Lee Joon & Jang Hyuk in a sageuk, Kyung Soo, Yoon Shi-yoon, SIG, etc. I think I can die happy after end of 2022. Lol.

    • wow. I’m happy public channels like kbs are clawing back the market share of viewers. putting cable channels on their toes. very happy to see mbs improving with success of red sleeve. nothing from cable excites me yet. the space station super drama starring lmh and ghj if they accept just pale in comparison despite tons of money thrown at it. anyone knows the full sbs drama lineup for 2022?

    • kbs is doing really good job promoting handsome shaman case note. second teaser already out. can’t believe i have to wait 4-5 more months.

  12. LSG with Honey Lee? Only 4 year difference. She’s a real ex Miss Korea. Or Kang Sora. Speaking of KBS dramas, School 2021 finale ended with 1.6 percent. For a public channel, is this the lowest of low ratings so far?

    • School 2021 and Meow the Secret Boy both averaged 1.7%, although the former never even exceeded 3% unlike the latter. Oh My Ladylord still holds the record for the lowest average ratings for a primetime drama on a public channel (1.6%).

      • Sora gave birth last April. Busy recovering and looking after baby. Her IG posts showed her doing some sort of promo work. Damn she looked super hot doing Pilates training. Wish I have a butt like hers.

  13. Former miss Korea. So it could not be a young actress.. hoping for jun ji hyun or song hye kyo. since its been a while for those two to be in a romcom

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